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A quite successful .me start-up is unfortunately closing its door, not because of the lack of popularity, but because of the funding issues. Any VCs out their to take it over?

Oink.Me is a new Pirate.Me

Pirate.Me is currently held by the German kundendienste.net, so pirates seek for other harbours.

Formspring.me uses 4ms.me as a short link

Formspring.me started using 4ms.me registered earlier in May this year as its internal short URL.

On.FB.Me is run by bit.ly?

It appears that on.fb.me, a new Facebook shortener is run by bit.ly, here is a screenshot proof of that.

Hacking domain hacks

After few hours spent on discussing the previous post, an interesting summary was born. Below is the list of TLDs as they were searched in domain names of other TLDs stress-testing their suitability to brandability and some extend to domain hacking. Domain name like “home.co.ke” was counted as the one ending with “me”. Numbers represent […]

Other top “me” sites

After some Excel crunching staff at Brands-and-Jingles has found 7075 domain names in the Alexa top one million that ended with “me” but were not “.me” sites. When we added another 1000+ of the latter, which made it into the top list as well, we realised that nearly one percent of all global sites are […]

Click Me ads on Facebook

Advertiser are now using Me-tagged brands and jingles on Facebook too:


If there would be a price for the worst .ME domain name – WEALTHFORHEALTHEDUCATIONFORTHEHEALTHCAREPROFESSIONAL.ME would be it.


A new project about.me, still in development, is promising indeed for its design. It offers the same product as flavors.me or name.ly. Have a look: certainly about.me/alex sounds better then flavours.me/alex, though not that sexy as thatis.me/alex. The last one that reads as a gramatically correct sentense,  is provided by Name.ly, which with its Name.ly/Frames […]

Top .me sites

Nearly two years ago we were watching .me climbing Alexa rankings and beating the other TLD-kids like .mobi and .asia. The proportion was initially 342:233:86, then 534:257:118 and now it is 1006:327:142. Thus, as of today, there are 1006 .me sites in Alexa top million.

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