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Weather Dress Me

This spring is certainly .me application time. Meet WeatherDress.Me, also available as WDR.ME:

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Below goes the press release from the Norwegian team:

11.04.2011 – Asker NORWAY
WeatherDress.me (Wdr.me) - by Made for IT

Made for IT announces WeatherDress.me (Wdr.me), unique application that will dynamically suggest what users should wear in current or planned location, based on real time weather forecast and user profiling.

The main purpose of the mobile application is to be a practical guide to the travelers around the world, instantly showing beside clothing iconography and fashion consistent data, also important accessories such as sun glasses, gloves, umbrella or protective sun lotion.

More than forecast clothing, Wdr.me will guide users to local shops, where they can find desired items, know what local people are twittering about, browse local Flickr pictures, read local news or learn more about the area from Wikipedia.

Wdr.me is a must have tool for people “on the move” and fits perfectly into the Metro design from the Microsoft’s latest mobile system Windows Phone7. Wdr.me will be developed also for the other mobile devices and soon to be released as public webservice, from were other weather or travel websites can suggest their visitors how to dress.

WeatherDress.me (Wdr.me) is currently patent pending.

In order to find innovative solutions, Madeforit blend technologies bringing flexibility and simplicity in user’s real life needs.

Made for IT is proud to be sustained by Microsoft as BizSpark member and currently develops other solutions for Microsoft Office and Windows Azure such as Taskker.com, myStorageClouds.com or ieURL.me

Demo available at WeatherDress.Me

Contact Made for IT (Marius Dima) for more information:

  • +47 404 56 242 service@madeforit.no

Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy - http://links2.me/~lRP1$Wk

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