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Verb.Me vs Noun.me etc

Important things first: this article does not talk in search engine optimisation language, but branding. Let us have a look on .Me from marketing prospective.

Dutch.Me makes sense only in verb+me combination, e.g., Ontdek.Me (Discover.Me) and Reserveer.Me (Book.Me).

Some of English Noun.Me are good, Coral.Me, Continent.Me, Ski.Me, Snow.Me, Sun.Me, ... keep them. They will pop up one day, maybe in surprising combination like Austria.Snow.Me - but I bet they will.

Adjective.Me are good too and Verb.Me are the best. Democratic.Me and Republican.Me, Ideal.Me, Irish.Me, Left.Me and Right.Me, Natural.Me, are all good slogans. Fancy.Me, Insure.Me, Replay.me, and Unlock.Me are golden.

Booting.Me may have some potential in the future. But usual.ly Verbed.Me and Verbing.Me go only for a little fraction of Verb.Me unless they have some intrinsic value, like Bored.Me.

At Brands-and-Jingles, we have also focused on MyNoun.Me and Noun4.Me. The former MyNoun.Me combination is a good one as it amplifies the message. It does a good job in marketing. Clients remember the product better. The higher recall rate - the more product you sell. As simply as that.

So your MyCar.Me, MyDallas.Me, MyDNA.Me, MyMall.Me, MyVilla.Me, are very good, just keep them capitalised.

If you are tired by now - you can have MyBeer.Me, Domain4.Me, Pizza4.Me, or even a.boy4.me or a.girl4.me.

Funk.me ads

For your information, three funk.me ads, summarising the first six months of .me, Nikolas and his team have uploaded on YouTube:

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.ME in various languages

If your first guess was that .me sites will be popular among English speakers, most probably you were right.

.me pages in various languages

.me pages in various languages

As more than 90% of .me domains were sold to people outside Montenegro, it makes sense that mere 10% of pages are in Serbian plus some 2% in Croatian and 2% in Slovenian, languages spoken in the region.

Surprise comes with the fact that nearly a quarter of all .me pages are in Asian languages. Chinese leading with 7%, followed by Japanese with almost 6%, then Hebrew, Russian, and Korean.

The sudden death of .me.uk

With 2 million web pages indexed by Google, .me.uk, a British second level country code domain, only represents 0.3% of nearly 700 million .uk pages. Not a great success at all.

Considering 500+ million of .co.uk pages (British equivalent of .com), 109 million of gov.uk (government), 30 million of .org.uk, 25 million of ac.uk (British equivalent of .edu), nearly 6 million of .nhs.uk (National Health System), some 2 million .bl.uk (British Library) and 1.4 million .parliament.uk pages - .me.uk didn't become neither trendy nor very popular.

It has only outnumbered specific and even less famous sub-domains, name.ly: .sch.uk (Schools) with 980 thousand indexed pages, .police.uk with 630 thousand, .mod.uk (Ministry of Defence) with 400 thousand, .ltd.uk (Limited Liability Company) with 255 thousand, .nls.uk (National Library of Scotland) with 40 thousand, .net.uk with 40 thousand and .plc.uk (Public Listed Company) with 20 thousand pages.

The other 666 .uk pages not classified above can be Googled here.

New Montenegrin .me, topping now at 4 million index pages and growing, is leaving .me.uk far behind in the history. For any .me.uk owner serious.ly thinking about his or her online business it is high time to make a switch.

Top 3000+ words .me

Now, that the .me rush is cooling down, at least with all top names taken, we have analysed 3269 top English words including 1000 commonly used verbs. At the beginning, our analysts filtered out 30 one-letter and 54 two-letter words.

This formed a basis set of 3185 common English words available for domainers, starting from the.me and ending with lungs.me.

