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A quite successful .me start-up is unfortunately closing its door, not because of the lack of popularity, but because of the funding issues. Any VCs out their to take it over?

From: Society.Me
Date: 2010/10/19
Subject: Society Closing Its Doors

Since launching Society earlier this year, we've seen over 150K people
sign in to Society and spend an average of 8 minutes per visit to
communicate with over 600K people across 168 countries. More
importantly, we've seen people acting as advisors to others, helping
them with issues around dating, crushes, friendship, family, careers,
and over ten thousand other interests you created. You've provided
over 2 million answers to people, many of whom you'd never met who
reached out for help that you provided out of the goodness of your

Unfortunately, the bills must be paid... eventually. As we looked out
at websites with ten times the traffic of ours, we found most unable
to generate enough ad revenue to make their business work. It is the
sad truth of running a community site, but a truth nonetheless. With
that, we've made the hard decision to shut down the Society website on
October 22nd. We want to give you this update, in case you want to
get any of your content out of the system before that time.

Thanks for being such great customers, we only wish we could have
served you better.


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