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Draw Me

As seen on YouTube, an advertising featuring "Draw Me" slogan. Catchy indeed:

As domain draw.me is not release yet, so the guys are forwarding traffic their blog on makeacartoonyou.com, which then forwards those still interested to zwinky.com. Pretty complicated way to handle your new clients and is not smart at all from the marketing prospective.

Maybe, when they final.ly get hold of draw.me, the site will become user-friendlier.

Post Land Rush domain auctions (April-May 2009)

Some of you have asked about 266 words that were “lost” during the land rush period we mentioned in the top 3000+ words article.

Now, 133 of them are back on the market along with 577 other catchy names, totalling to 710 auctions to be held during April-May 2009 by .ME registry.

Here they are sorted by the final land rush bidding price:

oglasi.me ($40,034.00), only.me ($33,405.00), aweso.me ($24,189.00), brand.me ($18,540.00), view.me ($17,005.00), lawyers.me ($16,905.00), baidu.me ($10,005.00), dna.me ($10,004.00), bring.me ($10,000.00), carparts.me ($7,710.00), massage.me ($6,501.00), barharbor.me ($5,782.00), dig.me ($5,630.00), resu.me ($5,256.00), erect.me ($5,205.00), excuse.me ($4,505.00), ass.me ($4,015.00), inco.me ($3,965.00), obama.me ($3,815.00), bangor.me ($3,782.00), talkto.me ($3,505.00), perfu.me ($3,465.00), scare.me ($3,315.00), celebrate.me ($3,105.00), finger.me ($3,055.00), thrill.me ($3,010.00), augusta.me ($2,782.00), sanfrancisco.me ($2,710.00), england.me ($2,338.00), social.me ($2,215.00), russia.me ($2,006.00), cosmeticsurgery.me ($2,005.00), chocolate.me ($2,000.00), mcdonalds.me ($2,000.00), water.me ($1,811.00), tea.me ($1,805.00), nekretnine.me ($1,750.00), bla.me ($1,705.00), sesa.me ($1,675.00), enlighten.me ($1,505.00), shen.me ($1,500.00), jerk.me ($1,425.00), britneyspears.me ($1,366.00), myspace.me ($1,255.00), france.me ($1,085.00), cell.me ($660.00), seoul.me ($606.00), rub.me ($605.00), parishilton.me ($570.00), americanexpress.me ($555.00), supersize.me ($510.00), sexe.me ($475.00), grant.me ($440.00), madonna.me ($425.00), groove.me ($405.00), room4.me ($360.00), tipp.me ($355.00), assure.me ($305.00), creditcard4.me ($280.00), abdullah.me ($275.00), pornfor.me ($205.00), gri.me ($200.00), relieve.me ($180.00), doyouknow.me ($155.00), clothe.me ($147.00), strip4.me ($140.00), stripfor.me ($115.00), bluray.me ($105.00), jobfor.me ($85.00), shower.me ($85.00), registra.me ($80.00), apple4.me ($75.00), art4.me ($75.00), avi.me ($75.00), babysit.me ($75.00), babysitter4.me ($75.00), bars.me ($75.00), beton.me ($75.00), blueray.me ($75.00), bluetooth.me ($75.00), brett.me ($75.00), cafemontenegro.me ($75.00), caroline.me ($75.00), community.me ($75.00), creditfor.me ($75.00), declan.me ($75.00), discount4.me ($75.00), discountfor.me ($75.00), doitto.me ($75.00), drink4.me ($75.00), eros.me ($75.00), farmers.me ($75.00), findfor.me ($75.00), fitness4.me ($75.00), fitnessfor.me ($75.00), gig.me ($75.00), girlfor.me ($75.00), glasses.me ($75.00), hacked.me ($75.00), heloves.me ($75.00), hiphop.me ($75.00), homes4.me ($75.00), homesfor.me ($75.00), igo.me ($75.00), johnny.me ($75.00), kitchen.me ($75.00), lawyer4.me ($75.00), levi.me ($75.00), livewith.me ($75.00), loan4.me ($75.00), maryjane.me ($75.00), medicate.me ($75.00), model4.me ($75.00), mortgage4.me ($75.00), ppc.me ($75.00), print4.me ($75.00), reinhard.me ($75.00), rejuvenate.me ($75.00), sheloves.me ($75.00), smile4.me ($75.00), software4.me ($75.00), stamps.me ($75.00), stampsfor.me ($75.00), stocksfor.me ($75.00), swim.me ($75.00), trevor.me ($75.00), unblock.me ($75.00), vodka4.me ($75.00), waiton.me ($75.00), wannabe.me ($75.00), wife.me ($75.00), your.me ($75.00), zack.me ($75.00)

So, in 2008 the registry missed $303,619.00 (bids) + $13,297.34 (133 initial fees of $99.98) totalling to $316,916.34 in land rush revenues. Hopeful.ly, they will catch up this season. Mind that the first 71 domains (those that received more than one bid of $75.00) could contribute to $298,969.00 while the rest 62 domains would generate mere $4,650.00. Some bids were made for fun, but some will made it back with now even higher exposure.

