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Sedo sold Bedo

Funny jingle it could be: Bedo.com was sold on Sedo.com for handsome $45,000:

Sedo is not particular.ly interested in protecting all Sedo.tlds, which is a right decision probably. It managed to secure Sedo.info and Sedo.biz but missed Sedo.net and Sedo.org. It runs a mobile version on Sedo.mobi, keeps bunch of country sites like Sedo.de and Sedo.jp...

Having bought Sedo.us, one can wonder why did they miss Sedo.me, which a French porno teaser now.

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4 Responses to “Sedo sold Bedo”

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    Sedo.me is also forwarding to tfou.fr, some kids’ tv channel?

    Bedo.me was taken the very first day of .ME go live and so far so good is just parked at GoDaddy.

    Interesting: who bought bedo.com? Bedo fashion from Canada [bedo.ca] maybe?

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    […] the routine check on bedo.com, which was recent.ly sold at Search Engine for Domain Offers (a.k.a. SEDO), it was noticed that it is still down, already for […]

  3. 3

    As of 21st of October 209, Sedo has revised there pricing. Does this mean they will now sell less or just sell for more?

    All domain transactions are subject to a minimum commission fee, determined by the extension (TLD) of the domain being sold/purchased. The party responsible for the commission will pay either the minimum fee (outlined below) or 10% of the agreed sales price, whichever is higher.

    Minimum commission fee is 50 EUR/USD or 35 GBP:
    .com / .net / .org / .co.uk / .org.uk / .me.uk / .info / .biz / .us / .tv / .li / .be / .st / .dk / .de / .at / .ch / .name / .ws / .mx / .in / .cc / .to / .eu / .mobi / .nl / .es / .tel

    Important: The minimum commission fee for domains with the above extensions may be waived if the domain is parked with Sedo AND listed with a Fixed Price. This waiver applies to most countries. The minimum commission for .tel domains cannot be waived as .tel domains cannot be parked.

    Minimum commission fee is 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP:
    .fr / .ca / .se / .pl / .com.ar

    Minimum commission fee is 150 EUR/USD or 105 GBP:
    All other domain extensions not previously listed.

  4. 4

    There are also trivial cases, like http://www.sedobrokerage.com/ 😉