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Top 3000+ words .me

Now, that the .me rush is cooling down, at least with all top names taken, we have analysed 3269 top English words including 1000 commonly used verbs. At the beginning, our analysts filtered out 30 one-letter and 54 two-letter words.

This formed a basis set of 3185 common English words available for domainers, starting from the.me and ending with lungs.me.

Top 3000+ words .me

Top 3000+ words .me

690 words (or 21.7%) were reserved by the registry for the premium auctions:

100.me, aboard.me, above.me, accept.me, account.me, across.me, act.me, add.me, admit.me, adult.me, adventure.me, affect.me, afford.me, after.me, against.me, agree.me, air.me, alert.me, all.me, allow.me, along.me, america.me, american.me, among.me, and.me, announce.me, answer.me, appear.me, april.me, are.me, argue.me, army.me, around.me, arrange.me, arrive.me, art.me, asia.me, attack.me, avoid.me, baby.me, back.me, bad.me, bag.me, bank.me, base.me, baseball.me, beat.me, beautiful.me, become.me, been.me, before.me, begin.me, behind.me, believe.me, belong.me, below.me, beneath.me, beside.me, best.me, bet.me, between.me, beyond.me, big.me, bill.me, bird.me, bite.me, black.me, blocks.me, blow.me, blue.me, boats.me, body.me, bone.me, book.me, books.me, box.me, boys.me, break.me, brown.me, build.me, burn.me, but.me, call.me, calls.me, camera.me, camp.me, can.me, candy.me, car.me, care.me, carry.me, castle.me, catch.me, caught.me, cause.me, center.me, change.me, charge.me, charles.me, check.me, chicago.me, chinese.me, choose.me, chosen.me, christmas.me, city.me, claim.me, clean.me, clear.me, climb.me, clock.me, close.me, club.me, coal.me, coffee.me, collect.me, college.me, come.me, company.me, compare.me, complain.me, complete.me, concern.me, connect.me, connected.me, consider.me, consist.me, construction.me, contain.me, continue.me, control.me, cook.me, cool.me, copy.me, correct.me, cost.me, could.me, count.me, country.me, couple.me, course.me, court.me, cover.me, create.me, cross.me, cry.me, cure.me, curious.me, current.me, cut.me, dad.me, daily.me, damage.me, dance.me, dangerous.me, daniel.me, dare.me, david.me, dawn.me, dead.me, deal.me, decide.me, deliver.me, depend.me, describe.me, design.me, destroy.me, develop.me, die.me, direct.me, disappear.me, discover.me, discuss.me, dish.me, divide.me, doctor.me, doctors.me, dollars.me, down.me, draw.me, dream.me, dreams.me, dress.me, drink.me, drive.me, drop.me, during.me, earth.me, east.me, easy.me, eat.me, education.me, edward.me, eight.me, employ.me, encourage.me, engine.me, engineer.me, english.me, enter.me, europe.me, event.me, everything.me, examine.me, except.me, exercise.me, exist.me, expect.me, experience.me, explain.me, express.me, extend.me, eye.me, face.me, fail.me, fall.me, families.me, farm.me, fast.me, fasten.me, fat.me, father.me, favorite.me, fax.me, fear.me, feed.me, feel.me, fight.me, file.me, fill.me, film.me, finish.me, first.me, fish.me, fit.me, five.me, fix.me, flash.me, flight.me, flowers.me, fly.me, fold.me, follow.me, food.me, foot.me, football.me, for.me, force.me, forest.me, forget.me, form.me, found.me, four.me, free.me, friend.me, friends.me, from.me, fun.me, furniture.me, future.me, gain.me, game.me, games.me, general.me, germany.me, get.me, gift.me, girls.me, give.me, globe.me, gold.me, good.me, got.me, green.me, greet.me, group.me, grow.me, guide.me, habits.me, hall.me, handle.me, happen.me, happy.me, hate.me, have.me, head.me, health.me, hear.me, heart.me, help.me, hide.me, highway.me, hill.me, history.me, hit.me, hold.me, home.me, homes.me, hook.me, hope.me, hospital.me, hot.me, house.me, houses.me, huge.me, hunter.me, hurt.me, identify.me, imagine.me, improve.me, include.me, increase.me, indicate.me, influence.me, inform.me, intend.me, into.me, introduce.me, invention.me, invite.me, jack.me, jail.me, james.me, japan.me, jet.me, job.me, john.me, johnson.me, join.me, jones.me, jump.me, keep.me, key.me, kick.me