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Its Cool To Be . Me

Ever wondered what’s cool in the .Me world? Then Its Cool To Be . Me is your site indeed. Some 10 month ago, there were less than 500 .Me sites in Alexa top 1,000,000. Now there are more than 900 and growing. Formspring.Me being an unchallenged hit so far. Bring.me more of them please.


It is on everyone’s lips today: Yahoo! announced an acquisition of me.me for its social platform meme.

Auction.Me, Avatar.Me, et al

Following recent 314PersonalNames.Me event, .ME registry is releasing another package of premium domain names on SnapNames. Without any doubt verb+me combinations will catch the highest interest, including of course “Avatar.Me”. Shame James Cameron did not use this URL for his movie, unlike the guys from forthcoming Despicable.Me did. With the omnipresent publicity for the “avatar” […]

The end of http://

It his recent article In Memoriam: http:// Joen Asmussen predicts the end of boring “http” prefixes. Now, why is it important would you ask? Because this is a big paradigm shift. Without “http://” .com is losing its appeal, at least partially, and new kids on the block will take the light spots.

.Me + .You = .We

Continuing the row of grammatical equations:

You Turn Me On

Pure shop is featuring new line of “me” bags:

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