Top 3000+ words .me

Top 3000+ words .me

690 words (or 21.7%) were reserved by the registry for the premium auctions:

100.me, aboard.me, above.me, accept.me, account.me, across.me, act.me, add.me, admit.me, adult.me, adventure.me, affect.me, afford.me, after.me, against.me, agree.me, air.me, alert.me, all.me, allow.me, along.me, america.me, american.me, among.me, and.me, announce.me, answer.me, appear.me, april.me, are.me, argue.me, army.me, around.me, arrange.me, arrive.me, art.me, asia.me, attack.me, avoid.me, baby.me, back.me, bad.me, bag.me, bank.me, base.me, baseball.me, beat.me, beautiful.me, become.me, been.me, before.me, begin.me, behind.me, believe.me, belong.me, below.me, beneath.me, beside.me, best.me, bet.me, between.me, beyond.me, big.me, bill.me, bird.me, bite.me, black.me, blocks.me, blow.me, blue.me, boats.me, body.me, bone.me, book.me, books.me, box.me, boys.me, break.me, brown.me, build.me, burn.me, but.me, call.me, calls.me, camera.me, camp.me, can.me, candy.me, car.me, care.me, carry.me, castle.me, catch.me, caught.me, cause.me, center.me, change.me, charge.me, charles.me, check.me, chicago.me, chinese.me, choose.me, chosen.me, christmas.me, city.me, claim.me, clean.me, clear.me, climb.me, clock.me, close.me, club.me, coal.me, coffee.me, collect.me, college.me, come.me, company.me, compare.me, complain.me, complete.me, concern.me, connect.me, connected.me, consider.me, consist.me, construction.me, contain.me, continue.me, control.me, cook.me, cool.me, copy.me, correct.me, cost.me, could.me, count.me, country.me, couple.me, course.me, court.me, cover.me, create.me, cross.me, cry.me, cure.me, curious.me, current.me, cut.me, dad.me, daily.me, damage.me, dance.me, dangerous.me, daniel.me, dare.me, david.me, dawn.me, dead.me, deal.me, decide.me, deliver.me, depend.me, describe.me, design.me, destroy.me, develop.me, die.me, direct.me, disappear.me, discover.me, discuss.me, dish.me, divide.me, doctor.me, doctors.me, dollars.me, down.me, draw.me, dream.me, dreams.me, dress.me, drink.me, drive.me, drop.me, during.me, earth.me, east.me, easy.me, eat.me, education.me, edward.me, eight.me, employ.me, encourage.me, engine.me, engineer.me, english.me, enter.me, europe.me, event.me, everything.me, examine.me, except.me, exercise.me, exist.me, expect.me, experience.me, explain.me, express.me, extend.me, eye.me, face.me, fail.me, fall.me, families.me, farm.me, fast.me, fasten.me, fat.me, father.me, favorite.me, fax.me, fear.me, feed.me, feel.me, fight.me, file.me, fill.me, film.me, finish.me, first.me, fish.me, fit.me, five.me, fix.me, flash.me, flight.me, flowers.me, fly.me, fold.me, follow.me, food.me, foot.me, football.me, for.me, force.me, forest.me, forget.me, form.me, found.me, four.me, free.me, friend.me, friends.me, from.me, fun.me, furniture.me, future.me, gain.me, game.me, games.me, general.me, germany.me, get.me, gift.me, girls.me, give.me, globe.me, gold.me, good.me, got.me, green.me, greet.me, group.me, grow.me, guide.me, habits.me, hall.me, handle.me, happen.me, happy.me, hate.me, have.me, head.me, health.me, hear.me, heart.me, help.me, hide.me, highway.me, hill.me, history.me, hit.me, hold.me, home.me, homes.me, hook.me, hope.me, hospital.me, hot.me, house.me, houses.me, huge.me, hunter.me, hurt.me, identify.me, imagine.me, improve.me, include.me, increase.me, indicate.me, influence.me, inform.me, intend.me, into.me, introduce.me, invention.me, invite.me, jack.me, jail.me, james.me, japan.me, jet.me, job.me, john.me, johnson.me, join.me, jones.me, jump.me, keep.me, key.me, kick.me, kids.me, kill.me, king.me, knock.me, know.me, language.me, large.me, last.me, laugh.me, law.me, lay.me, lead.me, learn.me, learning.me, leather.me, leave.me, lee.me, let.me, lick.me, lie.me, life.me, like.me, limited.me, line.me, lips.me, list.me, listen.me, live.me, local.me, locate.me, log.me, london.me, look.me, lose.me, luck.me, lunch.me, machine.me, major.me, make.me, manage.me, map.me, maps.me, maria.me, mark.me, market.me, martin.me, mary.me, mathematics.me, matter.me, may.me, mean.me, measure.me, medicine.me, member.me, men.me, message.me, might.me, mind.me, mine.me, miss.me, money.me, mother.me, move.me, movie.me, moving.me, music.me, must.me, name.me, names.me, nation.me, national.me, native.me, near.me, need.me, new.me, news.me, newyork.me, next.me, night.me, nine.me, not.me, note.me, notice.me, now.me, obtain.me, occur.me, ocean.me, off.me, offer.me, office.me, oil.me, one.me, onto.me, open.me, opinion.me, orange.me, order.me, ought.me, our.me, out.me, outside.me, over.me, own.me, pacific.me, paid.me, pain.me, paint.me, parents.me, pass.me, past.me, pat.me, paul.me, pay.me, per.me, perform.me, person.me, personal.me, pet.me, phone.me, pick.me, place.me, places.me, plan.me, planet.me, point.me, police.me, port.me, power.me, prefer.me, prepare.me, present.me, press.me, prevent.me, price.me, prime.me, print.me, private.me, prize.me, produce.me, promise.me, property.me, protect.me, prove.me, provide.me, pull.me, push.me, put.me, quality.me, quick.me, raise.me, reach.me, read.me, real.me, realize.me, receive.me, recognize.me, record.me, red.me, reduce.me, refer.me, reflect.me, refuse.me, release.me, remain.me, remember.me, remind.me, remove.me, repeat.me, replace.me, reply.me, report.me, represent.me, require.me, rescue.me, rest.me, result.me, return.me, review.me, richard.me, ring.me, rise.me, robert.me, rock.me, roll.me, run.me, sale.me, save.me, say.me, school.me, science.me, scientist.me, screen.me, screw.me, secret.me, see.me, seed.me, seem.me, sell.me, send.me, separate.me, serve.me, service.me, services.me, set.me, settle.me, seven.me, shake.me, shall.me, share.me, shoe.me, shoes.me, shoot.me, shop.me, should.me, shout.me, shut.me, sin.me, since.me, sing.me, single.me, sit.me, six.me, skin.me, sleep.me, smile.me, smith.me, some.me, soon.me, sort.me, sound.me, source.me, spark.me, speak.me, spend.me, spill.me, sports.me, spring.me, stand.me, start.me, state.me, stay.me, steel.me, stick.me, stop.me, store.me, stream.me, strike.me, strip.me, study.me, stuff.me, succeed.me, suck.me, suffer.me, suggest.me, suit.me, summer.me, supply.me, support.me, suppose.me, symbol.me, table.me, take.me, talk.me, tax.me, teach.me, team.me, tease.me, telephone.me, television.me, tell.me, ten.me, test.me, thank.me, think.me, thomas.me, three.me, through.me, throughout.me, throw.me, till.me, time.me, times.me, today.me, tomorrow.me, tone.me, tonight.me, tools.me, top.me, touch.me, tow.me, toward.me, town.me, toy.me, track.me, trade.me, traffic.me, train.me, training.me, traveling.me, treat.me, trees.me, truck.me, trucks.me, trust.me, try.me, tune.me, turn.me, two.me, under.me, understand.me, unitedstates.me, university.me, until.me, upon.me, use.me, used.me, vote.me, wait.me, walk.me, want.me, wanted.me, war.me, warn.me, was.me, wash.me, washington.me, way.me, wealth.me, wear.me, weather.me, west.me, wet.me, white.me, who.me, wild.me, will.me, william.me, wilson.me, win.me, wind.me, winter.me, wire.me, wish.me, with.me, within.me, without.me, wolf.me, women.me, wonder.me, wood.me, work.me, worry.me, would.me, write.me, yard.me, and young.me.

