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On.FB.Me is run by bit.ly?

It appears that on.fb.me, a new Facebook shortener is run by bit.ly, here is a screenshot proof of that.

Reward Me by The Mall

British The Mall got it right:

.ME is in Top 10 Generic Domains on United Domains

One of the leading brand and trademark namecheck services United Domains puts .ME into Top 10 Generic Domains.

Please adopt me

Earlier we wrote about all possible .ME application on Facebook, including recent launch of FB.ME. Today, Zoo World application is advertising its services on the world’s largest social network with “Please adopt me” jingle:

FB.me for Facebook of course

We wrote earlier this summer about WordPress, an ultimate blogging platform, which by the way drives this site, launching its own URL shortener based on wp.me. Today, the second popular site on the web, and world’s #1 social network, Facebook, has launch another shortener FB.me of course. FB.me is already used on mobiles, for link […]

Another “me” exercise on Facebook

Facebook is full of catchy “me” exercises. And yet, below goes another one interchanging “me” and “you” questions: Out of 17 “tell me honest.ly” questions, 12 of them make “me” queries: Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. Describe me in one word. Do you still think that way about me now? […]

Love .ME, Share .ME from .ME registry on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube

.ME registry is catching up with .ME fans on all popular social networks: Facebook MySpace Twitter YouTube Facebook and Twitter being the most popular with the former attracting more than 1000 fans in less than a month. Join in the fun!

The importance of brand me

The Economist : Business : Managing the Facebookers : The balance of power between old-school managers and young talent is changing—a bit Their defenders say they are motivated, versatile workers who are just what companies need in these difficult times. To others, however, the members of “Generation Y”—those born in the 1980s and 1990s, otherwise […]

Match with Me

A new feature appeared on Facebook, “Match with me”: Interesting why did Caroline Jenson register matchwith.me but left match-with.me out. Actual.ly, match-with.me is still available on the prime market. Anyone interested?