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This blog mentioned GGL.Me earlier in 2009. Now they have also added extra shortening features allowing for nice and catchy search links: http://ggl.me/dot/me/of/course/ http://ggl.me/your/name/ http://ggl.me/etcetera/…/

Premium.Me @ November 2010

The registry is releasing 150 premium names on Sedo: address.me, advertise.me, affiliate.me, allow.me, around.me, art.me, b2b.me, bank.me, beautiful.me, best.me, bid.me, bill.me, bio.me, blue.me, box.me, browse.me, business.me, car.me, career.me, cartoon.me, cash.me, clean.me, collect.me, contacts.me, create.me, cure.me, dating.me, develop.me, dial.me, digital.me, direct.me, donate.me, draw.me, drop.me, eat.me, employ.me, event.me, evil.me, exam.me, fashion.me, favorite.me, feed.me, finance.me, fit.me, form.me, friend.me, […]


A quite successful .me start-up is unfortunately closing its door, not because of the lack of popularity, but because of the funding issues. Any VCs out their to take it over?

Oink.Me is a new Pirate.Me

Pirate.Me is currently held by the German kundendienste.net, so pirates seek for other harbours.

Formspring.me uses 4ms.me as a short link

Formspring.me started using 4ms.me registered earlier in May this year as its internal short URL.

On.FB.Me is run by bit.ly?

It appears that on.fb.me, a new Facebook shortener is run by bit.ly, here is a screenshot proof of that.

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