16 (or 0.5%), name.ly:

about.me, business.me, dot.me, enjoy.me, example.me, explore.me, find.me, government.me, its.me, jobs.me, mail.me, president.me, search.me, tour.me, travel.me, and visit.me.

are marked by the registry as reserved, and some will remain so; sure.ly government.me, its.me. Nevertheless, some are actual.ly already advertised on domain.me and may appear on the market soon.

266 words (or 8.4%) were "lost" during the land rush period, most probably because the corresponding buyers failing to pay. These were:

adjective.me, adjectives.me, aloud.me, also.me, amounts.me, analyse.me, angles.me, annoy.me, appeared.me, appears.me, arent.me, arithmetic.me, arm.me, asleep.me, august.me, babies.me, badly.me, balance.me, bars.me, belonged.me, billy.me, blank.me, blink.me, boat.me, boys.me, branches.me, bring.me, bury.me, bushes.me, carries.me, caused.me, cell.me, centuries.me, characteristics.me, claws.me, climbed.me, closely.me, community.me, companies.me, consists.me, consonant.me, contained.me, continued.me, corners.me, correctly.me, couldnt.me, counted.me, cried.me, crowded.me, degrees.me, delight.me, depends.me, diameter.me, didnt.me, differences.me, difficulty.me, dig.me, disappeared.me, distances.me, doesnt.me, dogs.me, dozen.me, drew.me, dried.me, drum.me, dry.me, earlier.me, enemies.me, england.me, entered.me, equally.me, etc.me, exclaimed.me, excuse.me, expressed.me, farmers.me, fastened.me, fewer.me, filled.me, fine.me, finger.me, firmly.me, france.me, frequently.me, fry.me, gathered.me, german.me, glasses.me, gradually.me, groan.me, hadnt.me, happens.me, has.me, havent.me, headed.me, heading.me, heated.me, hell.me, henry.me, here.me, herself.me, highly.me, hoped.me, hurried.me, ideas.me, illinois.me, immediately.me, importance.me, indicated.me, indicates.me, irritate.me, johnny.me, killed.me, kinds.me, kitchen.me, landed.me, laughed.me, lengths.me, letter.me, library.me, lighted.me, listened.me, lived.me, lowest.me, made.me, magic.me, meal.me, meanings.me, measured.me, melted.me, mend.me, mess-up.me, methods.me, modern.me, more.me, mothers.me, movements.me, mug.me, nearer.me, nodded.me, nouns.me, numeral.me, numerals.me, observed.me, occurred.me, occurs.me, oclock.me, ohio.me, oldest.me, only.me, ourselves.me, owe.me, packed.me, particles.me, passengers.me, passes.me, paste.me, pasture.me, peace.me, pennsylvania.me, periods.me, phrases.me, planted.me, poor.me, positive.me, pot.me, poured.me, prince.me, principles.me, produces.me, properly.me, proved.me, provided.me, punch.me, pupils.me, queen.me, quietly.me, raced.me, rapidly.me, reached.me, reaches.me, really.me, remained.me, remaining.me, remains.me, repeated.me, rises.me, rolled.me, rome.me, root.me, rounded.me, rows.me, rub.me, rushed.me, russia.me, safely.me, sat.me, scare.me, sections.me, seemed.me, sentences.me, settlers.me, shelter.me, shes.me, signs.me, slabs.me, slightly.me, slipped.me, smiled.me, social.me, solution.me, somewhat.me, sounded.me, stared.me, stated.me, statements.me, stayed.me, stems.me, stepped.me, stretched.me, string.me, subjects.me, substances.me, supposed.me, swim.me, swung.me, syllable.me, syllables.me, tea.me, temperatures.me, themselves.me, theyre.me, this.me, tightly.me, tire.me, tobacco.me, todays.me, tossed.me, trips.me, untidy.me, valleys.me, vessels.me, view.me, waited.me, washed.me, water.me, waved.me, werent.me, weve.me, wheel.me, where.me, whispered.me, widely.me, wife.me, wink.me, wipe.me, wondered.me, worse.me, wouldnt.me, wrapped.me, yelled.me, youd.me, youll.me, your.me, youve.me, and zoom.me.

