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Verb.Me vs Noun.me etc

Important things first: this article does not talk in search engine optimisation language, but branding. Let us have a look on .Me from marketing prospective.

Dutch.Me makes sense only in verb+me combination, e.g., Ontdek.Me (Discover.Me) and Reserveer.Me (Book.Me).

Some of English Noun.Me are good, Coral.Me, Continent.Me, Ski.Me, Snow.Me, Sun.Me, ... keep them. They will pop up one day, maybe in surprising combination like Austria.Snow.Me - but I bet they will.

Adjective.Me are good too and Verb.Me are the best. Democratic.Me and Republican.Me, Ideal.Me, Irish.Me, Left.Me and Right.Me, Natural.Me, are all good slogans. Fancy.Me, Insure.Me, Replay.me, and Unlock.Me are golden.

Booting.Me may have some potential in the future. But usual.ly Verbed.Me and Verbing.Me go only for a little fraction of Verb.Me unless they have some intrinsic value, like Bored.Me.

At Brands-and-Jingles, we have also focused on MyNoun.Me and Noun4.Me. The former MyNoun.Me combination is a good one as it amplifies the message. It does a good job in marketing. Clients remember the product better. The higher recall rate - the more product you sell. As simply as that.

So your MyCar.Me, MyDallas.Me, MyDNA.Me, MyMall.Me, MyVilla.Me, are very good, just keep them capitalised.

If you are tired by now - you can have MyBeer.Me, Domain4.Me, Pizza4.Me, or even a.boy4.me or a.girl4.me.

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15 Responses to “Verb.Me vs Noun.me etc”

  1. 1
    M.E. - My Education … « .ME of course:

    […] this blog mentioned that M.E. was about Middle East and The State of Maine. We also discussed My-Me amplification. Now, it is about Education […]

  2. 2
    Premium Verb.Me « .ME of course:

    […] Dutch variations of the above verbs are, alas, all taken. Few more bucks to rescue poor Montenegrin economy. […]

  3. 3

    BEL.me Ringtones and AlarmTones Free Download

    Dutch jingle bel.me offers its users variety of mobile services.

    The site is currently enjoying Google Page Rank 2 and the owner is considering an exit.

  4. 4

    First year of .ME showed that Noun4.Me is much more popular than NounFor.Me

    Names that are short and jingly, like those villasfor.me and bedsfor.me stand good chances in the future. Having singular versions is also essential, hence: villafor.me and bedfor.me.

  5. 5

    Don’t forget to mention Spanish name too:
    > quiere.me, ata.me, educa.me, enseña.me …

  6. 6

    The moment Apple announced new ipads the site ipad4.me was gone: http://domain.me/index.php?whois_name=ipad4&search.x=0&search.y=0

    P.S. ipads4.me is still available 😉

  7. 7

    A really ugly hug would be socks-for.me/n with the emphasis on “for men” 😉

  8. 8

    MyLoc.Me got the lesson right: http://myloc.me/show.php?id=c4jjH

  9. 9

    Now people go for domain names like mylebanonfavorites.me

  10. 10

    Good examples: mybook.me + mybooks.me; book4.me + books4.me

    Then also modern.me, modern4.me, postmodern.me, postpostmodern.me …

  11. 11

    se4.me is a popular forum standing for Social Engine. socialengine4.me is on that project too.

    Sites like socialengine.me are taking too.

  12. 12

    Let us also not forget Verb2.me combination deployed on sites like go2.me and http://subscribe2.me

  13. 13

    So as to prefixes, the options are:


  14. 14

    Have also seen


  15. 15

    Have seen many my***and.me recently – looks like all good my***.me are taken already.

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