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Why .tel will fail

Despite the very flashy and sexy advertisement, no doubt one of the most creative marketing campaigns, .tel has little future. Yes, the video is sexy and romantic, yes you would share your contacts with a lady of the model looks you just met in the train, but would you serious.ly consider leaving all your details […]


Apple, having a very good name in marketing and branding, got it right when it named its new mobile platform “mobile me”. Ititial.ly, people talked about “mobile.me”. The rumours even had it that Apple has secured the Montenegrin domain for pretty high sum. However, mobile.me is still not schedule for the premium auction and Apple […]


Few university students some when back in pre-dot-me 2007 have launched a site globalme.org but named it Global.Me. It is either that they didn’t know about .Me or did not manage to overbid Ben Van Dyk, who acquired the domain in August 2008 for decent $709.98. The real Global.Me is just featuring Global.TV. Shame, but […]


As found by Taras of GrowRich.Me, a full page ad in today’s London City A.M. was featuring iBall.me. It is good to know that a popular British web site iBall.iii.co.uk is now hosted on iBall.me. Considering that iBall.com is redirecting to “David & Fatima, A Forbiden Love” movie, iBall.me is probably the best choice indeed […]

Why .ME is Montenegrin?

A lot has been said about .ME domains, but why is it Montenegrin country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)? Wouldn’t it be more logical to assign .CG to the country, as it’s original name is Crna Gora (Black Mountain)? A bit of history: former Yugoslavia used .YU domain, which is now being phased out. Within Yugoslavia, […]

.ME enjoys the highest CAGR

Among those ccTLD and gTLD launched after 1999, .ME has the highest Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) with unbeatable 210,138% when measuring pages indexed by Google: TLD (Country) Launched CAGR .ME (Montenegro) 2007 210,138% .RS (Serbia) 2006 27,878% .ASIA 2006 12,264% .EU (European Union) 2005 10,495% .CAT 2005 8,284% .MOBI 2005 7,720% .AX (Aland Islands) […]

Buy Me

As seen in West London, Harper & Tweedie, Property Portfolio Management, is featuring its properties under “buy me” slogan: They wish they registered buy.me domain, which was already bought by Italian Register.it S.p.A. These days, good names are scarce indeed. While buy.me is still parked, buy.it is already a well developed portal in Italian. The […]

Pick Me

London is full of “ME” advertisement, a great place indeed. With big sales coming soon, BAY trading company hanged out big “PICK ME” posters: This all give a good pole position to pick.me domain. Another one to consider is try.me – also a premium one. Both names are reserved by the registry and not released […]

Cybersquatting cases hit record in 2008

GENEVA (Reuters) – Companies and celebrities ranging from Arsenal football club to actress Scarlett Johansson filed a record number of “cybersquatting” cases in 2008 to stop others from profiting from their famous names, brands and events, a United Nations agency said on Sunday. Web sites in dispute in 2008 included references to Madrid’s 2016 Olympics […]

Little me

Web site for baby clothes branded as “Little me” is hosted at Littleme.com of course. But wouldn’t it look more prettier as Little.me? Now they have to joint-venture with Adam Eisner. Or maybe it is Adam who should leverage his domain into something bigger than a parked one: At Little MeĀ®, a division of Mamiye […]

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