At the moment, these domains are held by the registry and are very likely to be released later on as premium ones. Verbs will be certain.ly in demand and adjectives ending with suffix "ly" will be rivalled but corresponding .ly's, e.g.,

bad.ly, bil.ly, close.ly, correct.ly, equal.ly, firm.ly, frequent.ly, gradual.ly, high.ly, immediate.ly, on.ly, proper.ly, quiet.ly, rapid.ly, real.ly, safe.ly, slight.ly, tight.ly, and wide.ly.

As of today, less than 2% of the top 3000 owners control more than 50% of all top 3000 .me domains.

Six persons managed to grab more than 1% of the top 3000 words:

Randy Charach from British Columbia, Canada acquired 81 domains (or 2.5%), name.ly:

african.me, balloon.me, blanket.me, blood.me, brave.me, bubble.me, butter.me, cage.me, carve.me, condition.me, crop.me, deck.me, desk.me, dull.me, fence.me, flag.me, flame.me, garage.me, gather.me, gaze.me, gentle.me, glad.me, heavy.me, husband.me, june.me, mill.me, mouth.me, observe.me, overflow.me, plain.me, pole.me, prick.me, puncture.me, quiet.me, rear.me, rope.me, rough.me, scar.me, scold.me, scrub.me, sister.me, sneeze.me, soil.me, soldier.me, spirit.me, split.me, sprout.me, square.me, squeak.me, squeal.me, stain.me, steam.me, stomach.me, stove.me, strange.me, straw.me, strength.me, strengthen.me, subject.me, substance.me, subtract.me, sum.me, supper.me, suspect.me, suspend.me, tail.me, term.me, terrify.me, thaw.me, thick.me, thou.me, thread.me, throat.me, tight.me, tower.me, tribe.me, trot.me, trunk.me, tug.me, tumble.me, and unfasten.me.

Randy did not play the land rush auction game. One day, he may turn out being the smartest investor as with a modest budget he now holds quite few valuable domains.

Similarly to Randy, Alan Lin from California holds 80 top 3000 names (or 2.5%):

age.me, already.me, attract.me, ban.me, battle.me, besides.me, borrow.me, calculate.me, choke.me, command.me, decorate.me, definite.me, earn.me, expand.me, figure.me, fool.me, frighten.me, glow.me, guarantee.me, hard.me, harm.me, impress.me, interest.me, joke.me, license.me, light.me, long.me, master.me, middle.me, mike.me, mix.me, multiply.me, obey.me, outline.me, park.me, party.me, permit.me, pour.me, pray.me, pretend.me, pride.me, program.me, pump.me, punish.me, purple.me, question.me, raised.me, regular.me, reign.me, relax.me, request.me, satisfy.me, scream.me, season.me, select.me, sense.me, serious.me, shed.me, ship.me, sigh.me, sight.me, similar.me, smoke.me, solid.me, spare.me, specific.me, spell.me, spot.me, squeeze.me, stamp.me, standing.me, steady.me, stranger.me, struggle.me, swing.me, tie.me, tons.me, trouble.me, weigh.me, and window.me.

However, unlike Randy, Alan went for high-end names, many of them verbs, the most valuable combination with .me. Among the others, he won 116 domains during the land rush auctions costing him $94,943.00 plus the initial fees of ~$99.98 for each domain. This also made him number three in the land rush game in terms of the value.

With 66 top 3000 domains (or 2.1%), Sherry Humphreys from New York is now in possession of:

added.me, alone.me, appreciate.me, based.me, bees.me, border.me, bump.me, calm.me, cards.me, causes.me, changes.me, circles.me, comes.me, considered.me, dollar.me, flew.me, forces.me, great.me, hills.me, included.me, itself.me, keeps.me, likely.me, lines.me, lion.me, materials.me, minutes.me, months.me, pencil.me, plate.me, please.me, positions.me, reasons.me, required.me, roots.me, runs.me, sam.me, seas.me, seems.me, sent.me, sheet.me, shook.me, shown.me, sleeping.me, spots.me, stars.me, starting.me, straight.me, tame.me, thanks.me, their.me, took.me, types.me, uses.me, usually.me, waves.me, ways.me, wearing.me, went.me, woman.me, wonderful.me, written.me, yes.me, youth.me, zero.me, and zoo.me.

