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Premium .ME auctions @ NameJet

The following 15 premium domains were released by the registry on NameJet:

  • copy.me
  • publish.me
  • catch.me
  • share.me
  • beer.me
  • trust.me
  • network.me
  • live.me
  • kick.me
  • face.me
  • david.me
  • invite.me
  • teach.me
  • remind.me
  • gallery.me

The auctions commence on 4th of June and end on 12th of June 2009. As NameJet allowed pre-bidding some names will really make a good fight: current bids for trust.me and teach.me are $500 each and $1,000 for remind.me.

Another two .me featured sites

For your attention, two nice sites promoted by many .me lovers (as they are already in Alexa top 100k list):


A social bookmarking service for images - Picture For Me - available in English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Turkish - presenting fine collections of photo and animation shots, like this one of Venice:


An ultimate place where online developers can browse through permanently growing css gallery / showcases, submit their own designs as well as discuss the existing galleries. All for free, of course.

Try Me 2 – Novus Learning

As published in a past post, "try me" jingles go far beyond consumer products. With some creative marketing one can fully deploy them in the services too.

Upgrade Your Life, Try Me

Seems to be a good slogan to promote educational trainings.

Try indeed Svetlana Minina's services at Novus Learning to boost your financial career and master qualifications like CFA under excellent guidance of best MBA tutors:

No doubt, with such creative and professional stuff your studies will be fun!

Trend Me

Today's analysis of trendy domains:

A portal trendMe.net based in Zagreb, Croatia promotes numerous fashion brands in Croatian.

Unvogued, trendme.com, which belongs to Trend Technologies, features various hardware and software solutions.

For the moment, trend.me is still under development, trendy.me forwards to listenarabic.com, while at the same time, trendyme.com will lead you dailynews.me. Internet is all about traffic indeed.

More information on vogue names can be found in Brands-and-Jingles' fashion portfolio.

Kari Me

Another "me"-branded product, this time for parents and babies:

As advertised by the manufacturer:

An extremely comfortable baby carrier for both baby and carer. Its unique harnessing system allows the parents to carry their babies safely and comfortably for longer periods of time.

The original site is hosted on kari-me.com, while karime.com is just parked. By the way, among the others, the latter is advertising kari-me products, so it can be potentially suited for the trademark infringement.

Of course, kari.me would be a nice URL to re-brand the product, but that one is taken as well by a MAC-lover in the US. Parked as well it is, for the moment at least, indeed, another good .me wasted.

Ad.com – Domain Name Bidding War

What an electric video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Metro Casino

British free newspaper Metro is advertising its online casino through mecasino.co.uk. Intermezzo, some background on Metro, for those who hear about it for the first time:

Metro is Britain's first urban national newspaper. The paper was launched in March 1999 as a free, colour newspaper for morning commuters.

At first it was only available in London, but now commuters in 16 of Britain's major cities can pick up a free copy of Metro as they travel to work in the morning. Every weekday morning some 1.3 million copies are distributed across the UK making Metro the world's largest free newspaper and the fourth biggest newspaper in the UK.

Once you go to mecasino.co.uk web address, you will be forwarded to casino.metro.co.uk.

Let's analyse this campaign from the marketing point of view. While the brand Metro is well recognised throughout the whole country, "ME casino" says nothing. It is not jingly, it does not stand out from the crowd, in fact, it is very confusing. When I got home, I had to guess: was it "ME Casino" or "Casino Me"?... In few words: this jingle is quite unnatural to remember.

More logically would be to have metrocasino.co.uk or casino.me.uk - but those two were already taken.

It is not clear why did the advertisers decided to go with mecasino.co.uk instead of metro.co.uk/casino - while the former is a bit shorter, the latter works just fine and is certain.ly less confusing.

Of course, they could also go with:


Both easy to remember and difficult to forget.

Try me, re-use me and remember me

I love London because "Me" marketing real.ly works in this city. A month ago we have discussed pick.me and buy.me.

But these are minor compared to Sainsbury's Supermarkets who are running ongoing massive campaign "Try me!" for its numerous products, apples, ice cream, fresh sandwiches, you name it.

Their promise is as follows:

... we're sure you'll love this product.

If you don't, simply return for a full refund. Or call our careline 0800 626262. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Try.me is still held by the registry, but certain.ly will become a hit once it is released. For the moment, the marketeers can enjoy try.its.me - the closer you can get to the original jingle. Tryme.com has been wasted for a decade now - it may well end up not being used at all.

The same Sainsbury's also features "please re-use me" on its plastic bags:

"Me" is everywhere, even in remote corners of the Regent's Park. Roses called "remember me" are not blooming yet, so call in again next month.

Remember.me was recent.ly sold at a Sedo premium auction. However neither the concept nor the owner of this new.ly release jingle are known for the time being.

Why .ME will always be international

In our previous article, .ME in various languages, research provided by Brands-and-Jingles discovered that only 10% of content within .me zone was in Serbian. With nearly half of pages written in English, no one doubted the international scope of this top level domain.

Let us now have a look at it from the different angle: the ratio of number of pages in Serbian language within .me to that within .com is 1:84 (in fact it is one of the highest among all countries and languages followed by Chinese, but pre-empted by English). It is not only about Montenegro, it is about all Serbian speaking counties, for Republic of Serbia (.rs) this ratio is 1:96 and for former Yugoslavia (.yu) - 1:72. Combined together for all Serbian countries in former Yugoslavia the ratio is still above 1:40.

Hence, most of the Serbian content is in .com - a historic decision difficult to rule out.

Considering the small population of the region and Slavic names not interfering with English ones - .me will indeed remain a truly international top level domain attracting English speakers and those looking for English domain jingles.


Channel.me powered by Dutch just zappspace.com released its first version of social community that allows its users to discuss the web sites they are browsing. They also provides jingling profiles addresses, e.g., london.channel.me. The concept is interesting, but the final implementation is still on the horizon.

ChannelMe.TV, sponsored by Demand Media, uses a similar idea, trying to index the best of .tv web sites. The users can rate each site as well as provide information about the number of available videos, etc.

In this case, from the marketing prospective, channel.tv would be a better (certain.ly a shorter) name, but it is parked for the moment.

While .tv site is focusing on one top level domain only, channel.me has a potential to cover the whole Internet, at least its brand name is so much better than that of its super rival Yahoo! Now they need to receive at least the same backing from the industry as Google and Yahoo enjoyed some ten years ago.