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Financial domains: insure.me, loan.me, remortgage.me et al

insure.me The legend of prime dot me land rush auctions, insure.me, won by Timothy Warbington from Arizona after nearly a month of bidding (278 bids were placed in July-August) and lump sum payment of $68,104.98 cash, is final.ly online, as a teaser, promising to launch a service with free access to health, life, auto and […]

The importance of brand me

The Economist : Business : Managing the Facebookers : The balance of power between old-school managers and young talent is changing—a bit Their defenders say they are motivated, versatile workers who are just what companies need in these difficult times. To others, however, the members of “Generation Y”—those born in the 1980s and 1990s, otherwise […]

New teasers from Domain.Me

The flashy movie featuring premium domains about.me email.me enjoy.me fly.me learn.me search.me shop.me can be found here: http://domain.me/slideshow.swf

I love you. I will wait for you. Come back, come back to me…

British advertisers don’t stop providing us with the best “me” slogans. This time it is an outdoor posters for Film Office: Know Your Lines: mysterious and romantic drama about war Film: Atonement, 2007 Director: Joe Wright Novel: Ian McEwan Screenplay: Christopher Hampton Released: 7th of September 2007 (UK) IMDB: 7.9 In fact, this is another […]

Cheap Hotels for Me

Wherever you go, marketing wise, “me” keeps on popping up in the advertising jingles. “Cheap Hotels for Me – Search over 5,000 UK and European Hotels”, right in the middle of the home page: And now, let’s design CheapHotels4.Me or CheapHotelsFor.Me. The former, is apparent.ly much better.


Another example from London Tube, advertising police community support officers: I wonder how long will it take for careersplus.me or policejob4.me to be picked up? With jobs4.me, a well recognised slogan in various countries, let’s give it another year.

Late.ly etc

Surprise, surprise, late.ly was registered by Matt Mullenweg, a WordPress founder. Matt loves domains hacks and he probab.ly already has something in mind of it. In any case, it is a good token for .ly’s. In last two months, the Libyan registry was busy with cashing in, people final.ly started to buy .ly’s. So during […]


All possible envyme.com’s are taken. Even envyme.us with some decent forum… With envyme.com and envyme.biz being beauty blogs it simply cannot go wrong. A nice teaser indeed. This is probably what Chris Sanders from California was thinking when he was buying envy.me during the land rush auction for mere $1,113.99 only after 29 bids. Well, […]


Social Me is a fan club with some 50K+ supporters (as of 11th of December 2008) on Facebook. However, despite been a great initiative they lack the website. All they came up with so far was: http://Being http://unable http://to http://have http://website http://you http://can http://still http://join http://the http://SOCIAL http://ME http://ADDICTS http://group!!!! Domain social.me was not a […]


An interesting German or rather Swiss site natürli.ch promoting various dairy products. The proper spelling would be natuerli.ch, however it was taken by somebody else, so they went for naturli.ch. The English equivalents, natural.me and natural.ly, are still waiting to be develop.

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