Like, Alan, he also bought some 87 domains during the land rush auctions, costing $48,764.00 plus fees and putting him on the position number nine in term of the dollars spent during the land rush.

Two guys hold 1.7%:

Tal Kerret, also from New York, with 54 domains:

additional.me, agreed.me, allowed.me, atoms.me, beginning.me, begins.me, belongs.me, cannot.me, carefully.me, cents.me, combined.me, conditions.me, constantly.me, covered.me, depth.me, elephants.me, exercises.me, expected.me, feelings.me, figures.me, followed.me, forests.me, formed.me, forth.me, gained.me, gently.me, handed.me, happened.me, hed.me, interested.me, introduced.me, joined.me, lack.me, largest.me, offered.me, others.me, peoples.me, persons.me, pigs.me, pile.me, pulled.me, slowly.me, softly.me, stopped.me, suggested.me, talked.me, temperature.me, threw.me, treated.me, turned.me, turning.me, voices.me, walked.me, and wished.me.

And Mike Bennet from Delaware with 53 domains:

applaud.me, brake.me, brought.me, bruise.me, compete.me, concentrate.me, confess.me, differ.me, disarm.me, doubt.me, drain.me, dust.me, escape.me, float.me, grease.me, grew.me, grip.me, higher.me, hurry.me, inject.me, itch.me, juggle.me, length.me, melt.me, memorise.me, mourn.me, pause.me, peel.me, piece.me, possess.me, preach.me, recognise.me, rejoice.me, reproduce.me, sack.me, scribble.me, sentence.me, shade.me, shoulder.me, slip.me, snore.me, soak.me, spray.me, stare.me, steer.me, stood.me, stretch.me, tick.me, unpack.me, waste.me, whistle.me, wreck.me, and x-ray.me.

Neither Tal nor Mike won any of them during the land rush auctions and have a potential to challenge Randy for the title of the best .me investor. Especially Mike, who focused on unchallenged verbs during the land rush, may one day become the winner of the .me gold rush.

And finally, Musa Ardolic from New York has 31 names (or 1.0%):

adding.me, bang.me, becoming.me, block.me, blowing.me, breaking.me, calling.me, carrying.me, changing.me, feeling.me, fighting.me, finding.me, following.me, getting.me, girl.me, growing.me, having.me, helping.me, hunting.me, leaving.me, played.me, playing.me, seeing.me, star.me, stock.me, taking.me, talking.me, telling.me, transport.me, trying.me, and watching.me.

With 55 won auctions at cost of $60,687.00 plus the initial fees, he is number eight, sitting between Alan and Sherry.

Near.ly, a quarter of all players, 764 persons (or 24.0%) out of the top 3000 names obtained only one domain each. 192 persons (or 6.0%) secured two top 3000 domains and 174 persons (or 5.5%) – three.

Six top investors that betted on top words chose two different approaches: focus on Go Live or focus on Land Rush.

Out of $1,889,196.00 spent on land rush auctions, those who spent $1,458,103.00 (or 77%) also acquired 772 out of top 3185 names (or 24.2%). 1457 domains (or 45.7%) were obtained by those that passed during the land rush auctions.

Some investors went for a healthy balance between the former and the latter. With 1000+ persons holding top 3000 names, the time will show who will make the first million out of his or her portfolio.

Used public sources:


its.me is an official country code Second Level Domain (ccSLD), like that of co.uk, me.uk, co.au... It is managed by .ME registry. So far, it is not too popular and many good names are still available, Italy.its.me, Shanghai.its.me, Cannes.its.me to name a few.

People get their own its.me, e.g.: photographer.its.me, perper.its.me or italo.its.me.

Most of them can be googled here.

Many users complain about two dots. The paradox being: people often nag about typing it for 10 seconds, while spending hours on browsing. Can one explain this phenomenon?

