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LLL.me (three letter names) [continued]

Considering popularity of short LLL.me names, we continue analysis started in the previous article.

It looks like practical.ly 100% of NNN.me (three numbers) a gone. So if you are looking for some, get ready to pay pretty sweet sums. In the LLL.me area (three letters, letters only), 60% are already taken, leaving some good abbreviations still available for the public. If you are interested in the complete list of the available names, please contact us.

As to the players, nine of them have more than 100 LLL.me in their portfolios.

The unchallenged leader is Alan Lin with 452 domains:

aac.me, aae.me, aaf.me, aak.me, aal.me, aam.me, aao.me, aap.me, aar.me, aca.me, adn.me, afa.me, aft.me, age.me, agg.me, ahh.me, aia.me, aim.me, ain.me, ala.me, amf.me, aml.me, amm.me, anw.me, apa.me, apu.me, arr.me, asr.me, atw.me, aup.me, avn.me, awa.me, ayb.me, ayd.me, ayk.me, ayl.me, ays.me, ayt.me, aza.me, azz.me, baf.me, ban.me, bba.me, bbd.me, bbi.me, bbl.me, bbp.me, bbt.me, bby.me, bbz.me, bch.me, bck.me, bdb.me, bei.me, beo.me, bfd.me, bfg.me, bfh.me, bfn.me, bfs.me, bft.me, bgb.me, bie.me, biw.me, bka.me, bkk.me, blh.me, blj.me, blk.me, bma.me, bmb.me, bnn.me, bsl.me, bsx.me, btb.me, btm.me, btt.me, bur.me, buu.me, bzy.me, caa.me, cbb.me, cbo.me, cca.me, cce.me, ccf.me, ccg.me, cch.me, cci.me, ccl.me, cco.me, ccp.me, cdo.me, cec.me, cen.me, cex.me, cgc.me, cgo.me, chc.me, cig.me, cin.me, cjo.me, cko.me, clc.me, clo.me, cmm.me, cno.me, cpo.me, cqo.me, cso.me, ctc.me, cui.me, cuo.me, cuu.me, cvo.me, cwo.me, cxo.me, cyo.me, czo.me, daa.me, dcc.me, dda.me, ddb.me, ddc.me, dde.me, ddi.me, ddo.me, ded.me, dii.me, dkk.me, dmd.me, dmm.me, dsd.me, dtd.me, dtt.me, dun.me, eaa.me, eae.me, eag.me, eam.me, ebb.me, ebo.me, ecc.me, ece.me, ede.me, eea.me, eec.me, eeg.me, eek.me, een.me, eeo.me, efe.me, ege.me, ehh.me, eii.me, eje.me, enn.me, eoe.me, epe.me, epp.me, ete.me, ett.me, fcc.me, fdd.me, feo.me, ffa.me, fft.me, fii.me, frf.me, fsf.me, fut.me, fxe.me, fyl.me, gaa.me, gan.me, gbg.me, gea.me, gef.me, geg.me, geh.me, gej.me, gek.me, gep.me, geq.me, geu.me, gev.me, gew.me, gex.me, ggf.me, gio.me, glo.me, gon.me, gpg.me, grr.me, gss.me, guo.me, haa.me, hah.me, hbh.me, hee.me, heh.me, hhr.me, hhs.me, hoh.me, hss.me, htt.me, huu.me, iaa.me, iai.me, ibi.me, ibo.me, iby.me, idd.me, idi.me, iee.me, iei.me, igg.me, igi.me, iia.me, iib.me, iid.me, iin.me, iki.me, ili.me, imm.me, ini.me, iqq.me, irr.me, isi.me, ivi.me, iyi.me, jaa.me, jaj.me, jee.me, jej.me, jmo.me, joj.me, jrj.me, jrr.me, kak.me, kbb.me, keo.me, kho.me, kok.me, kon.me, krk.me, kui.me, kun.me, kuu.me, kvk.me, lao.me, lcc.me, lei.me, lel.me, lii.me, lin.me, lla.me, lle.me, llo.me, llp.me, lon.me, lpp.me, lsl.me, lss.me, ltl.me, lun.me, luo.me, luu.me, lvl.me, maa.me, mdm.me, mff.me, mhm.me, mho.me, mix.me, mmf.me, mmi.me, mmp.me, mmr.me, mmx.me, mpp.me, mss.me, mtt.me, mun.me, muu.me, naa.me, ncc.me, ncn.me, nee.me, nen.me, ngn.me, nie.me, nii.me, nnd.me, nne.me, nnm.me, noo.me, nos.me, npp.me, nsn.me, oaa.me, obo.me, oby.me, occ.me, odo.me, ofo.me, ogg.me, ohh.me, ojo.me, oll.me, oni.me, ono.me, ooc.me, ooe.me, oog.me, ook.me, oon.me, oor.me, oos.me, oro.me, orr.me, ovo.me, paa.me, pcp.me, pdp.me, pff.me, pgp.me, phu.me, pii.me, pkk.me, pkp.me, pll.me, plp.me, ppa.me, ppd.me, ppe.me, ppg.me, ppi.me, ppn.me, ppr.me, ppu.me, prg.me, ptt.me, raa.me, rbb.me, ree.me, rer.me, rin.me, rir.me, ror.me, rou.me, rpp.me, rpr.me, rrp.me, rsr.me, rtr.me, rur.me, scc.me, sdd.me, sff.me, sfs.me, shs.me, sii.me, skk.me, sll.me, sls.me, sos.me, spp.me, sps.me, ssc.me, ssd.me, ssf.me, ssg.me, ssk.me, ssn.me, sso.me, ssp.me, ssr.me, sst.me, stt.me, sxs.me, taa.me, tdd.me, tff.me, tgt.me, tht.me, tie.me, tmm.me, tnn.me, tou.me, tss.me, tta.me, ttc.me, ttd.me, tte.me, ttf.me, ttg.me, ttl.me, ttm.me, ttp.me, ttr.me, tts.me, tun.me, tuo.me, ubo.me, uby.me, uhh.me, ulu.me, umm.me, unu.me, uue.me, uur.me, uus.me, uut.me, uzi.me, vam.me, vao.me, ven.me, veo.me, vio.me, viv.me, vnn.me, von.me, vtt.me, vut.me, wnw.me, wsw.me, wut.me, wwf.me, xam.me, xix.me, xpp.me, xxv.me, yaa.me, yeh.me, yon.me, yow.me, zam.me, zao.me, zex.me, zon.me, zou.me, zuo.me, zut.me, 115.me, 228.me, 529.me, 550.me, 611.me, 711.me, 811.me, z06.me

