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GoDaddy is now Go.Me

GoDaddy, the world’s most popular registrar is now using go.me as its URL shortener. The change is noticed on their Twitter, Facebook account, etcetera.


Goozzy decided that six letter domain name is not enough, so they registered gzzy.me to make the whole domain name length three letters shorter.

Bargain fix price .ME domain names

Sedo lists some 4000+ fix price .ME domains. Many of them pretty bargain, as these two: feedback.me for just 250EUR erect.me for 500EUR


While Formspring.me still remains the first .me site world-wide, its ranking are drifting and the new kids on the block are trying to take a bit of the market. A new name on the blog is Clamber.me:

IWL.ME – I write like – enjoys 100 000 hits per day

On the second day of its existence of “I Write Like” was visited by 12,000 people. On the third day of its existence – a hundred thousand. New tweets mentioning IWL appear about every five seconds, Facebook is buzzing, badges appear on blogs every minute.


With 1,360,000,000 hits on Google any “star” jingle can be a star. No wonder domain name Star.Me received a 10,000 euro bid and is now being auctioned on Sedo.


A while ago we covered FB.ME and Porsche.Me. Now, Facebook.Me story is a mixture of two. Amjad Abbas of the United Arab Emirates registered facebook.me during land rush phase for some $5k+. He also managed to put few more trademarked names into his portfolio, among others oracle.me and trump.me.


Short, symmetric, catchy, so are L–L.me domain names. Now tell me, what is the true reason of why A–A.me is still available? Grab them all, while they are still available, for just $8.99 a piece.

Reward Me by The Mall

British The Mall got it right:

Feel Me by Kleenex

World’s leading tissue brand Kleenex has launch a new “Me” brand: “Feel Me”. Feels good. Looks good on the shelves in Sainsbury’s too. A bit pricey though, and yet the message cannot be missed.

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