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.ME already brought Montenegro 9 million euro

Vujica Lazović

Internet statistics shows that the national domain of Montenegro is one of the fastest growing domain names in the history of the Internet: in less than three years there have been registered over half a million .me domains.

Vujica Lazovic, Vice President of Economic Policies of the Government of Montenegro and the Minister of Information and Telecommunications considers domains the best export product of Montenegro.

In the past two and a half years the state budget received additional income of about 9 million euro. This is almost the same as income from all concession for that period.

Despite the economic crisis, which has caused a decline in the number of domains on a global scale, CEO doMEn Predrag Lesic says:

Demand for .me domains did not decrease after three years and this demand has been good over the competition. Our plan is to continue to popularise. me domains through its promotion as the best choice for personal web sites and through attracting investors and entrepreneurs to use our domain.

Source: Portal Analitika

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