Followed by Paul Walsh with 316 names, including many NNN.me:

aau.me, aep.me, afs.me, ags.me, ahd.me, ahs.me, aif.me, ais.me, ajs.me, aks.me, als.me, anr.me, aob.me, aoe.me, aos.me, apg.me, aps.me, ars.me, asd.me, asj.me, awm.me, azl.me, baj.me, bce.me, bdp.me, bdx.me, bga.me, bim.me, bmj.me, bnb.me, bnl.me, bno.me, boe.me, bsn.me, bsu.me, cay.me, cim.me, ciy.me, cll.me, cnd.me, cob.me, cro.me, dho.me, djo.me, dob.me, doe.me, eab.me, eim.me, enw.me, fal.me, fih.me, fmf.me, fob.me, gac.me, gbb.me, gbo.me, gda.me, gez.me, gob.me, gtb.me, hio.me, hmi.me, hnc.me, hob.me, iom.me, jbs.me, jcs.me, jds.me, jes.me, jez.me, jfs.me, jgj.me, jgs.me, jis.me, jjs.me, jks.me, jlj.me, jls.me, jms.me, jns.me, jos.me, jps.me, jrs.me, jss.me, jtj.me, jts.me, jvs.me, jwj.me, jws.me, kes.me, lfm.me, lld.me, lsa.me, lus.me, lyx.me, mim.me, moe.me, mva.me, nim.me, nlf.me, npa.me, oal.me, ood.me, oop.me, pds.me, pfs.me, pgs.me, phs.me, pim.me, pis.me, pjs.me, pks.me, pns.me, pob.me, pps.me, prs.me, pss.me, pus.me, pva.me, pvs.me, pws.me, ras.me, rds.me, res.me, rfs.me, rft.me, rgs.me, rhs.me, ris.me, rjs.me, rks.me, rms.me, rns.me, roe.me, ros.me, rrs.me, rts.me, rwe.me, rws.me, sdf.me, soe.me, tda.me, tob.me, uwa.me, vol.me, wad.me, wef.me, yha.me, yox.me, yuo.me, zus.me, 038.me, 040.me, 048.me, 060.me, 061.me, 065.me, 071.me, 085.me, 095.me, 203.me, 204.me, 206.me, 209.me, 210.me, 217.me, 221.me, 224.me, 230.me, 231.me, 239.me, 240.me, 251.me, 253.me, 260.me, 270.me, 280.me, 290.me, 307.me, 308.me, 309.me, 320.me, 325.me, 330.me, 331.me, 340.me, 341.me, 350.me, 352.me, 356.me, 370.me, 385.me, 386.me, 406.me, 409.me, 410.me, 413.me, 423.me, 425.me, 430.me, 435.me, 440.me, 441.me, 443.me, 450.me, 455.me, 460.me, 464.me, 469.me, 470.me, 473.me, 475.me, 480.me, 490.me, 515.me, 540.me, 541.me, 551.me, 559.me, 560.me, 562.me, 563.me, 570.me, 575.me, 580.me, 585.me, 590.me, 601.me, 603.me, 607.me, 610.me, 614.me, 615.me, 616.me, 620.me, 623.me, 626.me, 630.me, 640.me, 641.me, 649.me, 650.me, 651.me, 661.me, 670.me, 671.me, 680.me, 690.me, 708.me, 710.me, 715.me, 730.me, 740.me, 750.me, 754.me, 763.me, 765.me, 772.me, 779.me, 780.me, 781.me, 785.me, 790.me, 810.me, 813.me, 817.me, 820.me, 825.me, 830.me, 831.me, 832.me, 833.me, 835.me, 840.me, 843.me, 845.me, 850.me, 860.me, 865.me, 870.me, 875.me, 880.me, 881.me, 890.me, 903.me, 905.me, 907.me, 913.me, 914.me, 915.me, 916.me, 920.me, 924.me, 928.me, 930.me, 931.me, 935.me, 940.me, 941.me, 944.me, 950.me, 956.me, 959.me, 960.me, 964.me, 965.me, 968.me, 970.me, 971.me, 973.me, 975.me, 985.me, 990.me, 993.me, 996.me, 997.me

