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Try me, re-use me and remember me

I love London because “Me” marketing real.ly works in this city. A month ago we have discussed pick.me and buy.me. But these are minor compared to Sainsbury’s Supermarkets who are running ongoing massive campaign “Try me!” for its numerous products, apples, ice cream, fresh sandwiches, you name it. Their promise is as follows: … we’re […]

Why .ME will always be international

In our previous article, .ME in various languages, research provided by Brands-and-Jingles discovered that only 10% of content within .me zone was in Serbian. With nearly half of pages written in English, no one doubted the international scope of this top level domain. Let us now have a look at it from the different angle: […]


Channel.me powered by Dutch just zappspace.com released its first version of social community that allows its users to discuss the web sites they are browsing. They also provides jingling profiles addresses, e.g., london.channel.me. The concept is interesting, but the final implementation is still on the horizon. ChannelMe.TV, sponsored by Demand Media, uses a similar idea, […]

Internet Evolution

Thoughts on Internet evolution, for your digestion on the coming weekend: WEB 0.0 – the user dreams about connecting to someone or something WEB 1.0 – the user receives content WEB 2.0 – the user creates content WEB 3.0 – users collective.ly create content WEB 4.0 – content starts to think instead of the user […]


While the registry is holding recycle.me for the future auctions, recycle.it was auctioned at Bido for a sweet price of US$ 6,712.00. A note to take for the future: don’t forget to recycle your domains.

Why marketeers love .ME brands

No one is questioning the importance of .com. We marketers do love it. Every respectful business of significant size will strive for a .com website. For another next decade it will dominate the Internet. Nevertheless, mighty .com will gradually lose the market share as it already does. The first issue with .com is that names […]

LLL.me (three letter names) [continued]

Considering popularity of short LLL.me names, we continue analysis started in the previous article. It looks like practical.ly 100% of NNN.me (three numbers) a gone. So if you are looking for some, get ready to pay pretty sweet sums. In the LLL.me area (three letters, letters only), 60% are already taken, leaving some good abbreviations […]

Fiji Me

Fiji Visitors Bureau, with the mission of “Serving the Fiji Nation, International.ly”, is hosted on fijime.com, fijime.cn, etc. Their web sites are fine, flashy and very interactive. One cannot stop checking few things out, eventual.ly falling in love with the island. Extra attention is driven on several special features of “me” products, name.ly: Of course, […]


Just noticed that as .me premium sites become quite pricey, people started going massively for three word combinations, e.g., MyCityToronto.Me. Indeed, expect more of those My-Me combinations in the future. As to the one who is in love with his or her city, the real jingle would be something like: MyToronto.me MyCity.Me MyTown.Me MyCountry.Me MyPlace.Me […]

Rebrand.Me versus ShmooDesign

Melanie Kristensen got at least one thing right last year. She acquired Rebrand.Me for her company shmoodesign: shmoodesign is an experienced and reliable design and project management consultancy based in leicester uk. we deliver creative and affordable solutions for all your exhibitions and interiors. working in close collaboration with you, we provide a design solution […]

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