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Oink.Me is a new Pirate.Me

Pirate.Me is currently held by the German kundendienste.net, so pirates seek for other harbours.


Back in its day, OiNK was probably the most popular private tracker – it had over 180000 active members and had a celebrity status among BitTorrent sites. Sadly, all of this changed when Operation Ark Royal, a coordinated raid by IFPI, BPI and Interpol, shut down the ‘Pink Palace’ tracker and arrested its owner Allan Ellis. However during the legal proceedings it was determined that founder Alan Ellis was not guilty and he walked free. Despite this legal victory, OiNK remained down since 2007 and it was said that the site was never coming back. Now. three years later, a rather peculiar message has appeared on http://oink.me – according to the message the site is set to return on 31st of October. This is currently a hot topic on most BitTorrent forums and everyone is asking the same question – is this for real?

How long will they last one wonders?

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2 Responses to “Oink.Me is a new Pirate.Me”

  1. 1

    oinkme.com is waiting for this opportunity since 2001…

  2. 2

    Shame, still not there, for a good reason of course.