, kids.me, kill.me, king.me, knock.me, know.me, language.me, large.me, last.me, laugh.me, law.me, lay.me, lead.me, learn.me, learning.me, leather.me, leave.me, lee.me, let.me, lick.me, lie.me, life.me, like.me, limited.me, line.me, lips.me, list.me, listen.me, live.me, local.me, locate.me, log.me, london.me, look.me, lose.me, luck.me, lunch.me, machine.me, major.me, make.me, manage.me, map.me, maps.me, maria.me, mark.me, market.me, martin.me, mary.me, mathematics.me, matter.me, may.me, mean.me, measure.me, medicine.me, member.me, men.me, message.me, might.me, mind.me, mine.me, miss.me, money.me, mother.me, move.me, movie.me, moving.me, music.me, must.me, name.me, names.me, nation.me, national.me, native.me, near.me, need.me, new.me, news.me, newyork.me, next.me, night.me, nine.me, not.me, note.me, notice.me, now.me, obtain.me, occur.me, ocean.me, off.me, offer.me, office.me, oil.me, one.me, onto.me, open.me, opinion.me, orange.me, order.me, ought.me, our.me, out.me, outside.me, over.me, own.me, pacific.me, paid.me, pain.me, paint.me, parents.me, pass.me, past.me, pat.me, paul.me, pay.me, per.me, perform.me, person.me, personal.me, pet.me, phone.me, pick.me, place.me, places.me, plan.me, planet.me, point.me, police.me, port.me, power.me, prefer.me, prepare.me, present.me, press.me, prevent.me, price.me, prime.me, print.me, private.me, prize.me, produce.me, promise.me, property.me, protect.me, prove.me, provide.me, pull.me, push.me, put.me, quality.me, quick.me, raise.me, reach.me, read.me, real.me, realize.me, receive.me, recognize.me, record.me, red.me, reduce.me, refer.me, reflect.me, refuse.me, release.me, remain.me, remember.me, remind.me, remove.me, repeat.me, replace.me, reply.me, report.me, represent.me, require.me, rescue.me, rest.me, result.me, return.me, review.me, richard.me, ring.me, rise.me, robert.me, rock.me, roll.me, run.me, sale.me, save.me, say.me, school.me, science.me, scientist.me, screen.me, screw.me, secret.me, see.me, seed.me, seem.me, sell.me, send.me, separate.me, serve.me, service.me, services.me, set.me, settle.me, seven.me, shake.me, shall.me, share.me, shoe.me, shoes.me, shoot.me, shop.me, should.me, shout.me, shut.me, sin.me, since.me, sing.me, single.me, sit.me, six.me, skin.me, sleep.me, smile.me, smith.me, some.me, soon.me, sort.me, sound.me, source.me, spark.me, speak.me, spend.me, spill.me, sports.me, spring.me, stand.me, start.me, state.me, stay.me, steel.me, stick.me, stop.me, store.me, stream.me, strike.me, strip.me, study.me, stuff.me, succeed.me, suck.me, suffer.me, suggest.me, suit.me, summer.me, supply.me, support.me, suppose.me, symbol.me, table.me, take.me, talk.me, tax.me, teach.me, team.me, tease.me, telephone.me, television.me, tell.me, ten.me, test.me, thank.me, think.me, thomas.me, three.me, through.me, throughout.me, throw.me, till.me, time.me, times.me, today.me, tomorrow.me, tone.me, tonight.me, tools.me, top.me, touch.me, tow.me, toward.me, town.me, toy.me, track.me, trade.me, traffic.me, train.me, training.me, traveling.me, treat.me, trees.me, truck.me, trucks.me, trust.me, try.me, tune.me, turn.me, two.me, under.me, understand.me, unitedstates.me, university.me, until.me, upon.me, use.me, used.me, vote.me, wait.me, walk.me, want.me, wanted.me, war.me, warn.me, was.me, wash.me, washington.me, way.me, wealth.me, wear.me, weather.me, west.me, wet.me, white.me, who.me, wild.me, will.me, william.me, wilson.me, win.me, wind.me, winter.me, wire.me, wish.me, with.me, within.me, without.me, wolf.me, women.me, wonder.me, wood.me, work.me, worry.me, would.me, write.me, yard.me, and young.me.

16 (or 0.5%), name.ly:

about.me, business.me, dot.me, enjoy.me, example.me, explore.me, find.me, government.me, its.me, jobs.me, mail.me, president.me, search.me, tour.me, travel.me, and visit.me.

are marked by the registry as reserved, and some will remain so; sure.ly government.me, its.me. Nevertheless, some are actual.ly already advertised on domain.me and may appear on the market soon.