BobParsons.me or BobParsons.com?

Bob.me of course!

BobParsons.me of course!

Bob Parsons, the maverick pioneer in the domain industry and the founder of GoDaddy, just set up his blog to BobParsons.Me. In his video blog, he touts .me as one of the top domain stories of 2008.

GoDaddy has nearly 30% share of the worlds domain market and it consistently wins awards for its high-level of customer service.

When the GoDaddy servers experienced glitches during the .me land rush do to the record demand of .me domains, representatives went into emergency mode and helped to register customers' requests over the phone.

GoDaddy is one of the most creative companies on the web, and its Super Bowl commercials always win over many fans because of their humour and sometimes sexy content. Maybe Danica Patrick, the racing star and spokesperson of GoDaddy, will also launch her .me site, and maybe we could even see a .me super bowl commercial in the future.

Dump your .com, as Bob did with BobParsons.com and go for .me.

Source: funk.me auction and forums

Premium LUV.ME auction

Continuing on Date.me, Love.me, Luv.me post:

Premium LUV.ME is being AUCTIONED now at SEDO (ending on 15th of January). To visit the bidding page please go to:


Background information relevant to LUV.ME:

* date.me went for $70,000
* love.me went for $32,000
* luv.me = love.me (common English)
* it is a three-letter domain (the shortest you can have with .me)
* gTLDs (luv.com, luv.net, luv.org, luv.info, luv.us, luv.biz) are parked as basic sites
> no trademarks - no lawsuit - no competition
> sounds better - as a statement - as a jingle
> good for advertisement - impossible to forget
> certain.ly a catchy phrase
* search for "luv" produces 83,800,000 hits on Google

* LUV is commonly used in English. According to Wikipedia, Luv or LUV may refer to:
* Luv (song), a song by Janet Jackson.
* Luv (television series), a BBC sitcom.
* Luv, a Broadway play and 1967 film.
* The Dutch pop group Luv'
* The Chevrolet LUV, a "light utility vehicle"
* Linux Users of Victoria (http://www.luv.asn.au)
* The New York Stock Exchange symbol for Southwest Airlines
* The IATA airport code of Dumatubin Airport in Langgur, Kai Islands, in the Maluku province of Indonesia
* Large unilamellar vesicle: a type of phospholipid bilayer micelle.
* The L*u*v* color space, a perceptually uniform color space used in computer graphics
* A heart-shaped friendship token used on Bebo that can be giving out daily
* The windward or "upstream" side of a dune; compare "alluvial"
* Lava (Ramayana), a son of Rama in Hindu mythology

And final.ly: luv.me is about love, shorter but sure.ly memorable.

The State of Maine

Apparent.ly, not only M.E. stays for Middle East but also for the State of Maine, with thousands of web sites grabbed and already developed and good Google Page Rank too:

  • http://www.yourvote.me/ - Your Maine Election Guide
  • http://upperkennebecvalleychamber.me/ - Upper Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • http://www.mainelandforsale.me/ - Find Maine Land for Sale
  • http://mainelobster.me/ - The World's Finest Lobster Comes from Maine
  • http://www.onlineguide.me/ - Maine Online Guide
  • http://planetmaine.me/ - Planet Maine Web Design and Hosting

Plenty more can be found at ggl.me. Now the question is: where.is.me? 😉

Middle East Ventures

A number of .ME web sites are used by Middle East ventures. Of course, M.E. stays for Middle East. What else? ;0

Some good examples are:

  • http://sheilds.me/ - SHEilds Middle East Health and Safety Training
  • http://www.businessbuyandsell.me/ - Business Buy and Sell Middle East - Great business & franchise opportunities...
  • http://www.psytrance.me/ - Psychedelic Trance in the Middle East
  • http://shop.mapshop.me/ - Middle East Map Shop
  • http://meca.me/ - Middle East Citizens Assembly
  • http://www.starkid.me/ - StarKid Middle East
  • http://www.connectingworlds.me/ - Connecting Words - Bringing Innovation to the Middle East

And many more can be found at ggl.me.