The other names available for grab are:

000.me, 0123.me, 321.me, 520.me, 770.me, abidewith.me, abigail.me, accommodation.me, adrian.me, agustin.me, ahmad.me, ahmed.me, airport.me, alejandra.me, also.me, alt.me, amd.me, ana.me, analize.me, analyse.me, anand.me, ankara.me, annalise.me, anne.me, annoy.me, anonymize.me, answerto.me, antonio.me, aol.me, appartment4.me, aqua.me, arizona.me, arm.me, arts.me, asa.me, ati.me, auburn.me, august.me, authentic.me, awake.me, awesome.me, babies.me, baccarat.me, bail.me, balance.me, barbados.me, barbara.me, bawadi.me, bbb.me, bbc.me, bekijk.me, bella.me, bert.me, bestfor.me, bestof.me, bewith.me, bezoek.me, bid4.me, billiger.me, billy.me, bjoern.me, black-jack.me, blame.me, blank.me, bling.me, blink.me, blogg.me, blue-ray.me, bluff.me, boat.me, boeing.me, boink.me, book4.me, bookmark.me, boot.me, bother.me, brainstorm.me, bridget.me, britney.me, budget.me, bum.me, bury.me, buyfrom.me, bwin.me, callie.me, care4.me, careers4.me, carefor.me, cars4.me, cart.me, casino777.me, casinoonnet.me, celine.me, chandra.me, charming.me, chess.me, chrisbrown.me, cindy.me, claire.me, clickon.me, clips.me, clubs.me, cnc.me, cnnenespanol.me, comewatch.me, commission.me, comp.me, companies.me, computerhelp.me, confide.me, configure.me, connecticut.me, contrata.me, cop.me, cosmetic.me, counton.me, cpc.me, craps.me, cre.me, cypress.me, damac.me, danawa.me, dane.me, danica.me, dasons.me, dealwith.me, deb.me, deepin.me, defy.me, degrees.me, delight.me, denis.me, dennis.me, derek.me, desertgate.me, desiree.me, developer.me, deven.me, dew.me, dexter.me, diane.me, diego.me, diets.me, digit.me, discovercard.me, dit.me, dixon.me, dogs.me, doha.me, domainfor.me, dontfuckwith.me, dontleave.me, dontspam.me, doris.me, doug.me, doyoulike.me, doyoulove.me, drew.me, drum.me, dry.me, dwi.me, easynap.me, eatwith.me, ego.me, elle.me, ellie.me, elvis.me, emmanuel.me, erepublik.me, erik.me, erotic4.me, erp.me, escorts.me, eurofast.me, euroglobal.me, evergreen.me, eyeglasses.me, ezra.me, facelift.me, fairytaleflowers.me, fairytale-flowers.me, favor.me, fee.me, fengshui.me, fiji.me, fil.me, filter.me, fine.me, fiona.me, florian.me, flyto.me, foo.me, foreclosures.me, freeze.me, fry.me, fux.me, gadget.me, gala.me, gel.me, geld.me, gem.me, german.me, giftfor.me, giftfrom.me, greener.me, greg.me, grid.me, griffin.me, gsm.me, guido.me, gunsan.me, hana.me, hanatour.me, handy.me, happiness.me, harper.me, has.me, hdtv.me, heinz.me, henry.me, here.me, hey.me, hola.me, holly.me, homesforsale.me, house4.me, htv.me, hubbard.me, hugh.me, humberto.me, humble.me, hyattpure.me, hyip.me, iceland.me, ideas.me, illinois.me, i-love.me, immortal.me, imp.me, implant.me, imy.me, infinito.me, ingrid.me, insan.me, insult.me, int.me, intervention.me, investin.me, irina.me, irritate.me, isat.me, italia.me, item.me, itsnotyouits.me, jaclyn.me, jacqueline.me, jade.me, jay.me, jerry.me, jewel.me, jocelyn.me, jocuri.me, joel.me, josef.me, josephine.me, jouel.me, judo.me, juice.me, julius.me, jumeirah.me, justcall.me, kai.me, kareem.me, karl.me, kate.me, kendall.me, kennebunkport.me, kenny.me, killed.me, killing.me, kitchens.me, klick.me, klutz.me, konto.me, kredit.me, kreditkarte.me, kungfu.me, layout.me, lcd.me, leanon.me, lease.me, leasing