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Internet Evolution

Thoughts on Internet evolution, for your digestion on the coming weekend:

  • WEB 0.0 - the user dreams about connecting to someone or something
  • WEB 1.0 - the user receives content
  • WEB 2.0 - the user creates content
  • WEB 3.0 - users collective.ly create content
  • WEB 4.0 - content starts to think instead of the user
  • WEB 5.0 - content communicates with the content
  • WEB 6.0 - content deletes users as it realises they are meaningless
  • WEB 6.66 - content destructs itself as it realises it is meaningless too


While the registry is holding recycle.me for the future auctions, recycle.it was auctioned at Bido for a sweet price of US$ 6,712.00.

A note to take for the future: don't forget to recycle your domains.

Why marketeers love .ME brands

No one is questioning the importance of .com. We marketers do love it. Every respectful business of significant size will strive for a .com website. For another next decade it will dominate the Internet. Nevertheless, mighty .com will gradually lose the market share as it already does.

The first issue with .com is that names are getting scarce. Few names are available these days. And those that you still could possibly buy are bloody expensive. There is not a single four-letter .com left unintended. In fact, all good and reasonably short word combinations are taken.

The second driver that is changing the market landscape and taking it to the new frontiers beyond .com is that we, consumer beings, with our human nature, are [very] lazy. We don’t want to remember long names. Many of us struggle with them. Too much information around anyway! How many long famous brands do you know?

Our research shows that the average length of top 100 brands is less than seven letters!

Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, GE, Nokia, Toyota, Intel, McDonald's, Disney, Google, Mercedes, Hewlett-Packard, BMW, Gillette, American Express, Louis Vuitton, Cisco, Marlboro, Citi, Honda, Samsung, H & M, Oracle, Apple, Sony, Pepsi, HSBC, Nescafe, Nike, UPS, SAP, Dell, Budweiser, Merrill Lynch, Ikea, Canon, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Kellogg's, Nintendo, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Philips, Thomson Reuters, Gucci, eBay, Accenture, Siemens, Ford, Harley-Davidson, L'Oreal, MTV, Volkswagen, AIG, AXA, Heinz, Colgate, Amazon, Xerox, Chanel, Wrigley's, Zara, Nestle, KFC, Yahoo!, Danone, Audi, Caterpillar, Avon, adidas, Rolex, Hyundai, BlackBerry, Kleenex, Porsche, Hermes, Gap, Panasonic, Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Pizza Hut, Allianz, Moet & Chandon, BP, Starbucks, ING, Motorola, Duracell, Smirnoff, Lexus, Prada, Johnson & Johnson, Ferrari, Armani, Hennessy, Marriott, Shell, Nivea, FedEx, Visa (Source: Interbrand)

Yes, it is less than SEVEN (7) letters on average.

A good Markereer would know: the shorter the name, the jinglier it is, the easier it is to remember - the higher the recall rates - the better your sales. Simple logic no one could ever rebut.

It is well known Internet paradox: one will hate to type long and complicated URLs (including that hack of yours truly Dot-Me.Of-Cour.se) despite the fact he or she might spend half an hour browsing through the site, while clicking and reading. The domain name is to be short.

Well maybe one day this blog will move to something4.me. But then for us it is not a product, it is a blog. We don't sell to mass-consumers. We are just fine as Julia MacKenzie is with her IsItMeOrIsEveryOneElseStupid.com (notice "Me" in the URL - Julia is a good marketeer indeed).

Some may say that in the US it is either .com or nothing. Maybe, but as .com, American Internet is losing the market share too. And people on other continets are fine with other jingling English top level domains: .AT (look.at), .BE (LetMe.Be), .BY (good.by), .IN (put.in), .IS (who.is), .IT (print.it), .LY (cheap.ly), .ME (fancy.me), .NO (dont.say.no), .TO (travel.to), .TV (free.tv), .US (juice4.us).

Now, say you are launching a new product. A pizzeria in London, nothing that sophisticated. What name to choose: LondonPizza.com, LondonPizza.co.uk? Of course they are all taken. Are you ready to write a six digit cheque for them? Maybe - depends on your budget. If this is just an ad for a tv campaign or local newspaper, you are not interested in fancy .com. Who wouldn’t mind to save few quids on that cheque and add it to his or her bonus?