Uri Gershovitz with 196 names, some jingly ones, like: xml.me, 4wd.me, 4th.me, and 5th.me.

abl.me, acp.me, adl.me, afl.me, ald.me, aoa.me, aop.me, apf.me, apr.me, asf.me, auf.me, awt.me, bay.me, bbn.me, bdg.me, bfa.me, bia.me, bls.me, bsc.me, bvr.me, bwl.me, cfv.me, ckw.me, cod.me, crt.me, ctr.me, cva.me, cvf.me, cwf.me, dbl.me, ddt.me, dek.me, dem.me, dep.me, dey.me, dfs.me, diz.me, dol.me, dph.me, drl.me, dsc.me, dsr.me, dst.me, dte.me, dti.me, dvm.me, ecg.me, ecm.me, edp.me, eld.me, eof.me, erf.me, fas.me, fcb.me, fcz.me, fdx.me, fhf.me, fie.me, fnm.me, fop.me, fov.me, fps.me, fsh.me, ftc.me, gdr.me, gds.me, ger.me, gnp.me, gog.me, gyp.me, hbs.me, hgt.me, hie.me, hlr.me, hsi.me, ibb.me, icb.me, icp.me, ics.me, ifv.me, ilk.me, ils.me, ioi.me, iol.me, iow.me, irm.me, irq.me, itu.me, iud.me, ixc.me, jct.me, jfj.me, jfk.me, juv.me, jvm.me, jvv.me, kef.me, khz.me, kub.me, kwh.me, lac.me, lat.me, ldr.me, lew.me, lgb.me, lsd.me, lye.me, maw.me, mhz.me, mol.me, mvo.me, mwo.me, nfv.me, nov.me, nrn.me, oaf.me, oct.me, ofx.me, oik.me, oof.me, ope.me, osd.me, otl.me, pel.me, pkg.me, pkt.me, plo.me, pnp.me, ppm.me, pwr.me, pyx.me, qat.me, qed.me, qty.me, qua.me, ret.me, rfc.me, rsn.me, rtc.me, rwr.me, sao.me, sdi.me, sef.me, seg.me, sep.me, seq.me, sgt.me, shh.me, sog.me, sot.me, sqm.me, sro.me, ssl.me, sty.me, swl.me, taw.me, tfh.me, tfr.me, tlr.me, tng.me, trw.me, tsh.me, tsr.me, ugh.me, uml.me, ump.me, urb.me, usn.me, uso.me, usr.me, usu.me, uvm.me, vbg.me, vcp.me, vhf.me, vtr.me, vxd.me, wjr.me, wos.me, wpa.me, wpm.me, wrt.me, wye.me, wyo.me, xed.me, xiv.me, xml.me, xvi.me, ybs.me, yds.me, yrs.me, 4th.me, 4wd.me, 5th.me, db2.me, qe2.me

