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In London of course, where else, will you find the best of ~me~ branded stuff? This time a bench in Hyde park with “Always ~ me” note:

hey! everybody! pay attention to me!

As found on gg.ly, “hey! everybody! pay attention to me!”: An interesting bug, any idea of what is it campaigning for?

ExploreTheWorldOf.Me goes to Sydney

Dot Me guys are going to Sydney too: Have you spotted an ice-creature featuring Ice4.me in the desert? Join in the fun, and build more of .you.


If you are into formal specification of your IT products or just need to discuss things with technical people in their language, yUML.me site can get pretty handy. Just jot your diagram and then share with other parties over the web, on you blog, in e-mail as PDF, etc:

Catch me … if you love me

Caught in London Southwark, not far from Tower Bridge, a cab advertising Chaumet, Bond Street and Harrods: “Catch me … if you love me”. Catch.me seems to be all over the place. Looks like an old good Hollywood movie is making it back. .ME registry is featuring ‘Catch .Me If You Can’ This June on […]

eyelight dot me

Still a bit of a mystery, Brands-and-Jingles tries to crack, but Germans love .ME. Maybe it can be explain by the fact that there is very little difference between .de and .me. Let’s hope that German.Me will provide the answer soon. Anyhow, Eyelight Dot Me, a project by Simon Schießl and Felix Hardmood Beck, uses […]

Obama: Excuse Me!

The Economist’s KAL’s cartoon is featuring Mr Obama who is trying to get through a dangerous crowd with special interests shouting “We welcome your proposals”: “Excuse me! Can anyone tell me if this is the path to comprehensive and affordable health care?”


If you at the stage that you cannot leave without jingling .me sites, you may wish to switch to google.me, which sound catchy indeed. In case, you don’t like the white background or are into short URLs (as featured by Philadelphia Business Journal), then ggl.me is just for you. They even say that the latter […]

.ME styles on LOOKLET

Found today on looklet site, quite few .ME branded styles by foxyqueen: Come With Me Free.Me Funky.Me Gorgeous.Me Pink.Me Seduce.Me Sexy.Me Of course, all .me names are either taken or reserved. Shame none of them is developed yet, – they are all great stylish names indeed.

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