.me, legalize.me, legend.me, leia.me, leo.me, letter.me, lewiston.me, library.me, lik.me, linkwith.me, liposuction.me, listen2.me, littleold.me, livejasmin.me, lll.me, localize.me, lovable.me, lucian.me, lurk.me, lydia.me, lyn.me, made.me, magic.me, magical.me, makeover.me, malik.me, manager.me, manpower.me, margot.me, mariam.me, marianne.me, marina.me, martha.me, martini.me, maryland.me, mash.me, massachusetts.me, math.me, maui.me, maurice.me, mbc.me, mccaffrey.me, me2.me, meal.me, mend.me, mercy.me, merry.me, mesmerize.me, michigan.me, middleeast.me, mii.me, min.me, mina.me, miracle.me, mmogame.me, mob.me, mobilkom.me, mobily.me, modern.me, monavie.me, monochro.me, montana.me, montenegroproperty.me, more.me, moshe.me, mts.me, mug.me, muhammad.me, museum.me, musica.me, mybook.me, mycatalog.me, nag.me, najdi.me, nakheel.me, namibia.me, nancy.me, ncaa.me, newworldmobility.me, nightclub.me, nightlife.me, ninja.me, nnn.me, ntt.me, nuken.me, nytimes.me, ohio.me, ola.me, omar.me, onlinebingo.me, oprah.me, orthodontics.me, oscar.me, outfit.me, owe.me, pasta.me, paste.me, payto.me, peace.me, pee.me, penisenlargement.me, pennsylvania.me, pepper.me, peterson.me, pflau.me, phd.me, phuck.me, phuk.me, phytoncide.me, pilates.me, play4.me, play-with.me, pleasefuck.me, poker777.me, politics.me, pom.me, poor.me, portrait.me, positive.me, poster.me, pot.me, praise.me, pranav.me, prescription.me, prescriptions.me, presta.me, preview.me, prince.me, probate.me, proflowersweddings.me, property4.me, provita.me, punch.me, punk.me, queen.me, queretaro.me, raduan.me, ralph.me, read2.me, readto.me, really.me, realtors.me, recruitment.me, redskins.me, redtube.me, reg.me, regala.me, renovate.me, reunite.me, rhizo.me, ridewith.me, ringtones4.me, ritu.me, riva.me, robot.me, robotchicken.me, rome.me, ronin.me, root.me, roy.me, rudy.me, safari.me, samson.me, san.me, sanford.me, sanfransisco.me, sat.me, saudiarabia.me, savor.me, sayto.me, scary.me, schiedel.me, scientology.me, seafood.me, searchengineoptimization.me, sebagolake.me, sebagolakesregion.me, secretspoon.me, sekiguchi.me, sew.me, sexa.me, shareaamiles.me, sharewith.me, sharon.me, shaun.me, sheila.me, sheldon.me, shelter.me, shes.me, showtime.me, siga.me, signs.me, sigue.me, simmons.me, simplify.me, smarter.me, smartphone.me, sneakers.me, sockitto.me, softbank.me, solicitor.me, solution.me, space.me, spacetv.me, specials.me, sportbetting.me, sss.me, stockquotes.me, stress.me, string.me, sunglasses.me, sunrise.me, supplements.me, sushi.me, synergy.me, tagg.me, talk-to.me, tata.me, tbs.me, teaching.me, terry.me, tex.me, thai.me, thinner.me, this.me, ting.me, tire.me, tobacco.me, tomsnyderproductions.me, toni.me, toon.me, tornado.me, torture.me, totally.me, toto.me, touches.me, travel4.me, trips.me, troy.me, truly.me, ttt.me, tux.me, tweet.me, ucall.me, ufind.me, uluv.me, uni.me, unsubscribe.me, usd.me, vance.me, vend.me, ver.me, verleid.me, vermont.me, versicherung.me, vid.me, vigre.me, vig-re.me, violate.me, vista.me, viva.me, vivian.me, wag.me, webair.me, weleda.me, whack.me, wheel.me, where.me, wikipedia.me, wink.me, wipe.me, woeis.me, woody.me, writeto.me, wsop.me, xtre.me, yasmin.me, yeu.me, youan.me, you-and.me, youfind.me, youporn.me, yousee.me, zoe.me, zoom.me, zuig.me

