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From Naymz.com to Visable.me

So what if you had a start up with an awkward name? Yes, you pick up a jingly name and go for it. This is exactly what Naymz.com did. They have migrated from


More to it, they were honest about the necessity to use a name that everyone could pronounce.

Why the change?

While the Naymz moniker (pronounced "names") was good to us for the past five years, we decided it was time for a change. There have been difficulties over the years pronouncing and spelling our naym, err, name. After searching near and far, we came across a new brand that better symbolizes our brand and is not as perplexing to say or type.

How did the site change?

We did not make any substantial changes to the site during the rebrand. Everything is pretty much the same, including the products and services we offer and the locations of those tools on our platform. That being said, now that the name change is done, spine-tingling enhancements are in the works.

How will it affect my account?

See above. No worries. Nothing to see here.

How did this affect the search engine ranking for my profile?

Only the domain name in your profile URL changed. Your Google ranking and results shouldn't miss a beat. We followed Google™ best practices for a rebrand to minimize effects of the change.

How did this affect any inbound links to my profile?

All links to naymz.com now redirect (301) to visible.me, which sends any link to your Naymz profile web address directly to your new Visible.me address. You will not need to change any inbound links you established on other sites although you may do so at your leisure.

Intrigued? Wondering what they actually do?

  • Create and customize a Personal Branding Profile
  • Promote yourself on search engines like Google and Bing
  • Build your reputation through references and endorsements
  • Monitor your reputation on Google
  • Exchange ideas, opportunities, and updates with your network
  • Find and connect with other reputable people

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2 Responses to “From Naymz.com to Visable.me”

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    Лариса Михась:

    And Naymz was not extra awkward in the end of the day… meaning lost of online brands need improvement. Improve.me might fix them all 😉

  2. 2

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