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Do Not Euthanize Me Bracelet

as seen @ ti.me

At a faith forum in Columbia, Mo., on 3rd February 2012 ,Rick Santorum said that elderly people in the Netherlands wear bracelets that say "Do not euthanize me" because euthanasia accounts for 10% of deaths in Holland and half of those people are euthanized involuntarily. In fact, Santorum’s statistics were overblown and the bracelets nonexistent. A joke website was soon selling mock bracelets "for travellers going to the Netherlands who would like to return alive," priced $15.

Source: ti.me


Last year we have discovered quite few LL.ME domain names. Two of them, namely di.me and me.me were taken since then back by the registry as the projects didn't take off. They are now available again via the official premium programme.

The market of short names is not sitting still and London based Turbulenz got its hands on a nice domain hack ga.me. The domain name was updated last time on 12 July 2012.

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.ME with 650k registration, and rising further

As .ME registry announced yesterday and made it official, we now have 650,000+ jingly .ME domain names. More to it, the most sexy internet extension keep maintaining the position of the fastest growing one.

The details are in the press release enclosed below.

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Buy.Me et al

This week is bringing us another .ME record: Buy.Me was just sold via Sedo for 115,000.00 EUR. The domain was initially acquired from the registry via a TRAFFIC auction back in 2008 for 17,500.00 USD.

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Corporate Guy by Register.Me

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The best video explaining new TLDs:

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All you need to know about the great .ME sumMEr sale: 5 – 12 July 2012

As it was announced two weeks earlier, Brands-and-Jingles is releasing 190 premium and affordable .ME names priced in the range of $149.00 and $999.00. The names are now listed on Sedo and the bids will be accepted between 5th of July (17:00 CET ) and 12th of July (17:00 CET).

Having received many enquiries about the upcoming sumMEr sale, Brands-and-Jingles decided to provide somewhat more detailed information about all listed items.

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Bar Refaeli Under Water – The Official Clip – by Under.Me

Bar Refaeli & under.me are proud to present this third clip in a series of stunning under.me videos. Celebrating the summer, this special under water clip is accompanied by original sound track making it the third music track on the under.me playlist. The under.me summer collection is uniquely designed for ultimate comfort, freshness and style. Big thanks to Elliot for sharing.

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Sedo and Brands-and-Jingles Partner To Auction Premium .ME Domain Names

Sedo and Brands-and-Jingles are releasing 190 premium .ME domain names like shared.me, upload2.me, interesting.me, knows.me, dislike.me, n-y.me, listed.me, keyboard.me, healthcover.me, and tagged.me at the level of the nominal prices ranging between $149 and $999.

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Though .ME may sound personal, the findings of the study presented below prove it is as much as professional.

To take on this hypothesis, let us turn to LinkedIn, de facto the leading business directory. A simple search for "me" or ".me" (both returning the identical results) though limited to 1000 results reveals a lot about the popular Internet extension.

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