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While official .ME auction were going at Sedo, hugg.me was sold last week via GoDaddy for whooping $25k.

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Official .ME auctions (results)

Another official round of releasing reserved .ME domain names (188 in total) has just fade out at Sedo. The auctions ran for a week. As of an hour before the deadline there were about $65k of bids (half of that of the previous auction). Throughout the game, air.me was the front runner though it was speedily taken over in the final battle by cruise.me.

Naturally most of the show happened during the last minutes and two hours past the deadline. About 30 auctions were still running 10 minutes after the deadline, as new bids prolonged them. The final take from the auction was $173,439 or about $985 per domain name. This was much lower than last December and not even close, yet still okay, when comparing the greatest .ME registry sale last year. Despite the quality of keyword names - they did well.

Cruise.Me came as the winner the race ($28.5k). It was followed by air.me ($10k). Only those two crossed $10k line. The other names stayed in four digit positions.

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Present.Me, which was acquired on premium auctions about year and a half ago, is simple, yet powerful and probably the most convenient online service when it comes to giving an online presentation allowing to combine (and to synchronise) both slides and videos:

It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership by Colin Powell

Next week, a book by a former Secretary of State will be released named "It Worked for Me".

a book by Colin Powell

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Cormac Lucking & Juan Carlos Arzola have something big cooking under Tell.Me, with $25 million giveaways:

Tell.Me is scheduled to go live at 6:00 pm on 6th of June 2012.

Via http://links2.me/tellme/

Popular .ME names @ Sedo

Start-ups love .ME names. But how a young company should go about them? Today, we will dig into the domains listed via Sedo. There are thousands of them listed at this world-leading domain name exchange (we found 39,141 to be precise). But which ones are the most popular?

The top 1o goes as follows below:

  1. profile.me
  2. unlock.me
  3. biz.me
  4. thats.me
  5. hug.me
  6. investin.me
  7. nils.me
  8. lasvegas.me
  9. challenge.me
  10. freeze.me

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.ME: Prefix vs Suffix

ME... vs ...ME... VS ...ME

Until today we have only being focusing on "me" as the suffix. However based on the recent LDS research findings, it appears that "me" is also a popular prefix.

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.ME info-graphics

The registry has posted a nice .ME info-graphics of how the domain names are used around the world:



This year may bring quite of a virtual surprise to the admires of the Irish culture and its patron. For this year celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, London based Brands-and-Jingles has just launched Irish.Me service. Fans of the culture, who want to party in style and treat their best Irish friends, can register emails like Patrick@Irish.Me and web sites like Patrick.Irish.Me.

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Known LLME.COM sales

It is not indicative, but for the record, below go known prices for four-letter .com names ending with "me".

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