Many studies show that nowadays people start to ignore .com semiconsciously. Your choice might be among LondonPizza.tv and LondonPizza.me. Remember, it has to be jingly, it has to make sense. Maybe LondonPizza4.me - thogh this one is already 12 characters - nearly twice the average. Wouldn’t a name like Pizza4.Me grasp the attention of your viewers better? Or how about Hungry.Me? Straight association - on the unconscious level – strong result. Pizza4.Me and Hungry.Me - yes, they will remember these web addresses.

On the other hand, how many products do have “TV” in their brands and/or jingles? Not many, only those related to the television, actual.ly. On contrary, we see “ME” everywhere, just pay attention how many times marketeers attach jingles like “try me” on the packaging in your local shop and you will be surprised.

If you are looking for more examples, just keep on reading through this blog, we provide tonnes of them.

LLL.me (three letter names) [continued]

Considering popularity of short LLL.me names, we continue analysis started in the previous article.

It looks like practical.ly 100% of NNN.me (three numbers) a gone. So if you are looking for some, get ready to pay pretty sweet sums. In the LLL.me area (three letters, letters only), 60% are already taken, leaving some good abbreviations still available for the public. If you are interested in the complete list of the available names, please contact us.

As to the players, nine of them have more than 100 LLL.me in their portfolios.

The unchallenged leader is Alan Lin with 452 domains:

