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On 15th of August 2008, model.me was won on a land rush auction for $7,354.98 after 110 bids by William Erickson of Next Wave, LLC in Wisconsin, US. Now it is for sale, already packed as a trademark registered in the US in October 2008:

Prior to this in December 2007, Susan Green from California also tried to file for a US trademark "MODEL.ME" on the individual level, but failed for some unknown reasons.

There are also ModelMe.com, registered by British firm Model Me Ltd, currently down. ModelMe.net (US owned) and ModelMe.org (Brazilian owned) both parked, and ModelMe.biz (US owned, currently down).

To complicate the matter, Toni & Guy, a UK and US-based hairdressing company, has a claim on Model.Me™ - as they put it, the first ever haircare range collection created and developed by leading fashion and music personalities - Erin O'Conno, Helena Chrisensen and Jamelia in partnership with TONI&GUY™.

Toni & Guy's jingle "Haircare by Us for You":

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Their launch with Vogue TV Fashion Footage:

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Toni & Guy's Model.Me products are available at Boots, a leading British retailer:

With many trademarks registered and claims, it promises to be a mess, once the parties start fighting for the first claim. At least the girls had some fun and good treatment too.



Today, Sherry Humphreys registered Woo.Me. Well, darling, I am just wondering how would you go about WooMe.com, an established trademark? So far the site is just parked at GoDaddy. Sure.ly it will be an interesting case in the future.

So many men… so few who can afford me…

A picture taken in one of Kyiv's PR agencies:

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Sunrise auctions (results)

Today, the last of the five sunrise auction domain names were registered by the registry. At this moment it is not clear how many organisations have applied for domestic and international sunrise .me names, however it is clear that five of them had more than one international applicants and hence ended up in the auctions.

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Crunch.Me by Nestle

It appears that Nestle has reseved Crunch.Me. Expect new .me cookies soon?

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Publish.me etc

While publish.me awaits its date to be release on a premium auction, Swedish guys don't sit and wait.

On 25th of March 2008 they registered publishme.se and built a blogging portal based on blogg.se domain, very popular among Swedish girls, and boys too, but I have only seen girls there. Don't ask me why, as I don't speak a word of Swedish.

Well done! Shame domains such as publishme.com etc are all taken.

Then for Dutch guys there is publiceer.me. Anyone?


A good domain, wasted. Inspire.me was acquired by the owners of trademark "Inspire Me Today", which they registered in 2006. For the moment, they only redirect the site to their original inspiremetoday.com.

From the branding prospective, it should be other way around: week domains should forward to the the stronger ones. Inspire.me is just 100 better than inspiremetoday.com. Well, you can always go for hacks like Inspire.Me/Today instead of InspireMeToday.com but short "inspire.me" is pure, elegant and stylish.

Yet, again, with all inspireme.*** taken, inspireme.net and inspireme.org being decent blogs, it will be a shame if such a potentially great brand will be buried in the depth of the Internet.

One can always go for inspiremethursday.com or something, but nothing beats inspire.me.

Czech me out!

A tea cup bought a while ago in Prague: "Czech Me Out!"

Yes, "ME" labelled products are popular all over the world, even in Czechia.

Wash Me by Lynx (Shower Gel – Get Dirty)

Lynx, as usual brought us another sexy ad, this time with "Wash Me" jingle:

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Follow Me [flip-flops]

Summer time:

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