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Premium .ME auctions @ NameJet

The following 15 premium domains were released by the registry on NameJet:

  • copy.me
  • publish.me
  • catch.me
  • share.me
  • beer.me
  • trust.me
  • network.me
  • live.me
  • kick.me
  • face.me
  • david.me
  • invite.me
  • teach.me
  • remind.me
  • gallery.me

The auctions commence on 4th of June and end on 12th of June 2009. As NameJet allowed pre-bidding some names will really make a good fight: current bids for trust.me and teach.me are $500 each and $1,000 for remind.me.

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7 Responses to “Premium .ME auctions @ NameJet”

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  2. 2

    Prices as recorded on 14th of June 2009, right after the end of auctions:

    remind.me ($3,600), teach.me ($3,500), trust.me ($3,000), share.me ($2,250), invite.me ($1,630), kick.me ($1,599), copy.me ($1,510), publish.me ($1,200), beer.me ($1,102), catch.me ($800), face.me ($800), live.me ($599), network.me ($400), gallery.me ($400), david.me ($390)

    Totalling $22,780 (that is $1,518.67 on average per domain name – five times of that average post land rush auction price).

    As to verb combinations: good deals indeed.

    As to nouns: MyBeer.Me, MyFace.Me, MyNetwork.Me and MyGallery.Me jingle just so better. The last one is enjoying good type-in traffic indeed.

  3. 3

    The previous comment got not the final prises, those were the final pre-bidding stakes. According the press-release from the .ME registry: “Teach.Me went for $20,100, Invite.Me was sold at $12,000 and Publish.Me cashed $11,100.”

  4. 4

    Now go the final prices:

    teach.me ($20,100), invite.me ($12,000), publish.me ($11,100), trust.me ($10,799), remind.me ($7,700), share.me ($5,000), copy.me ($4,999), beer.me ($4,299), live.me ($3,501), kick.me ($3,000), face.me ($2,100), network.me ($2,000), catch.me ($1,799), david.me ($1,211), gallery.me ($1,209)

    Sweet total sum of $90,817.00 with the average topping above $6k.

    Whoever bought live.me, they need to talk to Microsoft to make sure there is no infringement. The company has trademarked Live Mesh logo, Windows Live and Xbox LIVE: http://www.microsoft.com/library/toolbar/3.0/trademarks/en-gb.mspx though live.com is unsuccessful.ly trying to promote their new search bing.com.

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  7. 7

    teach.me was bought by Khan Academy (khanacademy.org) and is already providing 1800 videos!