aac.me, aae.me, aaf.me, aak.me, aal.me, aam.me, aao.me, aap.me, aar.me, aca.me, adn.me, afa.me, aft.me, age.me, agg.me, ahh.me, aia.me, aim.me, ain.me, ala.me, amf.me, aml.me, amm.me, anw.me, apa.me, apu.me, arr.me, asr.me, atw.me, aup.me, avn.me, awa.me, ayb.me, ayd.me, ayk.me, ayl.me, ays.me, ayt.me, aza.me, azz.me, baf.me, ban.me, bba.me, bbd.me, bbi.me, bbl.me, bbp.me, bbt.me, bby.me, bbz.me, bch.me, bck.me, bdb.me, bei.me, beo.me, bfd.me, bfg.me, bfh.me, bfn.me, bfs.me, bft.me, bgb.me, bie.me, biw.me, bka.me, bkk.me, blh.me, blj.me, blk.me, bma.me, bmb.me, bnn.me, bsl.me, bsx.me, btb.me, btm.me, btt.me, bur.me, buu.me, bzy.me, caa.me, cbb.me, cbo.me, cca.me, cce.me, ccf.me, ccg.me, cch.me, cci.me, ccl.me, cco.me, ccp.me, cdo.me, cec.me, cen.me, cex.me, cgc.me, cgo.me, chc.me, cig.me, cin.me, cjo.me, cko.me, clc.me, clo.me, cmm.me, cno.me, cpo.me, cqo.me, cso.me, ctc.me, cui.me, cuo.me, cuu.me, cvo.me, cwo.me, cxo.me, cyo.me, czo.me, daa.me, dcc.me, dda.me, ddb.me, ddc.me, dde.me, ddi.me, ddo.me, ded.me, dii.me, dkk.me, dmd.me, dmm.me, dsd.me, dtd.me, dtt.me, dun.me, eaa.me, eae.me, eag.me, eam.me, ebb.me, ebo.me, ecc.me, ece.me, ede.me, eea.me, eec.me, eeg.me, eek.me, een.me, eeo.me, efe.me, ege.me, ehh.me, eii.me, eje.me, enn.me, eoe.me, epe.me, epp.me, ete.me, ett.me, fcc.me, fdd.me, feo.me, ffa.me, fft.me, fii.me, frf.me, fsf.me, fut.me, fxe.me, fyl.me, gaa.me, gan.me, gbg.me, gea.me, gef.me, geg.me, geh.me, gej.me, gek.me, gep.me, geq.me, geu.me, gev.me, gew.me, gex.me, ggf.me, gio.me, glo.me, gon.me, gpg.me, grr.me, gss.me, guo.me, haa.me, hah.me, hbh.me, hee.me, heh.me, hhr.me, hhs.me, hoh.me, hss.me, htt.me, huu.me, iaa.me, iai.me, ibi.me, ibo.me, iby.me, idd.me, idi.me, iee.me, iei.me, igg.me, igi.me, iia.me, iib.me, iid.me, iin.me, iki.me, ili.me, imm.me, ini.me, iqq.me, irr.me, isi.me, ivi.me, iyi.me, jaa.me, jaj.me, jee.me, jej.me, jmo.me, joj.me, jrj.me, jrr.me, kak.me, kbb.me, keo.me, kho.me, kok.me, kon.me, krk.me, kui.me, kun.me, kuu.me, kvk.me, lao.me, lcc.me, lei.me, lel.me, lii.me, lin.me, lla.me, lle.me, llo.me, llp.me, lon.me, lpp.me, lsl.me, lss.me, ltl.me, lun.me, luo.me, luu.me, lvl.me, maa.me, mdm.me, mff.me, mhm.me, mho.me, mix.me, mmf.me, mmi.me, mmp.me, mmr.me, mmx.me, mpp.me, mss.me, mtt.me, mun.me, muu.me, naa.me, ncc.me, ncn.me, nee.me, nen.me, ngn.me, nie.me, nii.me, nnd.me, nne.me, nnm.me, noo.me, nos.me, npp.me, nsn.me, oaa.me, obo.me, oby.me, occ.me, odo.me, ofo.me, ogg.me, ohh.me, ojo.me, oll.me, oni.me, ono.me, ooc.me, ooe.me, oog.me, ook.me, oon.me, oor.me, oos.me, oro.me, orr.me, ovo.me, paa.me, pcp.me, pdp.me, pff.me, pgp.me, phu.me, pii.me, pkk.me, pkp.me, pll.me, plp.me, ppa.me, ppd.me, ppe.me, ppg.me, ppi.me, ppn.me, ppr.me, ppu.me, prg.me, ptt.me, raa.me, rbb.me, ree.me, rer.me, rin.me, rir.me, ror.me, rou.me, rpp.me, rpr.me, rrp.me, rsr.me, rtr.me, rur.me, scc.me, sdd.me, sff.me, sfs.me, shs.me, sii.me, skk.me, sll.me, sls.me, sos.me, spp.me, sps.me, ssc.me, ssd.me, ssf.me, ssg.me, ssk.me, ssn.me, sso.me, ssp.me, ssr.me, sst.me, stt.me, sxs.me, taa.me, tdd.me, tff.me, tgt.me, tht.me, tie.me, tmm.me, tnn.me, tou.me, tss.me, tta.me, ttc.me, ttd.me, tte.me, ttf.me, ttg.me, ttl.me, ttm.me, ttp.me, ttr.me, tts.me, tun.me, tuo.me, ubo.me, uby.me, uhh.me, ulu.me, umm.me, unu.me, uue.me, uur.me, uus.me, uut.me, uzi.me, vam.me, vao.me, ven.me, veo.me, vio.me, viv.me, vnn.me, von.me, vtt.me, vut.me, wnw.me, wsw.me, wut.me, wwf.me, xam.me, xix.me, xpp.me, xxv.me, yaa.me, yeh.me, yon.me, yow.me, zam.me, zao.me, zex.me, zon.me, zou.me, zuo.me, zut.me, 115.me, 228.me, 529.me, 550.me, 611.me, 711.me, 811.me, z06.me

Followed by Paul Walsh with 316 names, including many NNN.me:

