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Premium Verb.Me Results

Sedo has just closed numerous Premium.Verb.Me auctions, this blog featured a month ago, raising in total $152,290 on 29 domain names (average price $5,251). As usual, the last day was quite vivid with most of the prices doubled and best bids revealed just in the last few minutes.

Results are as follows:

Four English verbs did not meet their reserves:

Six Serbian premium domains did poor.ly as they probably did not attract serious investors or entrepreneurs, yet two had enjoyed bids above $1k:

Two local names did not match their reserves:

The registry could have potential.ly dispose the six domains with unmet reserves for $13,174 but that would lead to the average price on these domains to $2,196. They are probably better off with just waiting until the next round.

Obvious.ly, the results for English domains were a bit higher: 25 domains went for total $150,770, making on average $6,030 on every jingling .me domain.

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