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iPhone4.me stands good chances on Flippa auction. Not only it is the shortest “iphone4” jingle, it is also one of the most prominent web addresses impossible to forget. Not that long ago, unlockiphone.net received some $9,500.00 of bids on Flippa too. Thus with reserve price of $2,000.00 iphone4.me can easily go like that and beyond.

Print me a Stradivarius

The Economist is using “me” slogan on its cover: Source: http://www.economist.com/node/18114327/print


Another big name has joined .me suit. It is Internet Movie Database, IMDB, this time that is using imdb.me for the short namely links. E.g. http://www.imdb.me/jenni-goodman


.ME is enjoying another good year. In the most recent 2010 report Sedo listed it back in top 10 ccTLDs. In Q4 2010 alone, .me was ccTLD #4, right after .de, .co.uk, and .eu and well above .nl, .es, .fr, .co, .be, and .tv. Quite an achivement. In our previous post we have reported three […]

10% of top 30 ccTLD sales are .me

As of today, three .me domain names can be found in top 30 ccTLDs sales as year-to-date, or 10% of all ccTLDs. * Art.me ($10,000) * Dry.me (€6,666 = $9,132) * Judge.me ($7,820) Art.me was aquired by Chinese ArtNet.cn. Dry.me, sold by Brands-and-Jingles, went to German barber chain Velly.de. Judge.me is still parked at GoDaddy.me.

ACER has registered Alive.Me

Taiwanese computer giant ACER has apparently registered Alive.Me last year. At the moment it is not clear what are its plans regarding this domain name as currently it does not resolve despite the valid nameservers.

Average Prices @ Domain Tools

Among many useful things, DomainsTools provide good insights on domain names sales. A recent search on .me reveals the following prices seen in the past two months: Domain Date Sold Price Location like.me Dec 14,2010 $26,500.00 Sedo contacts.me Dec 14,2010 $15,600.00 Sedo game.me Dec 14,2010 $13,100.00 Sedo friend.me Dec 17,2010 $10,099.00 Sedo note.me Dec 14,2010 […]

Techmeme is using techme.me

One of the prominent online magazines Techmeme is using techme.me as its shortener.

Kiss.Me and Love.Me

Kiss.Me and Love.Me will be auctioned at DOMAINfest live auction with Simultaneous Online Bidding. The auction begins on Thursday, Feb 3 at 7:30pm ET (4:30pm PT).


In addition to numerious .me sites this blog has covered in 2010, three somehow remained in the shadow until they were pin-poined by medomain.me: Aje.me – Al Jazeera English (using BitlyPro service) Go.me – Go Daddy (Go Daddy also launched a video service at Video.me and Bob Parsons hosts his personal blog at BobParsons.me) AOL.me […]

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