aau.me, aep.me, afs.me, ags.me, ahd.me, ahs.me, aif.me, ais.me, ajs.me, aks.me, als.me, anr.me, aob.me, aoe.me, aos.me, apg.me, aps.me, ars.me, asd.me, asj.me, awm.me, azl.me, baj.me, bce.me, bdp.me, bdx.me, bga.me, bim.me, bmj.me, bnb.me, bnl.me, bno.me, boe.me, bsn.me, bsu.me, cay.me, cim.me, ciy.me, cll.me, cnd.me, cob.me, cro.me, dho.me, djo.me, dob.me, doe.me, eab.me, eim.me, enw.me, fal.me, fih.me, fmf.me, fob.me, gac.me, gbb.me, gbo.me, gda.me, gez.me, gob.me, gtb.me, hio.me, hmi.me, hnc.me, hob.me, iom.me, jbs.me, jcs.me, jds.me, jes.me, jez.me, jfs.me, jgj.me, jgs.me, jis.me, jjs.me, jks.me, jlj.me, jls.me, jms.me, jns.me, jos.me, jps.me, jrs.me, jss.me, jtj.me, jts.me, jvs.me, jwj.me, jws.me, kes.me, lfm.me, lld.me, lsa.me, lus.me, lyx.me, mim.me, moe.me, mva.me, nim.me, nlf.me, npa.me, oal.me, ood.me, oop.me, pds.me, pfs.me, pgs.me, phs.me, pim.me, pis.me, pjs.me, pks.me, pns.me, pob.me, pps.me, prs.me, pss.me, pus.me, pva.me, pvs.me, pws.me, ras.me, rds.me, res.me, rfs.me, rft.me, rgs.me, rhs.me, ris.me, rjs.me, rks.me, rms.me, rns.me, roe.me, ros.me, rrs.me, rts.me, rwe.me, rws.me, sdf.me, soe.me, tda.me, tob.me, uwa.me, vol.me, wad.me, wef.me, yha.me, yox.me, yuo.me, zus.me, 038.me, 040.me, 048.me, 060.me, 061.me, 065.me, 071.me, 085.me, 095.me, 203.me, 204.me, 206.me, 209.me, 210.me, 217.me, 221.me, 224.me, 230.me, 231.me, 239.me, 240.me, 251.me, 253.me, 260.me, 270.me, 280.me, 290.me, 307.me, 308.me, 309.me, 320.me, 325.me, 330.me, 331.me, 340.me, 341.me, 350.me, 352.me, 356.me, 370.me, 385.me, 386.me, 406.me, 409.me, 410.me, 413.me, 423.me, 425.me, 430.me, 435.me, 440.me, 441.me, 443.me, 450.me, 455.me, 460.me, 464.me, 469.me, 470.me, 473.me, 475.me, 480.me, 490.me, 515.me, 540.me, 541.me, 551.me, 559.me, 560.me, 562.me, 563.me, 570.me, 575.me, 580.me, 585.me, 590.me, 601.me, 603.me, 607.me, 610.me, 614.me, 615.me, 616.me, 620.me, 623.me, 626.me, 630.me, 640.me, 641.me, 649.me, 650.me, 651.me, 661.me, 670.me, 671.me, 680.me, 690.me, 708.me, 710.me, 715.me, 730.me, 740.me, 750.me, 754.me, 763.me, 765.me, 772.me, 779.me, 780.me, 781.me, 785.me, 790.me, 810.me, 813.me, 817.me, 820.me, 825.me, 830.me, 831.me, 832.me, 833.me, 835.me, 840.me, 843.me, 845.me, 850.me, 860.me, 865.me, 870.me, 875.me, 880.me, 881.me, 890.me, 903.me, 905.me, 907.me, 913.me, 914.me, 915.me, 916.me, 920.me, 924.me, 928.me, 930.me, 931.me, 935.me, 940.me, 941.me, 944.me, 950.me, 956.me, 959.me, 960.me, 964.me, 965.me, 968.me, 970.me, 971.me, 973.me, 975.me, 985.me, 990.me, 993.me, 996.me, 997.me

Uri Gershovitz with 196 names, some jingly ones, like: xml.me, 4wd.me, 4th.me, and 5th.me.