.ME Registry, doMEn, is on the fourth position with 195 domains still in their portfolio. 16 are reserved names:

cbs.me, cis.me, cok.me, com.me, dot.me, edu.me, gov.me, its.me, lim.me, mne.me, net.me, nic.me, org.me, tld.me, url.me, www.me

And 179 are premium, to be released on later stages:

act.me, add.me, ads.me, air.me, all.me, ama.me, amt.me, amy.me, and.me, ant.me, are.me, art.me, asb.me, ava.me, bad.me, bag.me, bet.me, bid.me, big.me, bio.me, box.me, bug.me, but.me, cab.me, cam.me, can.me, car.me, con.me, crm.me, cry.me, cum.me, cut.me, dad.me, daj.me, die.me, dns.me, dsl.me, dss.me, dvd.me, eat.me, exe.me, eye.me, fat.me, fax.me, fit.me, fix.me, fkk.me, fly.me, for.me, fun.me, gay.me, ged.me, get.me, gif.me, gil.me, glu.me, god.me, got.me, guy.me, hal.me, hit.me, hot.me, iab.me, inc.me, inn.me, ins.me, isp.me, jet.me, jmm.me, job.me, key.me, kid.me, kit.me, lab.me, law.me, lay.me, lee.me, let.me, lie.me, llc.me, log.me, map.me, max.me, may.me, men.me, mia.me, mms.me, mom.me, nav.me, new.me, nin.me, nom.me, non.me, not.me, now.me, off.me, oil.me, one.me, opt.me, our.me, out.me, own.me, oye.me, pat.me, pay.me, pda.me, per.me, pet.me, pin.me, pit.me, pix.me, pos.me, put.me, pvc.me, rap.me, rcs.me, red.me, rey.me, rio.me, rss.me, run.me, sap.me, say.me, see.me, set.me, sex.me, sin.me, sit.me, six.me, sms.me, std.me, sub.me, tax.me, tel.me, ten.me, tit.me, top.me, tow.me, toy.me, tra.me, try.me, two.me, uae.me, uci.me, usa.me, use.me, vcd.me, via.me, vip.me, vpn.me, war.me, was.me, way.me, web.me, wet.me, who.me, win.me, xxx.me, zzz.me, 100.me, 111.me, 222.me, 247.me, 333.me, 411.me, 420.me, 444.me, 555.me, 666.me, 777.me, 800.me, 888.me, 999.me, 2ez.me, 2go.me, b2b.me, h1b.me, p2p.me, mp3.me

Opic Inc. owns 173 domains:

bfr.me, bgt.me, bpr.me, bsh.me, byn.me, cgg.me, cik.me, cki.me, clu.me, cpn.me, cyl.me, dcn.me, dco.me, dcr.me, dgg.me, dil.me, dlv.me, duk.me, dwn.me, eex.me, eil.me, eyl.me, eyn.me, fgg.me, fnk.me, ftl.me, fus.me, fvr.me, ggj.me, gik.me, gll.me, gln.me, gnn.me, grd.me, grl.me, hib.me, hvn.me, ipd.me, jce.me, jck.me, jei.me, jek.me, jel.me, jgg.me, jif.me, jjg.me, jnx.me, jzi.me, kki.me, kky.me, klu.me, kly.me, knt.me, kox.me, liy.me, llg.me, lnd.me, lue.me, lvu.me, lvy.me, lxi.me, lyi.me, mni.me, mrc.me, mrf.me, mrj.me, mrl.me, mrq.me, mru.me, mrv.me, mry.me, mrz.me, mvv.me, nbb.me, nbg.me, nfd.me, ngg.me, npd.me, nsl.me, nup.me, nvr.me, onc.me, opg.me, opk.me, opl.me, pky.me, pmw.me, prr.me, prt.me, puc.me, rdd.me, rpn.me, scd.me, sdl.me, sld.me, smy.me, sut.me, swt.me, tuc.me, txe.me, txi.me, uka.me, uom.me, urm.me, uun.me, viq.me, vlg.me, vyu.me, wbs.me, whi.me, wmn.me, wof.me, wsh.me, wwb.me, xbx.me, xll.me, xlt.me, xwf.me, yhu.me, yoe.me, yor.me, ziv.me, zoy.me, zze.me, 257.me, 259.me, 271.me, 279.me, 287.me, 293.me, 295.me, 297.me, 327.me, 372.me, 378.me, 381.me, 387.me, 389.me, 391.me, 397.me, 539.me, 569.me, 572.me, 583.me, 593.me, 719.me, 725.me, 732.me, 735.me, 738.me, 751.me, 752.me, 759.me, 769.me, 782.me, 791.me, 792.me, 793.me, 823.me, 827.me, 837.me, 839.me, 851.me, 853.me, 857.me, 869.me, 871.me, 872.me, 873.me, 879.me, 897.me, 22s.me, 69u.me

