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Premium.Me @ November 2010

The registry is releasing 150 premium names on Sedo:

address.me, advertise.me, affiliate.me, allow.me, around.me, art.me, b2b.me, bank.me, beautiful.me, best.me, bid.me, bill.me, bio.me, blue.me, box.me, browse.me, business.me, car.me, career.me, cartoon.me, cash.me, clean.me, collect.me, contacts.me, create.me, cure.me, dating.me, develop.me, dial.me, digital.me, direct.me, donate.me, draw.me, drop.me, eat.me, employ.me, event.me, evil.me, exam.me, fashion.me, favorite.me, feed.me, finance.me, fit.me, form.me, friend.me, fund.me, game.me, got.me, goto.me, green.me, hack.me, happy.me, have.me, health.me, hear.me, history.me, home.me, hotel.me, hotels.me, house.me, identify.me, insurance.me, introduce.me, jet.me, keep.me, kids.me, laptop.me, law.me, lead.me, like.me, list.me, listen.me, loans.me, local.me, login.me, look.me, magazine.me, maps.me, mark.me, message.me, messenger.me, mms.me, money.me, move.me, movie.me, mp3.me, need.me, next.me, note.me, offer.me, office.me, one.me, online.me, open.me, paint.me, password.me, pets.me, pin.me, plan.me, point.me, poker.me, port.me, present.me, promise.me, prove.me, push.me, put.me, record.me, recycle.me, refer.me, release.me, remove.me, replace.me, represent.me, restaurant.me, ringtone.me, rss.me, sale.me, screen.me, security.me, sell.me, send.me, serve.me, shop.me, shopping.me, smile.me, sms.me, soccer.me, software.me, speak.me, sports.me, subscribe.me, tease.me, text.me, thank.me, think.me, throw.me, today.me, track.me, try.me, two.me, virtual.me, vote.me, votefor.me, wifi.me, will.me, win.me, wish.me, and write.me

The auctions will commense from 11th of November 2010.

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5 Responses to “Premium.Me @ November 2010”

  1. 1

    A nice list, considering people are now registering three-word domain names, e.g., dontarguewith.me

  2. 2

    And all beacuse dontarguewithme.com is already taken.

  3. 3

    The same story about thisinspired.me

  4. 4

    unsubscribe.me is actually deployed by unsubscribe.com

    what will happen to subscribe.me I wonder? then subscribe2.me?

  5. 5

    I was told, that recently business.me was sold for some 40k or something.