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.ME Event on Bido

Bido is currently hosting .ME even with some 126 nice and not so nice domain names, namely:

aficionado.me, atp.me, autism.me, ayt.me, bathing.me, beasty.me, beautifying.me, bka.me, bookhotel.me, brokering.me, bullets.me, burlap.me, businesschecks.me, cabinet.me, carpooling.me, casestudy.me, casserole.me, chatfree.me, cheapesthotels.me, cheaphotel.me, coffeeshops.me, condos.me, couscous.me, cruiser.me, dds.me, dieting.me, docteur.me, domainmanager.me, dth.me, dumping.me, duty.me, dynamic.me, ecodriving.me, eos.me, e-payment.me, eroticizing.me, fathering.me, feminizing.me, figureskating.me, flan.me, flatscreen.me, formatting.me, gameconsole.me, gas.me, gaymarriage.me, getinto.me, glitz.me, gold-prices.me, grades.me, greyhound.me, harem.me, healthcover.me, hi-5.me, hindu.me, hitech.me, hivvaccine.me, holism.me, holistichealth.me, humane.me, iblog.me, ibook.me, immunity.me, immunizing.me, in-box.me, infiltrate.me, injuring.me, int.me, invents.me, iphone4.me, laying.me, manic.me, mature.me, mdn.me, mfa.me, microloan.me, misty.me, moods.me, mothering.me, mpv.me, musicstreaming.me, notforprofit.me, oxygen.me, parque.me, passage.me, pbj.me, peaceful.me, pedometer.me, pgy.me, poledancing.me, popups.me, portale.me, presidential.me, qtv.me, ravaging.me, ravishing.me, refunding.me, regna.me, relocating.me, sage.me, sailing.me, satellites.me, sauber.me, sexgoddess.me, shifting.me, shredding.me, spacetravels.me, sprinting.me, staff.me, sterling.me, stockcar.me, suf.me, sweety.me, symbols.me, syn.me, syndicating.me, taxadvice.me, timeshare.me, tubes.me, tvx.me, vend.me, watchout.me, woodstove.me, working.me, xau.me, xblog.me, and ynt.me

Here goes our pick CheapHotel.Me, HealthCover.Me, iBlog.Me, iBook.Me, iPhone4.Me, TaxAdvice.Me, xBlog.me.

D for Del.icio.us


Previously known as del.icio.us

Del.icio.us, the leading bookmarking service, was the first big, really big domain hack. Many things happen to a cherry company and its name. It changed to delicous.com some time ago.

Recently, it was sold to AVOS, an Internet company, led by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Previously, they co-founded YouTube, the world's largest video site in 2005, which was acquired by Google 18 months later for US$ 1.7 billion. Hurley and Chen were early employees at PayPal, a leading online payment service which is now part of eBay. The guys in San Mateo, California must know something about the Internet business.

A good name, good cash and good managers are not enough these days. Great companies also need ultrashort domain names. Many have already secured XX.yy combinations, though this seems not to be enough. Now we are talking about one letter domain names, or four characters in total - the shortest addresses possible so far.

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Premium .Me teaser

The registry has come up with a nice .me teaaser and a fancy redesign of their website: domain.me:

{click on the image to zoom in}

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Weather Dress Me

This spring is certainly .me application time. Meet WeatherDress.Me, also available as WDR.ME:

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Google has something boiling under Plus.Me

As announced on DomainNameWire:

Google bolsters +1 domain name coverage with .me purchases.

Google has purchased the domain name Plus.me, updated whois records show.

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From Naymz.com to Visable.me

So what if you had a start up with an awkward name? Yes, you pick up a jingly name and go for it. This is exactly what Naymz.com did. They have migrated from


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Silicon.me belongs to CBS Interactive, Inc.

As whois record reveals it, silicon.me belongs to CBS Interactive, Inc. Names like digital.me, nomad.me, are very en vogue. The domain is set to CNET name servers, thought it does not resolve at the moment.
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How .ME domain names compare to other gTLDs?

This morning coffee braincrunch led to the following conclusion: .ME sites are as good as .COM.

Interested in numbers? There we go. There are currently about 450k .me domain names. Google has already found about 150,000,000 results on site:me. This is 333 pages for every domain name.

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That can be my next tweet!

Having covered many jingly TLDs, this blog never paid attention to .BE - and there might be plenty of them to cover. LetMe.Be and LetIt.Be would be the ones.


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.ME already brought Montenegro 9 million euro

Vujica Lazović

Internet statistics shows that the national domain of Montenegro is one of the fastest growing domain names in the history of the Internet: in less than three years there have been registered over half a million .me domains.

Vujica Lazovic, Vice President of Economic Policies of the Government of Montenegro and the Minister of Information and Telecommunications considers domains the best export product of Montenegro.

In the past two and a half years the state budget received additional income of about 9 million euro. This is almost the same as income from all concession for that period.

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