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In case you want a special name for your online life, think of My.NameIs.Me. In their own words: “My Name Is Me” is about having the freedom to be yourself online. We want people to be able to identify themselves as they wish, rather than being forced to choose names by social networking websites and […]

Work4.Me @ Sedo

Work4.Me domain name was pushed to a Sedo auction with an initial bid of 1,500 USD.

Demonoid.me became the most popular .ME web site

According to Alexa, Demonoid.me took over FormSpring.Me and became the most popular .ME web site. They currently rank 538 and 573 in the global 1,000,000 list correspondingly. There are in total 1,616 .ME sites in the list.

Three Year .ME

Today is officially three years since .ME went live. Congratulations to the team!


Because, your life should be a game:

.ME Event on Bido

Bido is currently hosting .ME even with some 126 nice and not so nice domain names, namely: aficionado.me, atp.me, autism.me, ayt.me, bathing.me, beasty.me, beautifying.me, bka.me, bookhotel.me, brokering.me, bullets.me, burlap.me, businesschecks.me, cabinet.me, carpooling.me, casestudy.me, casserole.me, chatfree.me, cheapesthotels.me, cheaphotel.me, coffeeshops.me, condos.me, couscous.me, cruiser.me, dds.me, dieting.me, docteur.me, domainmanager.me, dth.me, dumping.me, duty.me, dynamic.me, ecodriving.me, eos.me, e-payment.me, eroticizing.me, fathering.me, feminizing.me, […]

D for Del.icio.us

  Del.icio.us, the leading bookmarking service, was the first big, really big domain hack. Many things happen to a cherry company and its name. It changed to delicous.com some time ago. Recently, it was sold to AVOS, an Internet company, led by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Previously, they co-founded YouTube, […]

Premium .Me teaser

The registry has come up with a nice .me teaaser and a fancy redesign of their website: domain.me:

Weather Dress Me

This spring is certainly .me application time. Meet WeatherDress.Me, also available as WDR.ME:

Google has something boiling under Plus.Me

As announced on DomainNameWire: Google bolsters +1 domain name coverage with .me purchases. Google has purchased the domain name Plus.me, updated whois records show.

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