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Popular .ME names @ GoDaddy Auctions

Last year this blog has covered popular .ME names @ Sedo. Then, we have found 687 of them (those with more than one bid). This spring we decided to have a look on .ME names that currently have at least two bids on GoDaddy auctions and found 209 of them. This is certainly a signal […]


In addition to numerious .me sites this blog has covered in 2010, three somehow remained in the shadow until they were pin-poined by medomain.me: Aje.me – Al Jazeera English (using BitlyPro service) Go.me – Go Daddy (Go Daddy also launched a video service at Video.me and Bob Parsons hosts his personal blog at BobParsons.me) AOL.me […]

BobParsons.me or BobParsons.com?

Bob Parsons, the maverick pioneer in the domain industry and the founder of GoDaddy, just set up his blog to BobParsons.Me. In his video blog, he touts .me as one of the top domain stories of 2008. GoDaddy has nearly 30% share of the worlds domain market and it consistently wins awards for its high-level […]