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German .Me auctions

Everybody knows .DE stays for Germany and that Germany is for .DE. However there is not much available left in this internet zone and the difference between .DE and .ME is only one letter making it even catchier.

Hence we are starting to see some German keywords names being used and even for sale at Great Domain Actions by Sedo:

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Just.Me is to be released on 21st of January 2013

The rumour has it that Just.Me will be released on 21st of January 2013.

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I Dainese Me

Dainese, the world's leading specialist in protective wear for motorcycling, mountain biking and downhill skiing, is promoting wide range of its personal products and clothing under "I Dainese Me" brand. It employs dozens of VIP ambassadors such as Carolina Kostner:

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First recorded five digit .ME sale in 2013: reviews.me

Amr Mahmoud, of Profile.com opened another good year for .ME by completing the sale of reviews.me for US$ 10,000.00. He purchased the domain name back in 2011 for $1,150 on one of the registry held auctions. This transaction has an effective IRR of above 500% - quite impressive for this class of domain names. Well done! Our congratulations go to both the seller and the purchaser.

The buyer is Yotpo with a product about social reviews. Late last year they raised $ 2.3 million from various investors to compete with sites like Reevoo. They had few more names on their rebranding list, but could hardly beat it with anything else.  Review.Me could have had a potential, but as indicated on their website: "it is not for sale". Reviews.Me is in the stealth mode on RocketLaunch platform currently accepting subscription.

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Deliver.Me campaign

Beautiful Bar Refaeli of under.me doesn't stop. Even not during the Christmas. Now she is advertising her new season line under "deliver.me" jingle:

Deliver.Me campaign slider

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SpeakWith.Me was acquired by Skype

Apparently as it appears via the whois records, Skype [Microsoft] has acquired SpeakWith.Me domain name.

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Kiss.Me campaign

Although Bar Refaeli of under.me doesn't own kiss.me [yet] she decided to launch a catchy campaign under this jingle:

Kiss.Me mailing banner

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How much for a LLL.ME?

Three letter domain names are scarce, sort of. With 26 letters, there are only 17,576 of LLL.ME ones. When it comes to pricing, deriving the right number can be difficult. Brands-and-Jingles, being currently busy with one premium transaction, has compiled some small research on the subject. This post will present the respectful findings.

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Do Not Euthanize Me Bracelet

as seen @ ti.me

At a faith forum in Columbia, Mo., on 3rd February 2012 ,Rick Santorum said that elderly people in the Netherlands wear bracelets that say "Do not euthanize me" because euthanasia accounts for 10% of deaths in Holland and half of those people are euthanized involuntarily. In fact, Santorum’s statistics were overblown and the bracelets nonexistent. A joke website was soon selling mock bracelets "for travellers going to the Netherlands who would like to return alive," priced $15.

Source: ti.me


Last year we have discovered quite few LL.ME domain names. Two of them, namely di.me and me.me were taken since then back by the registry as the projects didn't take off. They are now available again via the official premium programme.

The market of short names is not sitting still and London based Turbulenz got its hands on a nice domain hack ga.me. The domain name was updated last time on 12 July 2012.

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