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If you at the stage that you cannot leave without jingling .me sites, you may wish to switch to google.me, which sound catchy indeed.

In case, you don't like the white background or are into short URLs (as featured by Philadelphia Business Journal), then ggl.me is just for you.

They even say that the latter is better for the environment, as black screens consume less energy, be it on conventional CRTs though.

.ME styles on LOOKLET

Found today on looklet site, quite few .ME branded styles by foxyqueen:

  • Come With Me

  • Free.Me

  • Funky.Me

  • Gorgeous.Me

  • Pink.Me

  • Seduce.Me

  • Sexy.Me

Of course, all .me names are either taken or reserved. Shame none of them is developed yet, - they are all great stylish names indeed.

Love .ME, Share .ME from .ME registry on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube

.ME registry is catching up with .ME fans on all popular social networks:


Facebook and Twitter being the most popular with the former attracting more than 1000 fans in less than a month. Join in the fun!

Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success

An interesting book suggested by Internet Branding dot Me (Telling your story to the world with your website), Me 2.0:

It is indeed high.ly rated by the Amazon's clients. Being concise, it covers pretty much of everything, fundamental theory and then detailed recipes of how to build up your brand.

As one can guess, some .me names, say pizza4.me, can open new hotizons and yet keep your business away from all the existing brands and trademarks. We will sure.ly see more of those coming in the next few years.

cnasoft.com migrates to cnap.me

CnaSoft, a provider of desktop application, has decided to rebrand its cloud product into cnap.me.

Funny, enough, if you place the mouse over the cnap.me logo, it turns into download.me, a site bought just two month ago at the premium auction and still parked at Sedo, impossible to buy though:

Good .me names are getting scarce, no doubt.

Photo Me Instantly Yours

Photo Me, an international provider of mobile photo booths, decided to go with the theme: "Instantly Yours".

Though, currently hosted on photo-me.com and photo-me.co.uk, it certain.ly misses photome.com and photome.co.uk. Of course, photo.me would be the best, but it is not yet released by the registry. Time to think and acquire some serious brand, maybe?

Although, "Photo-Me" is visible in many crowded places, railway, tube, bus stations, it is not associated with on-line services and sure.ly misses the potential.

Why not, to go with catchy ads like instant.ly/yours and get thousands of potential clients, who are all shopping on-line most of the time anyway?

.me took over .travel

This is month .me is all about breaking the records and beating the peers. Right after it had 250,000th .me domain registered on 15th of May, in less than a year of its existence, .me took over .travel, by both, the number of registered domains and number of pages indexed by Google.

While .me went live just on 17th of June 2008, .travel is already live for longer than three years (.travel registrations opened in earlier 2006). Although both names are catchy, the length of the latter, six characters, versus two to four characters for a typical top-level-domain (TLD) must be seen as a clear disadvantage.

Let's mark 7,500,000+ .me pages indexed by Google as on 31st of May 2009 as another significant milestone and see whether .travel will be ever able to catch up with less than 6,900,000 pages it managed to build over the last three years and a bit.

In the past, .me already got above .asia, .me.uk, .pro, .museum, .jobs, and remains unchallenged by the new rival .tel.

It is too earlier to say when, but the next opponents will certain.ly be .int, .name, .mobi, .cat, .biz, .tv, and hopeful.ly one day .info.

Nourkrin 4 Men and for Women

Not really "me" brands, but very similar to earlier discussed "4me" jingles, Nourkrin has launched two brands hosted on nourkrin4men.com and nourkrin4women.com (actual.ly forwarded from nourkrinformen.com and nourkrinforwomen.com):

While men's products are branded as "4Men", women's are tagged "forWomen":I wonder if anyone did a study that "4" suits better the former and "for" - the latter. Would be interesting to see their research anyway.

Hair4.me is reserved and is featuring, at the moment, golfprogirls.com, a site for girls who are into business and style. In the future it will probably come back as an independent hair product together with MyHair.Me, Hairspray.me, and Hairdress.me.

exploretheworldof.me, local2.me et al

ExploreTheWorldOf.Me can be sure.ly called a sister blog, designed, as this one, to promote and highlight the success of .ME branded sites. The registry is doing good job consolidating the industry news, if they keep up, Dot-Me.Of-Cour.se may retire one day. If you want to meet the guys in person, visit ccTLDs show next week in Amsterdam:
YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for the digest, here go few .me discoveries of this week:

  • Local2.Me - an ambitious project to link up all UK businesses under one roof

  • BlogDoctor.Me - blogging for dummies and those willing to improve their skills

  • Migre.Me - URL shortening service and link collaboration portal

  • Shortn.Me - another catchy URL shortening site

  • Tattle2.Me - gossiping and buzzing on pretty much everything trendy

  • Wendell.Me - a blog by Wendell Wittler, a legend of the blogging (moved all his blogs from WendellWittler.com, WendellWit.com, WendellWeb.com, WendeLOL.com, WillNotWendell.com and TalkingWithMyself.com to Wendell.Me - right choice as the latter is so much jinglier)

Mothercare – Please Look After Me

"Me" brands accompany babies from the very first day indeed. Mothercare is selling a fine line of mobiles, bumpers, fleeces, knitted blankets for cots under "Please Look After Me" name:

If you are really into this jingle, though a bit long, both pleaselookafter.me and pleaselookafterme.com are still for grabs. If you are looking for lookafter.me or lookafterme.com - you are too late.