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Second round of official .ME keywords

To follow-up on its first keyword sale, .ME registry decided to release another 178 keyword combinations, scheduled for auctions to take place at the beginning of February 2012 (from 2nd to 9th of February to be precise):

111.me, 333.me, 411.me, 666.me, 999.me, adoptions.me, adventure.me, airline.me, airlines.me, amateur.me, asia.me, attorney.me, bag.me, bald.me, banking.me, bar.me, been.me, bikinis.me, bird.me, blackjack.me, blue.me, boats.me, body.me, cameras.me, camp.me, camping.me, cams.me, can.me, cancer.me, carrental.me, center.me, chatroom.me, clock.me, club.me, coffee.me, college.me, colombo.me, contactlenses.me, continue.me, copyright.me, country.me, course.me, creditcard.me, creditcheck.me, credits.me, cricket.me, cruise.me, dates.me, diabetes.me, digitalcameras.me, doctor.me, doctors.me, domainhosting.me, domainregistration.me, dvd.me, dvdplayer.me, earth.me, electronics.me, engineering.me, entertainment.me, euro.me, europe.me, evil.me, families.me, farm.me, file.me, files.me, fish.me, forex.me, friends.me, furniture.me, germany.me, gibraltar.me, gift.me, graduate.me, greeting.me, hebrew.me, honeymoon.me, hongkong.me, hospital.me, hospitals.me, hotel.me, hoteldeals.me, japan.me, jewelers.me, journal.me, language.me, laptop.me, lawyer.me, legal.me, life.me, linux.me, llc.me, localdirectory.me, luck.me, lyrics.me, macau.me, magazine.me, mall.me, mathematics.me, mobilephone.me, mortgage.me, movies.me, mozambique.me, newyork.me, nutrition.me, ocean.me, offshore.me, parents.me, partners.me, pda.me, peer.me, personals.me, perth.me, pet.me, prayer.me, printer.me, private.me, prize.me, promotion.me, psychologists.me, publicrelations.me, quality.me, rating.me, ratings.me, recycling.me, religion.me, rental.me, resort.me, restaurant.me, school.me, science.me, searchengine.me, seattle.me, secret.me, shoe.me, shoppers.me, singles.me, skin.me, slimming.me, sofa.me, sofas.me, software.me, source.me, stocks.me, streaming.me, succeed.me, tabletpc.me, team.me, technology.me, telephone.me, television.me, tickets.me, tours.me, town.me, toys.me, tractors.me, traffic.me, train.me, traveling.me, unitedstates.me, uruguay.me, usa.me, vacation.me, vancouver.me, venture.me, webhost.me, webhosting.me, websitehosting.me, wedding.me, west.me, who.me, wifi.me, wine.me, wines.me, winter.me, wrestling.me, and yoga.me

These, again, represent somewhat week combinations, and yet, will most probably go for 1k on average. Please subscribe to this blog to be updated on future developments.

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3 Responses to “Second round of official .ME keywords”

  1. 1

    In the meantime these were sold @ sedo recently:

    codemasters.me 5,000.00 USD
    runa.me 1,000.00 GBP

  2. 2

    Few more interesting sales in .it:

    blow.it $1,750
    paid.it $1,750

  3. 3

    Fresh sales from Great Domains by Sedo:

    complement.me 440 EUR
    inspires.me 1,200 USD
    stretch.me 353 EUR
    tall.me 509 EUR
    tear.me 310 EUR

    envision.me reserve not met
    sedate.me reserve not met
    steer.me reserve not met
    stomp.me reserve not met