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.ME Event on Bido

Bido is currently hosting .ME even with some 126 nice and not so nice domain names, namely: aficionado.me, atp.me, autism.me, ayt.me, bathing.me, beasty.me, beautifying.me, bka.me, bookhotel.me, brokering.me, bullets.me, burlap.me, businesschecks.me, cabinet.me, carpooling.me, casestudy.me, casserole.me, chatfree.me, cheapesthotels.me, cheaphotel.me, coffeeshops.me, condos.me, couscous.me, cruiser.me, dds.me, dieting.me, docteur.me, domainmanager.me, dth.me, dumping.me, duty.me, dynamic.me, ecodriving.me, eos.me, e-payment.me, eroticizing.me, fathering.me, feminizing.me, […]


While the registry is holding recycle.me for the future auctions, recycle.it was auctioned at Bido for a sweet price of US$ 6,712.00. A note to take for the future: don’t forget to recycle your domains.