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I Dainese Me

Dainese, the world’s leading specialist in protective wear for motorcycling, mountain biking and downhill skiing, is promoting wide range of its personal products and clothing under “I Dainese Me” brand. It employs dozens of VIP ambassadors such as Carolina Kostner:

Hacking domain hacks

After few hours spent on discussing the previous post, an interesting summary was born. Below is the list of TLDs as they were searched in domain names of other TLDs stress-testing their suitability to brandability and some extend to domain hacking. Domain name like “home.co.ke” was counted as the one ending with “me”. Numbers represent […]

Other top “me” sites

After some Excel crunching staff at Brands-and-Jingles has found 7075 domain names in the Alexa top one million that ended with “me” but were not “.me” sites. When we added another 1000+ of the latter, which made it into the top list as well, we realised that nearly one percent of all global sites are […]

.ME in la Repubblica

A good article with historical facts was just published in la Repubblica, one of the Italian influential papers. Below goes our translation into English (with some of Google help of course): Little Montenegro gets a bit more wealthy? With .me domains of course. The symbol identifying the Balkan country depopulated on the web. By Balbi […]


While the registry is holding recycle.me for the future auctions, recycle.it was auctioned at Bido for a sweet price of US$ 6,712.00. A note to take for the future: don’t forget to recycle your domains.

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