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.ME in various languages

If your first guess was that .me sites will be popular among English speakers, most probably you were right.

.me pages in various languages

.me pages in various languages

As more than 90% of .me domains were sold to people outside Montenegro, it makes sense that mere 10% of pages are in Serbian plus some 2% in Croatian and 2% in Slovenian, languages spoken in the region.

Surprise comes with the fact that nearly a quarter of all .me pages are in Asian languages. Chinese leading with 7%, followed by Japanese with almost 6%, then Hebrew, Russian, and Korean.

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    As found in the recent The Economist: Chinese guys opening a website http://www.wyzxsx.com/ – It is actual.ly a shop of communist books. No wonder they go for .me. No bloody way I could sell wyzxsx.com to anyone 😉

    Original article from The Economist:

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    Why .ME will always stay international « .ME of course:

    […] our previous article, .ME in various languages, research provided by Brands-and-Jingles discovered that only 10% of content within .me zone was in […]

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    Lot’s of good Russia sites: http://me-russia.me/