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.ME is in Top 10 Generic Domains on United Domains

One of the leading brand and trademark namecheck services United Domains puts .ME into Top 10 Generic Domains.


A tripple word jingle. What a great concept indeed and a popular service among those hooked on Twitter:

Is it Really About Me?

In their recent paper, Is it Really About Me? Message Content in Social Awareness Streams, Mor Naaman et al of Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information, examined the characteristics of social activity and patterns of communication on Twitter, a prominent example of the emerging class of communication systems, which they called “social awareness streams.” […]

Why Twitter is all about “ME”

No one doubts the popularity of Twitter. The number of its satellites sites is just a good proof of this, accompanied by all high rankings of course, for instance, number 25 in Alexa global list. With massive self marketing of millions of its members, the site is featured everywhere: One of the satellites, foller.me is […]

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.ME registry is catching up with .ME fans on all popular social networks: Facebook MySpace Twitter YouTube Facebook and Twitter being the most popular with the former attracting more than 1000 fans in less than a month. Join in the fun!