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Get Personal With dotMe

Very bright marketing campaign by Blacknight. .ME should be awarded the best product of the year indeed.


Have you heard of Fits.Me already? If not, you may find it very useful next time you buy your clothes online. The site’s ranking is soaring on Alexa. Expect a new standard in the retail industry. Estonian programmers are very good in making it happen. Just remember Skype, which was also developed in the tiny […]

More of to.me

Once again, many thanks to Sanja Lazović for the fabulous shots from her to.me album:


.ME registry is about to release short personal names on 5th of April. Name.ly: Adam.Me, Adams.Me, Alexander.Me, Alexandra.Me, Alexis.Me, Alicia.Me, Allen.Me, Allison.Me, Alonso.Me, Alvarez.Me, Alyssa.Me, Amanda.Me, Amber.Me, Amistad.Me, Amy.Me, Anderson.Me, Andrea.Me, Andrew.Me, Angel.Me, Angela.Me, Anna.Me, Anthony.Me, Ashford.Me, Ashley.Me, Austin.Me, Ava.Me, Bauer.Me, Becker.Me, Benjamin.Me, Bernard.Me, Bertrand.Me, Bharat.Me, Bibi.Me, Blanco.Me, Brandon.Me, Braun.Me, Brian.Me, Brianna.Me, Brittany.Me, Brooke.Me, Brown.Me, […]


Does it seem odd: an extra dot right after the domain name? Not at all! This is how it was meant to be in the first place. URLs like http://google.com./ work just fine. So why do people skip that last dot? Good question. Most probably, because it does not add any extra value and we […]

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