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Kiwi popular site TradeMe acquired Cool.Me

Kiwi.Me anyone?

Trade Me, the most popular online trading portal in New Zealand has acquired premium domain name Cool.Me.

So far it is not clear what are the plans for this domain name.

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The Museum of Me by Intel

Intel is proudly presenting "The Museum of Me" project:

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Second round of official .ME keywords

To follow-up on its first keyword sale, .ME registry decided to release another 178 keyword combinations, scheduled for auctions to take place at the beginning of February 2012 (from 2nd to 9th of February to be precise):

111.me, 333.me, 411.me, 666.me, 999.me, adoptions.me, adventure.me, airline.me, airlines.me, amateur.me, asia.me, attorney.me, bag.me, bald.me, banking.me, bar.me, been.me, bikinis.me, bird.me, blackjack.me, blue.me, boats.me, body.me, cameras.me, camp.me, camping.me, cams.me, can.me, cancer.me, carrental.me, center.me, chatroom.me, clock.me, club.me, coffee.me, college.me, colombo.me, contactlenses.me, continue.me, copyright.me, country.me, course.me, creditcard.me, creditcheck.me, credits.me, cricket.me, cruise.me, dates.me, diabetes.me, digitalcameras.me, doctor.me, doctors.me, domainhosting.me, domainregistration.me, dvd.me, dvdplayer.me, earth.me, electronics.me, engineering.me, entertainment.me, euro.me, europe.me, evil.me, families.me, farm.me, file.me, files.me, fish.me, forex.me, friends.me, furniture.me, germany.me, gibraltar.me, gift.me, graduate.me, greeting.me, hebrew.me, honeymoon.me, hongkong.me, hospital.me, hospitals.me, hotel.me, hoteldeals.me, japan.me, jewelers.me, journal.me, language.me, laptop.me, lawyer.me, legal.me, life.me, linux.me, llc.me, localdirectory.me, luck.me, lyrics.me, macau.me, magazine.me, mall.me, mathematics.me, mobilephone.me, mortgage.me, movies.me, mozambique.me, newyork.me, nutrition.me, ocean.me, offshore.me, parents.me, partners.me, pda.me, peer.me, personals.me, perth.me, pet.me, prayer.me, printer.me, private.me, prize.me, promotion.me, psychologists.me, publicrelations.me, quality.me, rating.me, ratings.me, recycling.me, religion.me, rental.me, resort.me, restaurant.me, school.me, science.me, searchengine.me, seattle.me, secret.me, shoe.me, shoppers.me, singles.me, skin.me, slimming.me, sofa.me, sofas.me, software.me, source.me, stocks.me, streaming.me, succeed.me, tabletpc.me, team.me, technology.me, telephone.me, television.me, tickets.me, tours.me, town.me, toys.me, tractors.me, traffic.me, train.me, traveling.me, unitedstates.me, uruguay.me, usa.me, vacation.me, vancouver.me, venture.me, webhost.me, webhosting.me, websitehosting.me, wedding.me, west.me, who.me, wifi.me, wine.me, wines.me, winter.me, wrestling.me, and yoga.me

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Jamala – Find Me

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SwitfCover – Don’t touch me

One of the U.K.'s leading insurers, SwiftCover, provider of home, motor, and travel insurances, a member of AXA group, and the owner of SwiftCover.com, despite all that, prefers to advertise on Facebook under a "don't touch me" jingle:

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Protect your brand, register a .sucks…

Google says it is applying for .LOL, others apply for .sucks:

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VISA launched V.ME

Earlier in the summer we have spotted the first one-letter .ME being awarded to Delicious (D.ME).

Now, VISA is already live with V.ME.

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Meet.Me sells for $450,000.00

A consortium of three domainers has successfully divested meet.me domain name for the new record price of $450,000.00 USD.

The happy buyer Conference Plus already owns meetme.com and has huge plans for the name. Until now the company was best known for providing audio, web and video conferencing services.

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Grand Keyword .ME auctions (results)

178 top keyword .me domain names were auctioning at Sedo for a week. As one hour before the end there were about $87k bids. Though naturally most of the show happened during the last hour and one hour after the official deadline. The final take from the auction was $189,268 or about $1,063 per domain name. About two times last less than last year, still very well considering the quality of the names this season to be slightly lower.

As it was very anticipated by the industry experts and Brands-and-Jingles that runs this blog, VIP.Me came as the winner the race. It was followed by lifeinsurance.me which also crossed $10k line. The other names stayed below five digit positions.

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Another catchy Facebook application is trending on the social network: GetMap.Me.

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