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Opera Software acquired browse.me

As have been reported by Amr Mahmoud on .ME fan page, browse.me, which was sold last month at Sedo after 12 bids for USD 5,300 officially went to Opera Software ASA, the maker of world's third internet browser. The copy of whois recorded is enclosed below.

It is still not known what plans does the company have for this jingly domain name, however considering the name, the prospects are bright.
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Don’t Tread on Me (a bit of American history)

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Another article from The Economist featuring yet another, this time historical "me" jingle.

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Another good day for .ME indeed. 413,136 U.S. dollars of bids received for 150 domain names. That is USD 2,754.24 per domain name. Right on the top of industry benchmarks. Although 35 potential buyers did not break through the USD 999 reserve prices, the figure looks even better for those 115 that made it to USD 397,120 in cash (well, less 20%, which goes to the brokers, Sedo in this case) making it an impressive USD 3,453.22 average price.

Then those 35 left ones, will probably make it back in the future rounds topping the received today USD 16,016 or USD 457.60 per name. The winner Like.Me (USD 26,500) will undoubtedly make a good Facebook application.

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Results of the Grand.Me auction ever

Right after the initial deadline the following 41 domain name did generate USD 91,545 in auctions on Sedo:

contacts.me (USD 15,600), shop.me (USD 8,200), try.me (USD 7,100), employ.me (USD 6,099), green.me (USD 4,700), hear.me (USD 3,300), text.me (USD 3,105), feed.me (USD 3,100), mark.me (USD 2,200), mp3.me (USD 2,160), home.me (USD 2,050), one.me (USD 2,050), votefor.me (USD 1,550), sms.me (USD 1,499), hack.me (USD 1,450), message.me (USD 1,350), fit.me (USD 1,301), listen.me (USD 1,250), record.me (USD 1,200), clean.me (USD 1,099), pets.me (USD 1,099), drop.me (USD 1,050), put.me (USD 1,050), open.me (USD 1,000), local.me (USD 999), office.me (USD 999), push.me (USD 999), present.me (USD 999), pin.me (USD 999), promise.me (USD 999), kids.me (USD 999), history.me (USD 999), box.me (USD 999), serve.me (USD 999), messenger.me (USD 999), today.me (USD 999), vote.me (USD 999), b2b.me (USD 999), will.me (USD 999), wish.me (USD 999), and security.me (USD 999)

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b.ly auction

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This blog mentioned GGL.Me earlier in 2009. Now they have also added extra shortening features allowing for nice and catchy search links:

Premium.Me @ November 2010

The registry is releasing 150 premium names on Sedo:

address.me, advertise.me, affiliate.me, allow.me, around.me, art.me, b2b.me, bank.me, beautiful.me, best.me, bid.me, bill.me, bio.me, blue.me, box.me, browse.me, business.me, car.me, career.me, cartoon.me, cash.me, clean.me, collect.me, contacts.me, create.me, cure.me, dating.me, develop.me, dial.me, digital.me, direct.me, donate.me, draw.me, drop.me, eat.me, employ.me, event.me, evil.me, exam.me, fashion.me, favorite.me, feed.me, finance.me, fit.me, form.me, friend.me, fund.me, game.me, got.me, goto.me, green.me, hack.me, happy.me, have.me, health.me, hear.me, history.me, home.me, hotel.me, hotels.me, house.me, identify.me, insurance.me, introduce.me, jet.me, keep.me, kids.me, laptop.me, law.me, lead.me, like.me, list.me, listen.me, loans.me, local.me, login.me, look.me, magazine.me, maps.me, mark.me, message.me, messenger.me, mms.me, money.me, move.me, movie.me, mp3.me, need.me, next.me, note.me, offer.me, office.me, one.me, online.me, open.me, paint.me, password.me, pets.me, pin.me, plan.me, point.me, poker.me, port.me, present.me, promise.me, prove.me, push.me, put.me, record.me, recycle.me, refer.me, release.me, remove.me, replace.me, represent.me, restaurant.me, ringtone.me, rss.me, sale.me, screen.me, security.me, sell.me, send.me, serve.me, shop.me, shopping.me, smile.me, sms.me, soccer.me, software.me, speak.me, sports.me, subscribe.me, tease.me, text.me, thank.me, think.me, throw.me, today.me, track.me, try.me, two.me, virtual.me, vote.me, votefor.me, wifi.me, will.me, win.me, wish.me, and write.me

The auctions will commense from 11th of November 2010.


A quite successful .me start-up is unfortunately closing its door, not because of the lack of popularity, but because of the funding issues. Any VCs out their to take it over?

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Oink.Me is a new Pirate.Me

Pirate.Me is currently held by the German kundendienste.net, so pirates seek for other harbours.


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Formspring.me uses 4ms.me as a short link

4ms.me is the new formspring.me

4ms.me is the new formspring.me

Formspring.me started using 4ms.me registered earlier in May this year as its internal short URL.

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