abl.me, acp.me, adl.me, afl.me, ald.me, aoa.me, aop.me, apf.me, apr.me, asf.me, auf.me, awt.me, bay.me, bbn.me, bdg.me, bfa.me, bia.me, bls.me, bsc.me, bvr.me, bwl.me, cfv.me, ckw.me, cod.me, crt.me, ctr.me, cva.me, cvf.me, cwf.me, dbl.me, ddt.me, dek.me, dem.me, dep.me, dey.me, dfs.me, diz.me, dol.me, dph.me, drl.me, dsc.me, dsr.me, dst.me, dte.me, dti.me, dvm.me, ecg.me, ecm.me, edp.me, eld.me, eof.me, erf.me, fas.me, fcb.me, fcz.me, fdx.me, fhf.me, fie.me, fnm.me, fop.me, fov.me, fps.me, fsh.me, ftc.me, gdr.me, gds.me, ger.me, gnp.me, gog.me, gyp.me, hbs.me, hgt.me, hie.me, hlr.me, hsi.me, ibb.me, icb.me, icp.me, ics.me, ifv.me, ilk.me, ils.me, ioi.me, iol.me, iow.me, irm.me, irq.me, itu.me, iud.me, ixc.me, jct.me, jfj.me, jfk.me, juv.me, jvm.me, jvv.me, kef.me, khz.me, kub.me, kwh.me, lac.me, lat.me, ldr.me, lew.me, lgb.me, lsd.me, lye.me, maw.me, mhz.me, mol.me, mvo.me, mwo.me, nfv.me, nov.me, nrn.me, oaf.me, oct.me, ofx.me, oik.me, oof.me, ope.me, osd.me, otl.me, pel.me, pkg.me, pkt.me, plo.me, pnp.me, ppm.me, pwr.me, pyx.me, qat.me, qed.me, qty.me, qua.me, ret.me, rfc.me, rsn.me, rtc.me, rwr.me, sao.me, sdi.me, sef.me, seg.me, sep.me, seq.me, sgt.me, shh.me, sog.me, sot.me, sqm.me, sro.me, ssl.me, sty.me, swl.me, taw.me, tfh.me, tfr.me, tlr.me, tng.me, trw.me, tsh.me, tsr.me, ugh.me, uml.me, ump.me, urb.me, usn.me, uso.me, usr.me, usu.me, uvm.me, vbg.me, vcp.me, vhf.me, vtr.me, vxd.me, wjr.me, wos.me, wpa.me, wpm.me, wrt.me, wye.me, wyo.me, xed.me, xiv.me, xml.me, xvi.me, ybs.me, yds.me, yrs.me, 4th.me, 4wd.me, 5th.me, db2.me, qe2.me

.ME Registry, doMEn, is on the fourth position with 195 domains still in their portfolio. 16 are reserved names:

cbs.me, cis.me, cok.me, com.me, dot.me, edu.me, gov.me, its.me, lim.me, mne.me, net.me, nic.me, org.me, tld.me, url.me, www.me

And 179 are premium, to be released on later stages:

act.me, add.me, ads.me, air.me, all.me, ama.me, amt.me, amy.me, and.me, ant.me, are.me, art.me, asb.me, ava.me, bad.me, bag.me, bet.me, bid.me, big.me, bio.me, box.me, bug.me, but.me, cab.me, cam.me, can.me, car.me, con.me, crm.me, cry.me, cum.me, cut.me, dad.me, daj.me, die.me, dns.me, dsl.me, dss.me, dvd.me, eat.me, exe.me, eye.me, fat.me, fax.me, fit.me, fix.me, fkk.me, fly.me, for.me, fun.me, gay.me, ged.me, get.me, gif.me, gil.me, glu.me, god.me, got.me, guy.me, hal.me, hit.me, hot.me, iab.me, inc.me, inn.me, ins.me, isp.me, jet.me, jmm.me, job.me, key.me, kid.me, kit.me, lab.me, law.me, lay.me, lee.me, let.me, lie.me, llc.me, log.me, map.me, max.me, may.me, men.me, mia.me, mms.me, mom.me, nav.me, new.me, nin.me, nom.me, non.me, not.me, now.me, off.me, oil.me, one.me, opt.me, our.me, out.me, own.me, oye.me, pat.me, pay.me, pda.me, per.me, pet.me, pin.me, pit.me, pix.me, pos.me, put.me, pvc.me, rap.me, rcs.me, red.me, rey.me, rio.me, rss.me, run.me, sap.me, say.me, see.me, set.me, sex.me, sin.me, sit.me, six.me, sms.me, std.me, sub.me, tax.me, tel.me, ten.me, tit.me, top.me, tow.me, toy.me, tra.me, try.me, two.me, uae.me, uci.me, usa.me, use.me, vcd.me, via.me, vip.me, vpn.me, war.me, was.me, way.me, web.me, wet.me, who.me, win.me, xxx.me, zzz.me, 100.me, 111.me, 222.me, 247.me, 333.me, 411.me, 420.me, 444.me, 555.me, 666.me, 777.me, 800.me, 888.me, 999.me, 2ez.me, 2go.me, b2b.me, h1b.me, p2p.me, mp3.me