Severin Tatarczyk of e42 GmbH - 143:

abo.me, ada.me, ann.me, ari.me, aux.me, avy.me, bcf.me, bii.me, ccc.me, cgf.me, cma.me, cpl.me, cps.me, dax.me, ddd.me, ddp.me, dfl.me, dpd.me, ean.me, edo.me, edv.me, eee.me, ela.me, eno.me, esd.me, eth.me, eve.me, fbs.me, fff.me, fgi.me, fia.me, fio.me, ftn.me, ggg.me, ggi.me, gia.me, gtd.me, gto.me, gvq.me, hdd.me, hgs.me, hhh.me, hpv.me, htl.me, huh.me, ida.me, irs.me, iry.me, ivy.me, jax.me, jil.me, jjj.me, kaa.me, kay.me, kfo.me, kfz.me, kgm.me, kgv.me, kkk.me, kut.me, len.me, lia.me, liv.me, lmv.me, loc.me, loi.me, lop.me, lsk.me, luc.me, luz.me, mar.me, mgl.me, mya.me, ncj.me, neu.me, nhs.me, nia.me, nis.me, noe.me, ocr.me, odm.me, ole.me, oma.me, pax.me, pcs.me, pcx.me, pdn.me, pia.me, pid.me, pkv.me, ple.me, pog.me, ppl.me, ppp.me, ppt.me, ppv.me, pya.me, qir.me, rah.me, row.me, rrr.me, rxl.me, rye.me, sgi.me, slv.me, smk.me, spn.me, sta.me, sxp.me, taz.me, tcl.me, tia.me, tog.me, tpo.me, tsj.me, tvh.me, udo.me, ufn.me, ulf.me, uoo.me, uta.me, ute.me, uuu.me, uwe.me, van.me, vvv.me, wwi.me, xel.me, xls.me, yrd.me, zed.me, zet.me, zob.me, zps.me, 213.me, 380.me, 392.me, 408.me, 647.me, 747.me, go4.me, sk8.me, e42.me

Though, Mr Tatarczyk main.ly specialises in names, like elliot.me, recent.ly sold on Sedo.

Michele Dinoia acquired 124 numbers only names:

296.me, 324.me, 342.me, 346.me, 349.me, 354.me, 362.me, 376.me, 384.me, 394.me, 396.me, 428.me, 433.me, 434.me, 436.me, 439.me, 448.me, 449.me, 452.me, 453.me, 457.me, 461.me, 462.me, 463.me, 466.me, 467.me, 471.me, 472.me, 474.me, 476.me, 482.me, 483.me, 485.me, 487.me, 491.me, 492.me, 493.me, 494.me, 496.me, 497.me, 498.me, 506.me, 534.me, 536.me, 544.me, 545.me, 547.me, 548.me, 549.me, 564.me, 574.me, 584.me, 621.me, 629.me, 634.me, 635.me, 637.me, 638.me, 643.me, 645.me, 648.me, 652.me, 653.me, 659.me, 664.me, 672.me, 673.me, 679.me, 681.me, 683.me, 684.me, 685.me, 687.me, 692.me, 693.me, 695.me, 698.me, 706.me, 709.me, 726.me, 734.me, 736.me, 741.me, 742.me, 743.me, 744.me, 746.me, 748.me, 756.me, 762.me, 764.me, 784.me, 794.me, 796.me, 802.me, 807.me, 816.me, 824.me, 826.me, 834.me, 836.me, 841.me, 842.me, 844.me, 846.me, 854.me, 862.me, 894.me, 896.me, 926.me, 927.me, 932.me, 937.me, 938.me, 942.me, 946.me, 947.me, 948.me, 952.me, 953.me, 957.me, 974.me, 983.me, 984.me

