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.ME info-graphics

The registry has posted a nice .ME info-graphics of how the domain names are used around the world:


This year may bring quite of a virtual surprise to the admires of the Irish culture and its patron. For this year celebration of Saint Patrick‚Äôs Day, London based Brands-and-Jingles has just launched Irish.Me service. Fans of the culture, who want to party in style and treat their best Irish friends, can register emails like […]

Riot Track Me

Brooklyn band, Riot !n Paris, is creating personalized songs about people’s social media profiles.

Grand Keyword .ME auctions II (results)

Second set of 178 top keyword .me domain names was auctioning at Sedo for a week. As of half an hour before the end there were about $126k of bids. In the last 30 minutes, forex.me became the front runner and the total bids increased to $184k. Though naturally most of the show happened during […]

Test me TV ad – Alfa Romeo UK

Alfa Romeo in the UK went live with “Without heart we would be mere machines” featured by Uma Thurman. But more importantly, see this video and count “me” slogans:

That-Is.Me is now offering email addresses

As was announced on Name.ly/Blog on the Christmas day, That-Is.Me, one of Name.ly/Sites, started to offer email services with catchy addresses. Here goes their demo video for Sincere.ly:

Rate Me and Meet Me

Accidentally noticed today in one of the WordPress discussions, the engine that powers this site:

Kiwi popular site TradeMe acquired Cool.Me

Trade Me, the most popular online trading portal in New Zealand has acquired premium domain name Cool.Me. So far it is not clear what are the plans for this domain name.

The Museum of Me by Intel

Intel is proudly presenting “The Museum of Me” project:

Second round of official .ME keywords

To follow-up on its first keyword sale, .ME registry decided to release another 178 keyword combinations, scheduled for auctions to take place at the beginning of February 2012 (from 2nd to 9th of February to be precise): 111.me, 333.me, 411.me, 666.me, 999.me, adoptions.me, adventure.me, airline.me, airlines.me, amateur.me, asia.me, attorney.me, bag.me, bald.me, banking.me, bar.me, been.me, bikinis.me, […]

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