Opic Inc. owns 173 domains:

bfr.me, bgt.me, bpr.me, bsh.me, byn.me, cgg.me, cik.me, cki.me, clu.me, cpn.me, cyl.me, dcn.me, dco.me, dcr.me, dgg.me, dil.me, dlv.me, duk.me, dwn.me, eex.me, eil.me, eyl.me, eyn.me, fgg.me, fnk.me, ftl.me, fus.me, fvr.me, ggj.me, gik.me, gll.me, gln.me, gnn.me, grd.me, grl.me, hib.me, hvn.me, ipd.me, jce.me, jck.me, jei.me, jek.me, jel.me, jgg.me, jif.me, jjg.me, jnx.me, jzi.me, kki.me, kky.me, klu.me, kly.me, knt.me, kox.me, liy.me, llg.me, lnd.me, lue.me, lvu.me, lvy.me, lxi.me, lyi.me, mni.me, mrc.me, mrf.me, mrj.me, mrl.me, mrq.me, mru.me, mrv.me, mry.me, mrz.me, mvv.me, nbb.me, nbg.me, nfd.me, ngg.me, npd.me, nsl.me, nup.me, nvr.me, onc.me, opg.me, opk.me, opl.me, pky.me, pmw.me, prr.me, prt.me, puc.me, rdd.me, rpn.me, scd.me, sdl.me, sld.me, smy.me, sut.me, swt.me, tuc.me, txe.me, txi.me, uka.me, uom.me, urm.me, uun.me, viq.me, vlg.me, vyu.me, wbs.me, whi.me, wmn.me, wof.me, wsh.me, wwb.me, xbx.me, xll.me, xlt.me, xwf.me, yhu.me, yoe.me, yor.me, ziv.me, zoy.me, zze.me, 257.me, 259.me, 271.me, 279.me, 287.me, 293.me, 295.me, 297.me, 327.me, 372.me, 378.me, 381.me, 387.me, 389.me, 391.me, 397.me, 539.me, 569.me, 572.me, 583.me, 593.me, 719.me, 725.me, 732.me, 735.me, 738.me, 751.me, 752.me, 759.me, 769.me, 782.me, 791.me, 792.me, 793.me, 823.me, 827.me, 837.me, 839.me, 851.me, 853.me, 857.me, 869.me, 871.me, 872.me, 873.me, 879.me, 897.me, 22s.me, 69u.me

Severin Tatarczyk of e42 GmbH - 143:

abo.me, ada.me, ann.me, ari.me, aux.me, avy.me, bcf.me, bii.me, ccc.me, cgf.me, cma.me, cpl.me, cps.me, dax.me, ddd.me, ddp.me, dfl.me, dpd.me, ean.me, edo.me, edv.me, eee.me, ela.me, eno.me, esd.me, eth.me, eve.me, fbs.me, fff.me, fgi.me, fia.me, fio.me, ftn.me, ggg.me, ggi.me, gia.me, gtd.me, gto.me, gvq.me, hdd.me, hgs.me, hhh.me, hpv.me, htl.me, huh.me, ida.me, irs.me, iry.me, ivy.me, jax.me, jil.me, jjj.me, kaa.me, kay.me, kfo.me, kfz.me, kgm.me, kgv.me, kkk.me, kut.me, len.me, lia.me, liv.me, lmv.me, loc.me, loi.me, lop.me, lsk.me, luc.me, luz.me, mar.me, mgl.me, mya.me, ncj.me, neu.me, nhs.me, nia.me, nis.me, noe.me, ocr.me, odm.me, ole.me, oma.me, pax.me, pcs.me, pcx.me, pdn.me, pia.me, pid.me, pkv.me, ple.me, pog.me, ppl.me, ppp.me, ppt.me, ppv.me, pya.me, qir.me, rah.me, row.me, rrr.me, rxl.me, rye.me, sgi.me, slv.me, smk.me, spn.me, sta.me, sxp.me, taz.me, tcl.me, tia.me, tog.me, tpo.me, tsj.me, tvh.me, udo.me, ufn.me, ulf.me, uoo.me, uta.me, ute.me, uuu.me, uwe.me, van.me, vvv.me, wwi.me, xel.me, xls.me, yrd.me, zed.me, zet.me, zob.me, zps.me, 213.me, 380.me, 392.me, 408.me, 647.me, 747.me, go4.me, sk8.me, e42.me

Though, Mr Tatarczyk main.ly specialises in names, like elliot.me, recent.ly sold on Sedo.

