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.ME is in Top 10 Generic Domains on United Domains

One of the leading brand and trademark namecheck services United Domains puts .ME into Top 10 Generic Domains.


Following up on the sale of design.me, which went for US$ 9,250 last May, LEGO is using three “me” jingles at once: DREAMT by ME, BUILT by ME, DESIGN by ME. So it would be more logical to have the last one as DESIGNED by ME, just to fit in the semantical row.

Google Me

Google is desperately trying to get into social media. Orkut, Google Wave, Google Buzz, … all nice tries, but no big game at the moment. They lacked the scale, a sexy name, and probably few more other important things. Now, “Google Me” is on everyone’s lips. Just google it. Every major paper or television channel […]

Buy me, try me

We have seen pretty many “me” jingles on this blog. But here goes a double one, fresh from London Luton airport “buy me, try me”:

thatis.me t-shirts

Name.ly platform is currently alpha-testing personalised t-shirt creation to help you express yourself with thatis.me:

PriME Scratch Cards

Gamblers love “ME” signs, do they not? Have a look:


Long standing crises of .com… With nearly 100 million .com domain names registered, there are few good names left untouched, forcing marketeers to spend months to look for that special name for their next best campaign. An extreme example to use would be mattandkimliveathilfigerdenim.com:

Hit me

With millions of hits in Google search, “hit me” is a hit indeed. Remember that “hit me baby one more time”, “Hit Me” movie, etcetera? A newly discovered product is “hit me” calling cards found in Croatia:

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