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Counting with Google.Me

Google search for "me" returns about 14,410,000,000 results. That's a lot of "me" content. About two hits for every human being on the planet Earth.

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Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation

One of the best reads on The Me Me Me Generation - Millennials by TI.ME.

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Cater2.Me et al

If we are vote for the best .me logo, Cater2.Me, pictures above would be sure.ly shortlisted.

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4 Me on Google Play

A quick search for "4.me" on Google Play revealed many apps and tonnes of good music using these catch and short slogans.

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EU.ME for Accession of Montenegro to the European Union

Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs started to use EU.ME domain name as a short slogan for its campaign "Accession of Montenegro to the European Union".

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U.K. first and so far the only 4G mobile provider is using EE4G.ME domain name on its social channels. They didn't get 4g.ee domain name, which is owned by Estonian Go Network, and would be ideal, yet EE4G.ME is a great choice.

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Grow with .ME – Official infographics

.ME registry has just published interesting infographics:

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Figleaves is so about “Me”

Continuing the trend of celebrities using "ME" slogans, Figleaves, a one year old site, was found featured all over London Underground this week with two "ME" jingles:

  • Like Me
  • Vote For Me

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.ME in top 10 most frequently traded TLDs

According to Sedo's 2012 annual domain market study, .ME extension made its way into the top ten most frequently traded TLDs. In fact, it is on the 8th position below .com, .de, .net, .co.uk, .org, .eu, .info and above .es and .nl. It is closing on its two forerunners so stands very well to stay in top 10.

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Name.Me has just released a creative .ME garage commercial

The .ME ladies from Montenegro visit Name.me (Name.com):

YouTube Preview Image

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