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Kiss Me – this time in Amsterdam

We have seen pretty much of “Kiss Me” products and services already. It is everywhere on the street these days. People must just love kissing indeed. A catchy poster for the last year Queen’s Day celebration in Amsterdam is featuring Obama and Putin, drunk of course, looking for love: Barack, Vladimir, Silvio and Nicolas – […]


For your review, a good and jingling service based on resu.me hack. Just create your.name.resu.me with all possible information, skills, portfolio, experience, education, awards, honours, certifications, networks, … sync it with your LinkedIn account and show off with, say, john.smith.resu.me in your e-mail footer. Sure.ly a good way to get your curriculum vitae get noticed  […]

Dr House: Trust Me t-shirt

Everyone is watching Dr House these days, well at least many people do. Now they start putting all possible t-shirts with Gregory House face, portrait by James Hugh Calum Laurie of course. Inspired by other “trust-me”-branded products, here is a good one for your next party: Probably a smart thing to put on on your […]

.ME day at dnaffiliates.com

It’s .ME day at dnaffiliates.com tomorrow. Starting at noon EST and running until 8:00 PM, every 10 minutes a new .ME domain name will be auctioned. All week a new CCTLD extension each day being auction. See you there! Bruce Tedeschi of CCTLDS

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