Michele Dinoia acquired 124 numbers only names:

296.me, 324.me, 342.me, 346.me, 349.me, 354.me, 362.me, 376.me, 384.me, 394.me, 396.me, 428.me, 433.me, 434.me, 436.me, 439.me, 448.me, 449.me, 452.me, 453.me, 457.me, 461.me, 462.me, 463.me, 466.me, 467.me, 471.me, 472.me, 474.me, 476.me, 482.me, 483.me, 485.me, 487.me, 491.me, 492.me, 493.me, 494.me, 496.me, 497.me, 498.me, 506.me, 534.me, 536.me, 544.me, 545.me, 547.me, 548.me, 549.me, 564.me, 574.me, 584.me, 621.me, 629.me, 634.me, 635.me, 637.me, 638.me, 643.me, 645.me, 648.me, 652.me, 653.me, 659.me, 664.me, 672.me, 673.me, 679.me, 681.me, 683.me, 684.me, 685.me, 687.me, 692.me, 693.me, 695.me, 698.me, 706.me, 709.me, 726.me, 734.me, 736.me, 741.me, 742.me, 743.me, 744.me, 746.me, 748.me, 756.me, 762.me, 764.me, 784.me, 794.me, 796.me, 802.me, 807.me, 816.me, 824.me, 826.me, 834.me, 836.me, 841.me, 842.me, 844.me, 846.me, 854.me, 862.me, 894.me, 896.me, 926.me, 927.me, 932.me, 937.me, 938.me, 942.me, 946.me, 947.me, 948.me, 952.me, 953.me, 957.me, 974.me, 983.me, 984.me

Tal Kerret - with 117 domains, among others 8th.me, is indeed on the 8th position:

abc.me, acl.me, ade.me, adi.me, adk.me, apl.me, asl.me, atm.me, btw.me, chi.me, chy.me, cus.me, dia.me, diy.me, dme.me, ebk.me, eli.me, ety.me, fem.me, fme.me, foc.me, fra.me, fwd.me, gbh.me, gme.me, gok.me, gtg.me, hea.me, hed.me, hip.me, hme.me, ibj.me, icv.me, idf.me, idl.me, ifi.me, ifo.me, ifr.me, ilo.me, ilu.me, imo.me, iok.me, isr.me, isy.me, jme.me, jok.me, lhs.me, lme.me, lol.me, lyl.me, meb.me, mev.me, mez.me, naz.me, nsa.me, nyu.me, oic.me, okf.me, oku.me, olo.me, omg.me, onu.me, onx.me, ooo.me, ori.me, plg.me, pls.me, pme.me, pta.me, ptp.me, puz.me, rhy.me, rll.me, rls.me, sam.me, sme.me, sti.me, sys.me, tal.me, thx.me, tid.me, tkl.me, tks.me, tlk.me, tlv.me, tnx.me, tov.me, uid.me, uja.me, usi.me, usx.me, uvc.me, vcs.me, vct.me, vcu.me, vcv.me, woo.me, wtb.me, wtf.me, xme.me, xok.me, yei.me, yer.me, yes.me, yey.me, yip.me, yme.me, ytd.me, zid.me, zme.me, zoo.me, 6th.me, 7th.me, 8th.me, 9th.me, a2z.me, l8r.me

Tal has a good taste for domains like a2z.me, abc.me, diy.me, fra.me, lol.me, pls.me, zoo.me, which are potential hits, no doubt.

And final.ly, High Yield Holdings that manages 111 names:

cfh.me, cfr.me, cfx.me, cfy.me, cfz.me, dya.me, dyf.me, dyi.me, dym.me, dyp.me, ecf.me, ehy.me, eic.me, eif.me, exb.me, exf.me, exh.me, exm.me, exr.me, eyf.me, ezc.me, ezf.me, ezm.me, ezr.me, ezt.me, ezx.me, fhy.me, fxa.me, fxc.me, fxd.me, fxh.me, fxn.me, fxo.me, fxr.me, fxs.me, fxt.me, fxu.me, fxy.me, fxz.me, ghf.me, ghy.me, gic.me, hcf.me, hig.me, hiq.me, hir.me, hiy.me, hmf.me, hni.me, hqf.me, hqm.me, hqy.me, hxf.me, hya.me, hyc.me, hyd.me, hyf.me, hyg.me, hyi.me, hyl.me, hym.me, hyn.me, hyq.me, hyt.me, hyu.me, hyw.me, hyx.me, hyz.me, icf.me, icr.me, ief.me, mfy.me, mgr.me, mhq.me, mhy.me, ppf.me, ppx.me, xcf.me, xci.me, xcm.me, xcp.me, xcy.me, xdf.me, xff.me, xfi.me, xfm.me, xfn.me, xfp.me, xfr.me, xfy.me, xhq.me, xhy.me, xic.me, xif.me, xpo.me, xxh.me, xxm.me, xxp.me, ycf.me, ycy.me, yef.me, yff.me, yfx.me, yfy.me, yhq.me, yhy.me, yic.me, yif.me, yld.me, ymf.me, h-y.me

In total, there are some 6000+ players in LLL.me niche of the market, with near.ly half of players holding just one LLL.me:

The other 50% are spread approximate.ly 25%25 between people holding few names and many of them.

Fiji Me

Fiji Visitors Bureau, with the mission of "Serving the Fiji Nation, International.ly", is hosted on fijime.com, fijime.cn, etc. Their web sites are fine, flashy and very interactive. One cannot stop checking few things out, eventual.ly falling in love with the island.

Extra attention is driven on several special features of "me" products, name.ly:

Fiji me

Fiji Me

Bula Me

Bula Me

Dive Me

Dive Me

Explore Me

Explore Me

Meet Me

Meet Me

Romance Me

Romance Me

Thrill Me

Thrill Me

Of course, all .me jingles are already taken. No doubt! Even exotic Bula.Me, a local greeting, is reserved by some Tomasi Verenitani from Australia. Though the site is down for the moment.

Montenegrin registry provides the following domain info on fiji.me:

The domain fiji.me is a Governmental Reserved Name and is available for registration only by eligible applicants.

Indeed, it would be nice to see this jingle meeting its real destination. The question remains - when?

Maybe people of Fiji have to rush, before someone else goes massive.ly with MyFiji.Me or Fiji4.Me.


Just noticed that as .me premium sites become quite pricey, people started going massively for three word combinations, e.g., MyCityToronto.Me. Indeed, expect more of those My-Me combinations in the future.

As to the one who is in love with his or her city, the real jingle would be something like:

or even:

In those last three, read as a slogan, one extra dot can make a big statement, indeed.

Rebrand.Me versus ShmooDesign

Melanie Kristensen got at least one thing right last year. She acquired Rebrand.Me for her company shmoodesign:

shmoodesign is an experienced and reliable design and project management consultancy based in leicester uk.

we deliver creative and affordable solutions for all your exhibitions and interiors.

working in close collaboration with you,
we provide a design solution that delivers your brand values and requirements,
for your budget.

shmoodesign provides exceptional project management, turning each concept design into reality.

For the moment rebrand.me is parked via frames at shmoodesign.co.uk. But if a marketeer is to choose between any two names: no shmoo design please.

Mel, it is time to kill the old shmoo brand.

看得见么? – Kan De Jian Me ? – Can you see it?

In Mandarin kàn de jiàn me means: can you see it?

Sounds like fine jingling Chinese poetry to me.

Jet.Travel versus Jet4.Me

Rick Latona has released first half of Silicon Valley T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction inventory featuring few .travel domains: jet.travel / jets.travel and spa.travel.

Although the both jet sites were developed just few days ago and the former looks splashy indeed, the potential buyers should also pay attention to shorter and more jingly names like:

So, which one would you pick?

LLL.me (three letter names)

Three letter domains (also known as LLL) are hot and wide.ly discussed. Why is it so?

LLL will always survive in any market with more than 10 million users.

If you talk about combinatorics, there are only 17,576 LLLs (47,952 - if you add digits and "-").

Thus, you need, say, 200 names to control 1% of the market.

If you apply some smart heuristics, with the same number you would probably cut up to 10% of the premium cake.

Few tips:

  • look for proper three letter words, e.g., sun or tea
  • figure out a popular abbreviations, e.g., MBA.me or PLC.me
  • play with suffixes so you can build plenty of hacks, e.g., register.ing.me, delici.ous.me etc