266 words (or 8.4%) were "lost" during the land rush period, most probably because the corresponding buyers failing to pay. These were:

adjective.me, adjectives.me, aloud.me, also.me, amounts.me, analyse.me, angles.me, annoy.me, appeared.me, appears.me, arent.me, arithmetic.me, arm.me, asleep.me, august.me, babies.me, badly.me, balance.me, bars.me, belonged.me, billy.me, blank.me, blink.me, boat.me, boys.me, branches.me, bring.me, bury.me, bushes.me, carries.me, caused.me, cell.me, centuries.me, characteristics.me, claws.me, climbed.me, closely.me, community.me, companies.me, consists.me, consonant.me, contained.me, continued.me, corners.me, correctly.me, couldnt.me, counted.me, cried.me, crowded.me, degrees.me, delight.me, depends.me, diameter.me, didnt.me, differences.me, difficulty.me, dig.me, disappeared.me, distances.me, doesnt.me, dogs.me, dozen.me, drew.me, dried.me, drum.me, dry.me, earlier.me, enemies.me, england.me, entered.me, equally.me, etc.me, exclaimed.me, excuse.me, expressed.me, farmers.me, fastened.me, fewer.me, filled.me, fine.me, finger.me, firmly.me, france.me, frequently.me, fry.me, gathered.me, german.me, glasses.me, gradually.me, groan.me, hadnt.me, happens.me, has.me, havent.me, headed.me, heading.me, heated.me, hell.me, henry.me, here.me, herself.me, highly.me, hoped.me, hurried.me, ideas.me, illinois.me, immediately.me, importance.me, indicated.me, indicates.me, irritate.me, johnny.me, killed.me, kinds.me, kitchen.me, landed.me, laughed.me, lengths.me, letter.me, library.me, lighted.me, listened.me, lived.me, lowest.me, made.me, magic.me, meal.me, meanings.me, measured.me, melted.me, mend.me, mess-up.me, methods.me, modern.me, more.me, mothers.me, movements.me, mug.me, nearer.me, nodded.me, nouns.me, numeral.me, numerals.me, observed.me, occurred.me, occurs.me, oclock.me, ohio.me, oldest.me, only.me, ourselves.me, owe.me, packed.me, particles.me, passengers.me, passes.me, paste.me, pasture.me, peace.me, pennsylvania.me, periods.me, phrases.me, planted.me, poor.me, positive.me, pot.me, poured.me, prince.me, principles.me, produces.me, properly.me, proved.me, provided.me, punch.me, pupils.me, queen.me, quietly.me, raced.me, rapidly.me, reached.me, reaches.me, really.me, remained.me, remaining.me, remains.me, repeated.me, rises.me, rolled.me, rome.me, root.me, rounded.me, rows.me, rub.me, rushed.me, russia.me, safely.me, sat.me, scare.me, sections.me, seemed.me, sentences.me, settlers.me, shelter.me, shes.me, signs.me, slabs.me, slightly.me, slipped.me, smiled.me, social.me, solution.me, somewhat.me, sounded.me, stared.me, stated.me, statements.me, stayed.me, stems.me, stepped.me, stretched.me, string.me, subjects.me, substances.me, supposed.me, swim.me, swung.me, syllable.me, syllables.me, tea.me, temperatures.me, themselves.me, theyre.me, this.me, tightly.me, tire.me, tobacco.me, todays.me, tossed.me, trips.me, untidy.me, valleys.me, vessels.me, view.me, waited.me, washed.me, water.me, waved.me, werent.me, weve.me, wheel.me, where.me, whispered.me, widely.me, wife.me, wink.me, wipe.me, wondered.me, worse.me, wouldnt.me, wrapped.me, yelled.me, youd.me, youll.me, your.me, youve.me, and zoom.me.

At the moment, these domains are held by the registry and are very likely to be released later on as premium ones. Verbs will be certain.ly in demand and adjectives ending with suffix "ly" will be rivalled but corresponding .ly's, e.g.,

bad.ly, bil.ly, close.ly, correct.ly, equal.ly, firm.ly, frequent.ly, gradual.ly, high.ly, immediate.ly, on.ly, proper.ly, quiet.ly, rapid.ly, real.ly, safe.ly, slight.ly, tight.ly, and wide.ly.

As of today, less than 2% of the top 3000 owners control more than 50% of all top 3000 .me domains.