Tal Kerret - with 117 domains, among others 8th.me, is indeed on the 8th position:

abc.me, acl.me, ade.me, adi.me, adk.me, apl.me, asl.me, atm.me, btw.me, chi.me, chy.me, cus.me, dia.me, diy.me, dme.me, ebk.me, eli.me, ety.me, fem.me, fme.me, foc.me, fra.me, fwd.me, gbh.me, gme.me, gok.me, gtg.me, hea.me, hed.me, hip.me, hme.me, ibj.me, icv.me, idf.me, idl.me, ifi.me, ifo.me, ifr.me, ilo.me, ilu.me, imo.me, iok.me, isr.me, isy.me, jme.me, jok.me, lhs.me, lme.me, lol.me, lyl.me, meb.me, mev.me, mez.me, naz.me, nsa.me, nyu.me, oic.me, okf.me, oku.me, olo.me, omg.me, onu.me, onx.me, ooo.me, ori.me, plg.me, pls.me, pme.me, pta.me, ptp.me, puz.me, rhy.me, rll.me, rls.me, sam.me, sme.me, sti.me, sys.me, tal.me, thx.me, tid.me, tkl.me, tks.me, tlk.me, tlv.me, tnx.me, tov.me, uid.me, uja.me, usi.me, usx.me, uvc.me, vcs.me, vct.me, vcu.me, vcv.me, woo.me, wtb.me, wtf.me, xme.me, xok.me, yei.me, yer.me, yes.me, yey.me, yip.me, yme.me, ytd.me, zid.me, zme.me, zoo.me, 6th.me, 7th.me, 8th.me, 9th.me, a2z.me, l8r.me

Tal has a good taste for domains like a2z.me, abc.me, diy.me, fra.me, lol.me, pls.me, zoo.me, which are potential hits, no doubt.

And final.ly, High Yield Holdings that manages 111 names:

cfh.me, cfr.me, cfx.me, cfy.me, cfz.me, dya.me, dyf.me, dyi.me, dym.me, dyp.me, ecf.me, ehy.me, eic.me, eif.me, exb.me, exf.me, exh.me, exm.me, exr.me, eyf.me, ezc.me, ezf.me, ezm.me, ezr.me, ezt.me, ezx.me, fhy.me, fxa.me, fxc.me, fxd.me, fxh.me, fxn.me, fxo.me, fxr.me, fxs.me, fxt.me, fxu.me, fxy.me, fxz.me, ghf.me, ghy.me, gic.me, hcf.me, hig.me, hiq.me, hir.me, hiy.me, hmf.me, hni.me, hqf.me, hqm.me, hqy.me, hxf.me, hya.me, hyc.me, hyd.me, hyf.me, hyg.me, hyi.me, hyl.me, hym.me, hyn.me, hyq.me, hyt.me, hyu.me, hyw.me, hyx.me, hyz.me, icf.me, icr.me, ief.me, mfy.me, mgr.me, mhq.me, mhy.me, ppf.me, ppx.me, xcf.me, xci.me, xcm.me, xcp.me, xcy.me, xdf.me, xff.me, xfi.me, xfm.me, xfn.me, xfp.me, xfr.me, xfy.me, xhq.me, xhy.me, xic.me, xif.me, xpo.me, xxh.me, xxm.me, xxp.me, ycf.me, ycy.me, yef.me, yff.me, yfx.me, yfy.me, yhq.me, yhy.me, yic.me, yif.me, yld.me, ymf.me, h-y.me

In total, there are some 6000+ players in LLL.me niche of the market, with near.ly half of players holding just one LLL.me:

The other 50% are spread approximate.ly 25%25 between people holding few names and many of them.

All references: [1 - 3]

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    Mr Severin Tatarczyk of e42 GmbH has a good strategy. With tonnes of people_names.me he is now busy with retail sales, which keeps him and .me industry busy of course. As soon as he gets a proper bid, the domains is off to auction, like that one of olive.me: http://sedo.de/auction/auction_detail.php?tracked=&partnerid=44384&language=us&auction_id=55656

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    Now, the hackers go for eight-letter domain names. These four are just the most recent examples: eyu35ryg.me, wry4q55.me, u45uartu4.me, adtu4q5u.me.

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    A propos, olive.me went for USD 500.

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    Have recently seen a person registering goo.me – interesting, was it a drop?

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    Still, few LLL.me are for grabs. Most recent aquision was mgg.me

  8. 8

    Few years on, just noticed today’s registration of ucn.me