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.ME in top 10 most frequently traded TLDs

According to Sedo's 2012 annual domain market study, .ME extension made its way into the top ten most frequently traded TLDs. In fact, it is on the 8th position below .com, .de, .net, .co.uk, .org, .eu, .info and above .es and .nl. It is closing on its two forerunners so stands very well to stay in top 10.

Buy.me, which was sold for 115,000.00 euro is also in top 10 public sales of 2012 (on the 6th position to be precise along with other three non .com names).


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8 Responses to “.ME in top 10 most frequently traded TLDs”

  1. 1

    In the mean-time a drop ln4.me, which had about 39k monthly traffic, was auctioned via GoDaddy for $671.

  2. 2

    Fresh “me” sales @ Sedo:

    adore.me 8,157 USD
    emploi.me 2,500 USD
    well.me 1,000 USD

    madame.com 28,000 EUR

  3. 3

    This week we have seen then .me exchanges:

    orbit.me 1,500 USD
    way.me 1,300 USD

    also interesting names exchanged hands on Sedo:

    aru.ba 2,000 EUR
    glance.at 750 USD
    hosting.bz 1,000 USD
    catholic.tv 2,500 USD

  4. 4

    This week sales at Sedo:

    pig.me 1,150 USD
    flow.me 1,050 USD
    pool.me 800 USD

  5. 5

    Another decent .me sale via Sedo: thin.me for 999 GBP

  6. 6

    Sedo sell more and more ccTLDs. E.g.,

    hbl.me 895 USD
    article.me 725 EUR

    body.io 2,300 USD
    j.ht 1,250 USD
    fitline.rs 900 EUR
    du.is 849 EUR

  7. 7

    This week .me sales via Sedo:

    ino.me 3,200 USD
    espresso.me 1,300 USD
    meel.me 750 EUR

  8. 8

    Recent .me sales:

    ticket.me 9,600 USD
    thy.me 5,000 USD
    beep.me 2,050 USD