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How .ME domain names compare to other gTLDs?

This morning coffee braincrunch led to the following conclusion: .ME sites are as good as .COM.

Interested in numbers? There we go. There are currently about 450k .me domain names. Google has already found about 150,000,000 results on site:me. This is 333 pages for every domain name.

The numbers for other major TLDs are pretty aligned:

TLD Number of domains Number of pages Pages per domain
.com 94,652,359 25,270,000,000 267
.net 13,969,541 6,570,000,000 470
.org 9,589,415 3,390,000,000 354
.info 8,147,824 1,160,000,000 142
.biz 2,248,661 1,470,000,000 654
.us 1,884,589 356,000,000 189
.me 450,000 150,000,000 333

So .ME is just doing great in the middle.

A propos, braincrunch.me can still be yours.

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2 Responses to “How .ME domain names compare to other gTLDs?”

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    Another great names to register would be howmanyof.me – for the time being, check you name @ http://howmanyofme.com/

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    Recent post on short country codes: http://thatis.me/~GEEH4