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Jingling .me domains are impossible to forget

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If you at the stage that you cannot leave without jingling .me sites, you may wish to switch to google.me, which sound catchy indeed.

In case, you don't like the white background or are into short URLs (as featured by Philadelphia Business Journal), then ggl.me is just for you.

They even say that the latter is better for the environment, as black screens consume less energy, be it on conventional CRTs though.

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5 Responses to “ggl.me”

  1. 1
    Italy, of course:

    As to me, http://google.it/ jingles even better. And for those into team work – http://google.us/ of course.

  2. 2

    Well, have you checked on new mathematical search engine: http://wolframalpha.com/ ?

    I wonder how long will it get to beat the google, if ever? Their idea is okay, but the marketing … unless they buy alpha.com or something – Mr Wolfram stands no chances.

  3. 3

    Ask.Me / Answer.Me / Question.Me would be more appropriate for Mr Wolfram’s services. From my point of view – they are perfect branding wise.

    Ask.me / Answer.me – could serve well for a tandem tv advertising campaign, being a teaser and a follow up corresponding.ly.

  4. 4

    A follow up story can be found here: http://dot-me.of-cour.se/2009/08/06/ggl-me-et-al/

  5. 5

    Google is squatting on duck.com to get a bit of traffic from http://duckduckgo.com/