Six persons managed to grab more than 1% of the top 3000 words:

Randy Charach from British Columbia, Canada acquired 81 domains (or 2.5%), name.ly:

african.me, balloon.me, blanket.me, blood.me, brave.me, bubble.me, butter.me, cage.me, carve.me, condition.me, crop.me, deck.me, desk.me, dull.me, fence.me, flag.me, flame.me, garage.me, gather.me, gaze.me, gentle.me, glad.me, heavy.me, husband.me, june.me, mill.me, mouth.me, observe.me, overflow.me, plain.me, pole.me, prick.me, puncture.me, quiet.me, rear.me, rope.me, rough.me, scar.me, scold.me, scrub.me, sister.me, sneeze.me, soil.me, soldier.me, spirit.me, split.me, sprout.me, square.me, squeak.me, squeal.me, stain.me, steam.me, stomach.me, stove.me, strange.me, straw.me, strength.me, strengthen.me, subject.me, substance.me, subtract.me, sum.me, supper.me, suspect.me, suspend.me, tail.me, term.me, terrify.me, thaw.me, thick.me, thou.me, thread.me, throat.me, tight.me, tower.me, tribe.me, trot.me, trunk.me, tug.me, tumble.me, and unfasten.me.

Randy did not play the land rush auction game. One day, he may turn out being the smartest investor as with a modest budget he now holds quite few valuable domains.

Similarly to Randy, Alan Lin from California holds 80 top 3000 names (or 2.5%):

age.me, already.me, attract.me, ban.me, battle.me, besides.me, borrow.me, calculate.me, choke.me, command.me, decorate.me, definite.me, earn.me, expand.me, figure.me, fool.me, frighten.me, glow.me, guarantee.me, hard.me, harm.me, impress.me, interest.me, joke.me, license.me, light.me, long.me, master.me, middle.me, mike.me, mix.me, multiply.me, obey.me, outline.me, park.me, party.me, permit.me, pour.me, pray.me, pretend.me, pride.me, program.me, pump.me, punish.me, purple.me, question.me, raised.me, regular.me, reign.me, relax.me, request.me, satisfy.me, scream.me, season.me, select.me, sense.me, serious.me, shed.me, ship.me, sigh.me, sight.me, similar.me, smoke.me, solid.me, spare.me, specific.me, spell.me, spot.me, squeeze.me, stamp.me, standing.me, steady.me, stranger.me, struggle.me, swing.me, tie.me, tons.me, trouble.me, weigh.me, and window.me.

However, unlike Randy, Alan went for high-end names, many of them verbs, the most valuable combination with .me. Among the others, he won 116 domains during the land rush auctions costing him $94,943.00 plus the initial fees of ~$99.98 for each domain. This also made him number three in the land rush game in terms of the value.

With 66 top 3000 domains (or 2.1%), Sherry Humphreys from New York is now in possession of:

added.me, alone.me, appreciate.me, based.me, bees.me, border.me, bump.me, calm.me, cards.me, causes.me, changes.me, circles.me, comes.me, considered.me, dollar.me, flew.me, forces.me, great.me, hills.me, included.me, itself.me, keeps.me, likely.me, lines.me, lion.me, materials.me, minutes.me, months.me, pencil.me, plate.me, please.me, positions.me, reasons.me, required.me, roots.me, runs.me, sam.me, seas.me, seems.me, sent.me, sheet.me, shook.me, shown.me, sleeping.me, spots.me, stars.me, starting.me, straight.me, tame.me, thanks.me, their.me, took.me, types.me, uses.me, usually.me, waves.me, ways.me, wearing.me, went.me, woman.me, wonderful.me, written.me, yes.me, youth.me, zero.me, and zoo.me.

Like, Alan, he also bought some 87 domains during the land rush auctions, costing $48,764.00 plus fees and putting him on the position number nine in term of the dollars spent during the land rush.

Two guys hold 1.7%:

Tal Kerret, also from New York, with 54 domains:

additional.me, agreed.me, allowed.me, atoms.me, beginning.me, begins.me, belongs.me, cannot.me, carefully.me, cents.me, combined.me, conditions.me, constantly.me, covered.me, depth.me, elephants.me, exercises.me, expected.me, feelings.me, figures.me, followed.me, forests.me, formed.me, forth.me, gained.me, gently.me, handed.me, happened.me, hed.me, interested.me, introduced.me, joined.me, lack.me, largest.me, offered.me, others.me, peoples.me, persons.me, pigs.me, pile.me, pulled.me, slowly.me, softly.me, stopped.me, suggested.me, talked.me, temperature.me, threw.me, treated.me, turned.me, turning.me, voices.me, walked.me, and wished.me.

