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Metro Casino

British free newspaper Metro is advertising its online casino through mecasino.co.uk. Intermezzo, some background on Metro, for those who hear about it for the first time:

Metro is Britain's first urban national newspaper. The paper was launched in March 1999 as a free, colour newspaper for morning commuters.

At first it was only available in London, but now commuters in 16 of Britain's major cities can pick up a free copy of Metro as they travel to work in the morning. Every weekday morning some 1.3 million copies are distributed across the UK making Metro the world's largest free newspaper and the fourth biggest newspaper in the UK.

Once you go to mecasino.co.uk web address, you will be forwarded to casino.metro.co.uk.

Let's analyse this campaign from the marketing point of view. While the brand Metro is well recognised throughout the whole country, "ME casino" says nothing. It is not jingly, it does not stand out from the crowd, in fact, it is very confusing. When I got home, I had to guess: was it "ME Casino" or "Casino Me"?... In few words: this jingle is quite unnatural to remember.

More logically would be to have metrocasino.co.uk or casino.me.uk - but those two were already taken.

It is not clear why did the advertisers decided to go with mecasino.co.uk instead of metro.co.uk/casino - while the former is a bit shorter, the latter works just fine and is certain.ly less confusing.

Of course, they could also go with:


Both easy to remember and difficult to forget.

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    In addition to ME Casino they also have ME music [ http://dot-me.of-cour.se/2008/11/26/metrocouk-me-view-me-music/ ] and ME Gaming [ http://www.metro.co.uk/play ].