Happy bidding indeed.

My World. My Style. My Ecco.

One of the best shoe designers Ecco has launched a massive advertising campaign: MY WORLD. MY STYLE. MY ECCO.

Not only they have good designers but marketeers and online team too. The web pages and outdoor advertisement is stylish indeed, and flashy too.

With ecco.com, eccousa.com, eccocanada.com, ecconet.co.uk, ecco-shoes.com.mt and so on, the brand is a bit overstretch over the Internet. Their legal team could do better. Ecco.co.uk parked at Sedo as well as myecco.com and many others can be suited for trademark infringement. They simply display advertisement selling Ecco shoes. But never mind, let us leave it to bloody lawyers.

Back to marketing. What we can learn from this project is that having "My" and/or "Me" in your jingles real.ly drives the consumer. Straight association with the product, higher recall rates... Everything we marketeers dream of.

Let us allow a splash of creativity and go for a drill. Let us reshuffle the jingle and see whether we could do any better, for a new brand. So what about:

Like that like.no.other of Sony, but now a proper URL too. Jingles and web addresses - two in one, and for a good price indeed.

By the way, MyEcco.Me is still for grab, but it is not recommended to run for it. Why would you bother with corporate lawyers later on or kill a good names like Ecco.Me and MyEcco.com?

Better create your own brand, your own audience and try to secure MyBrand.Me while it is still available.

Crystal clear, replace MyBrand with any rising name, and think about it as the way to go. If you need a jingling domain, Brands-and-Jingles is the company to call.

Sedo sold Bedo

Funny jingle it could be: Bedo.com was sold on Sedo.com for handsome $45,000:

Sedo is not particular.ly interested in protecting all Sedo.tlds, which is a right decision probably. It managed to secure Sedo.info and Sedo.biz but missed Sedo.net and Sedo.org. It runs a mobile version on Sedo.mobi, keeps bunch of country sites like Sedo.de and Sedo.jp...

Having bought Sedo.us, one can wonder why did they miss Sedo.me, which a French porno teaser now.

Premium Verb.Me Results

Sedo has just closed numerous Premium.Verb.Me auctions, this blog featured a month ago, raising in total $152,290 on 29 domain names (average price $5,251). As usual, the last day was quite vivid with most of the prices doubled and best bids revealed just in the last few minutes.

Results are as follows:

Four English verbs did not meet their reserves:

Six Serbian premium domains did poor.ly as they probably did not attract serious investors or entrepreneurs, yet two had enjoyed bids above $1k:

Two local names did not match their reserves:

The registry could have potential.ly dispose the six domains with unmet reserves for $13,174 but that would lead to the average price on these domains to $2,196. They are probably better off with just waiting until the next round.

Obvious.ly, the results for English domains were a bit higher: 25 domains went for total $150,770, making on average $6,030 on every jingling .me domain.

Why .tel will fail

Despite the very flashy and sexy advertisement, no doubt one of the most creative marketing campaigns, .tel has little future.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

Yes, the video is sexy and romantic, yes you would share your contacts with a lady of the model looks you just met in the train, but would you serious.ly consider leaving all your details online, just like that? NO!

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

Unless you are a small company without the webpage, .tel is not for you. There are plenty of nice and catchy domains in other TLDs to grab, so why bother?

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

.tel is offering nothing more than any other blogging or catalog site, well, a short and catchy name someone may say, but those jingling ones will be gone pretty soon. Expect no Facebook-like portal on .tel.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

With so many ads and practical.ly little revenues, I wonder when will their equity burn out:

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video.


Apple, having a very good name in marketing and branding, got it right when it named its new mobile platform "mobile me". Ititial.ly, people talked about "mobile.me". The rumours even had it that Apple has secured the Montenegrin domain for pretty high sum.

However, mobile.me is still not schedule for the premium auction and Apple had no other choice but to go with less sexy address: mobileme.com is now forwarded to apple.com/mobileme and iPhone users receive e-mails to addresses like john@me.com.

john@mobile.me would be much better jingle. However, if Montenegrin government waits another year, Apple will probably lose the interest in mobile.me at all and press on anyone trying to infringe its trade marked names (it has already filed for seven of them with the United States Patent and Trademark Office).

E.g., mobileme.com.au is currently put down:

Sorry, the page you requested doesn't exist or has been moved.
Please check your request URL.

.mobi fans should notice that neither apple.mobi nor mobile.mobi are operational. So much about mobile TLD.

An interesting fact: BioSentient Corporation filed for "mobileme" trademark back in 2003 but abandoned it in 2005. It is now elbow biting as that particular name could bring it millions.


Few university students some when back in pre-dot-me 2007 have launched a site globalme.org but named it Global.Me.

It is either that they didn't know about .Me or did not manage to overbid Ben Van Dyk, who acquired the domain in August 2008 for decent $709.98.

The real Global.Me is just featuring Global.TV. Shame, but it is probably the right way to do business and to protect the trade name.

The students, well, despite the great name, they can only enjoy it on their Facebook group.


As found by Taras of GrowRich.Me, a full page ad in today's London City A.M. was featuring iBall.me.

It is good to know that a popular British web site iBall.iii.co.uk is now hosted on iBall.me.

Considering that iBall.com is redirecting to "David & Fatima, A Forbiden Love" movie, iBall.me is probably the best choice indeed for an Internet address, a quality site too.

Not to jingly though, but catchy without any doubt.