And Mike Bennet from Delaware with 53 domains:

applaud.me, brake.me, brought.me, bruise.me, compete.me, concentrate.me, confess.me, differ.me, disarm.me, doubt.me, drain.me, dust.me, escape.me, float.me, grease.me, grew.me, grip.me, higher.me, hurry.me, inject.me, itch.me, juggle.me, length.me, melt.me, memorise.me, mourn.me, pause.me, peel.me, piece.me, possess.me, preach.me, recognise.me, rejoice.me, reproduce.me, sack.me, scribble.me, sentence.me, shade.me, shoulder.me, slip.me, snore.me, soak.me, spray.me, stare.me, steer.me, stood.me, stretch.me, tick.me, unpack.me, waste.me, whistle.me, wreck.me, and x-ray.me.

Neither Tal nor Mike won any of them during the land rush auctions and have a potential to challenge Randy for the title of the best .me investor. Especially Mike, who focused on unchallenged verbs during the land rush, may one day become the winner of the .me gold rush.

And finally, Musa Ardolic from New York has 31 names (or 1.0%):

adding.me, bang.me, becoming.me, block.me, blowing.me, breaking.me, calling.me, carrying.me, changing.me, feeling.me, fighting.me, finding.me, following.me, getting.me, girl.me, growing.me, having.me, helping.me, hunting.me, leaving.me, played.me, playing.me, seeing.me, star.me, stock.me, taking.me, talking.me, telling.me, transport.me, trying.me, and watching.me.

With 55 won auctions at cost of $60,687.00 plus the initial fees, he is number eight, sitting between Alan and Sherry.

Near.ly, a quarter of all players, 764 persons (or 24.0%) out of the top 3000 names obtained only one domain each. 192 persons (or 6.0%) secured two top 3000 domains and 174 persons (or 5.5%) – three.

Six top investors that betted on top words chose two different approaches: focus on Go Live or focus on Land Rush.

Out of $1,889,196.00 spent on land rush auctions, those who spent $1,458,103.00 (or 77%) also acquired 772 out of top 3185 names (or 24.2%). 1457 domains (or 45.7%) were obtained by those that passed during the land rush auctions.

Some investors went for a healthy balance between the former and the latter. With 1000+ persons holding top 3000 names, the time will show who will make the first million out of his or her portfolio.

Used public sources:

All references: [1 - 5]

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10 Responses to “Top 3000+ words .me”

  1. 1

    Excellent analysis. Too bad so many words are premium.

    I’ve added a new common words filter to the .ME Status Directory:

    A quick analysis shows that there are still many common word domains available, for example BRANCHES.ME, CAUSED.ME, CONSISTS.ME etc. You can cross-check the directory against domain.me whois to build a list.

  2. 2
    Premium Verb.Me « .ME of course:

    […] Domain.Me, the registry, has announced new series of premium auctions. This time they offer 29 English verb+me combinations, all from top 3000+ words: […]

  3. 3

    Nevertheless, I am yet to see any of these top 1000 names with some impressive Google Page Rank. For the moment, they are all zero. It is not about how popular the word is, but how brandable the whole name appears to consumers.

  4. 4
    .ME of course « Another auction at NameJet:

    […] at NameJet. Following this example, a legend of .me market Randy Charach, whose portfolio leads in top 3000 English words, is putting his precious names on NameJet too. Currently 275 names are scheduled for July-August: […]

  5. 5
    .ME of course « Lessons of Project.Me:

    […] its stand. The legitimate owner of the domain name, Alan Lin, a significant player on LLL.me and Premium.Me markets, did his homework proper.ly. The German complainant missed the timing but also the scope. […]

  6. 6

    http://www.ItsCoolToBe.me shows the top 900 .me sites by Alexa Rank.

    Formspring.me jumped to #256 position of all domains.

    ~ Me

  7. 7

    Three .me in top 30 ccTLDs sales as YTD, or 10% of all ccTLDs!
    * Art.me $10,000
    * Dry.me €6,666 = $9,132
    * Judge.me $7,820

    …All via Sedo of course. Source: http://thatis.me/~b$V8

  8. 8

    Recently, business.me was resold for some 40k or something (bought for 4k one year ago).

  9. 9

    Alan made it into top ccTLD this month by selling interest.me at 80,000 USD via Sedo.

  10. 10

    Here is the source: http://electronicstaff.com/2012/domain-name-interest-me-sells-for-80000-internet-marketing-news